Brown Brodath

Impressee: S'ron (Suenron)

Name: I'm Your BROWNski Brodath
Pronounciation: BROH-dah-th
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: EDC393
Hatching: Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Final Size: 37.5' length of 64' wingspan

Description: Brodath is a very thick and heavyset dragon with a musculature frame, and despite his average size, his build allows him to rival even the bronzes for strength and endurance. He looks every bit the image of a masculine dragon, and his very appearance screams I Am Male. Brodath has a very light coloring for a brown, a sandy shade with darker freckles on his cheeks, shoulders and hindquarters. The same darker tone is also seen on his neck ridges, feet, and tail tip.

Personality: Brodath is the epitome of a masculine dragon in the social sense. He loves to socialize and party with his fellow brown and bronze dragons, forming close friendships with a select few who live by the same ideals as himself. He is easily offended by any comment that might suggest he is not "male enough" or even worse, if anyone compares him to a green. He is always showing off his masculinity, most often with physical displays of strength. His favorite method of confrontation to even the slightest insult is actually attacking the offender, or at least threatening to by puffing himself up and often times calling for back up from his close friends. He is surprisingly loyal and will always jump to the defense of a friend, though some might claim he really just likes to pick a fight whenever there is a chance.

Brodath tends to look down on blue and green dragons because they are of lesser standing, although he will also grow a dislike for intelligent and "boring" brown and bronze dragons since they do not fit into his realm of masculinity. He will be a tail chaser and fly after almost any green, but he doesn't necessarily respect them and rather sees any wins as simply another point in his self-proclaimed competition with his friends as to who can catch the most greens. One of his favorite pastimes will also be to sit around and objectify greens with his friends. But golds he will revere because they are gold, and he is like to do anything they ask without question and rush to their defense even if they might be in the wrong. He will also chase golds but he treats them differently, less disrespectfully and more protectively.

Brodath loves to fly in Threadfall because that is the ultimate stage for him to show off his physical form. He will be greatly involved in working out and hard to be at the top of his performance during drills, and even more so during an actual Threadfall. He is serious and no nonsense when fighting Thread, and he will show a surprising propensity for leadership when he calls out Thread with excellent attention to detail and knowledge of each dragon's strengths and weaknesses. Only after Threadfall is over will he drop this facade, though he takes any deaths in his Wing as a failure, whereas a success is when there have been no losses. If the latter then he will enjoy the following celebrations, quite often found partying late into the night with his wingmates.

Inspiration: Bro
Dragon Credit: Starr

Hatching/Impression Message: The Thirteenth Egg demanded attention as it began to suddenly shake violently, signaling that it was about to hatch. First a dark leg burst out from the bottom of the egg, followed by another dark leg on the other side, and thirdly a pale wing breaking through the top. The limbs wiggled and rocked against its constraints until the egg exploded in a burst of shell fragments. Seemingly unperturbed by his entrance, the I'm Your Brownski stood unsteadily, but was quick to gain his balance. He glanced around and noticed his newly hatched clutchmates, so he struck a pose. Or he tried, but his goo-covered wings were still damp and heavy, and he ended up falling over. With an indignant squawk, he picked himself up and sniffed as he walked towards the candidates, pretending as if nothing had happened. Ignoring the girls, he checked out the boys until finally he came up to Suenron. "Brodath, huh? You are definitely the most handsome brown. And you will be even better once we feed you," S'ron said with a pleased grin as he led his new dragon off the sands.

Egg Name: The Thirteenth Egg
Egg Description: While it might have once been white, The Thirteenth Egg has soured to a dirty brown-yellow color. It is of a fairly standard size but the shell is far from ordinary. It looks like someone went and punched little black divots in an unidentifiable pattern around it without actually piercing the shell. In the center of the egg, there are two large black dots set on either side of a small protrusion. There are three red slashes one above the black dots and two below. In dimmer light, The Thirteenth Egg looks uncannily like a face with no eyes in its sockets. It is a face that glowers with animosity.
Egg Inspiration: Jason Voorhees’s Mask
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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