Name: Bruici
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: Early Autumn, I7 T199
Location: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Holdbrat

Mini-Biography: Bruici is the youngest and only daughter, of Nadtri and Loirik. Her eldest brother, K'rio is deceased, and her second brother Junik [NPC] is an apprentice smith. Her uncle is Hourik, a Journeyman Winecrafter currently in Telgar Hold. She has a half-cousin, J'yuri, whom she's never met and doesn't know exists. Bruici is a cousin to Nalddyn [inactive] and thinks she wants to follow in her footsteps and be a wherhandler. Bruici likes to pretend she is riding one, and her mother punishes her saying "it's not lady like."
Mini-Biography Credit: None

Mother: Nadtri
Father: Loirik
Brother: Junik
Cousin: Nalddyn

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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