Bronze Broughamberth

Impressee: M'al (Mallen)

Name: The Painted Knight Bronze Broughamberth
Pronounciation: brow-ham-berth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: CDA231
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 42.5' wingspan of 70'

Description: Broughamberth is a well-proportioned, mid-size bronze, his color shiny and pure, the epitomy of metallic. A repetitive black pattern traces down the leading edge and spars of his wings, looking like thick, three-petaled flowers interspersed with thin curlicues. He moves with slow deliberation; as a weyrling he did so to avoid the clumsy falterings of youth, but as he grows he’ll find that it’s so much easier to put forth an attractive front if you give yourself some time to pose. On the ground, his gait is exaggerated and prancing, but he flies smoothly, swift and sure of every motion.

Broughamberth is fabulous. He knows it and he expects the rest of Pern to know it as well. Vain to the point of being absurd, he preens and poses with the best of them. He realizes that others may perceive him as something of a fop, but he isn’t concerned with what they think. His opinion and perhaps that of his rider are the only ones that matter. He is quite upfront and frank with those opinions, even if they are often quite rude. Though with some of the creative insults that he conjures up, it can be hard to tell. I say, you cream-faced loon, beat a hasty retreat, I would rather not smell like your stewed-prune breath. Broughamberth has a verbose, overly-wrought way of speaking, his mindvoice pinched and nasal.

He will be an extremely accurate Threadfighter, a point which he will not let others easily forget. When he does falter or fail, however, it is never his fault; he will find any excuse or reason for why he was helpless to act other than he did and why the blame should fall to someone else entirely.

He is prone to wild fancies and extravagances, which he will drag M'al into if given half a chance. Should we not have a set of straps with gold buckles as well as a pair with silver? Or mayhaps two of each, so they might be clean and well-oiled whenever we might have need of them. Marks are made to be spent, preferably to his benefit.

Of all those he seeks to impress, the fair golds and greens are at the top of the list. He seeks to charm every last one with his bravado and rises frequently to chase any and all who strike his fancy.

Inspiration: Armor Garniture of George Clifford
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Hatching Message: Definitely the Best Egg made a show of hatching. It rocked with enthusiasm, quivered and shaked, and when it was certain that the entire Weyr's eyes were on it, it cracked. Slowly, a perfectly bronze muzzle peeked through, followed by a pair of swiftly whirling eyes. Bit by bit, the bronze hatchling's talons chipped away at the shell until he finally pulled himself free. Well, almost. His hind paw caught on a shard and he stumbled forward, catching himself just before a full spill. He heard a nearby candidate laugh at the fumble and The Painted Knight Bronze whipped around to snort in his direction, pulling himself up to his full height. After a final look back at the offending egg, he strode forward, this time much more slow and stately.

The bronze took his time as he strolled through the candidates, giving each boy, young and old, a serious contemplation before moving on. A rider to match him would be difficult to find, he could leave no stone unturned. Cadro was easily dismissed, but Ardossan deserved more deliberation; the hatchling stared at him for a long, drawn out moment. But then he snorted in his face, spraying snot and egg goo, and moved on.

The Painted Knight Bronze went all the way to the edge of the cavern, when he paused, neck arched and one front leg held poised to take a step that never fell. He didn't need to take it, for he had found someone worthy. He turned to the man with a sudden croon. "I will try, Broughamberth," Mallen vowed emphatically, placing a possessive hand against the bronze's shoulders as he guided him from the sands.

Egg Name: Definitely the Best Egg
Egg Description: This is a rather large egg- and save for a few strange bumps towards one upper side of its shell- it is well-formed. It is a wonderous egg to behold- graced with many splendid colours arrayed in a rainbow across its shell. It is not a vivid rainbow- but one drawn in pastel hues, light, springtime colours that are easy on the eye. Definitely the Best Egg is remarkable in this sense, for not only does it lure you in with an easy pattern, but it wins you over in an instant. This egg can do anything! And it’ll be the first and most important person doing it! This egg is proud, possibly arrogant, and self-assured. It knows it’s the best- and now you have to know it too. Filled with feelings of incredible power and potential, Definitely the Best Egg leaves a mark and won’t soon be forgotten. It’s all about winning, though there is no illusion of it being easy. This egg is fully aware of the fact that it’ll need to train hard to achieve its goals.
Egg Inspiration: Gold medals
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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