Blue Buruth

Impressee: B'ul (Berul)

Name: Oh My Treasure Buruth
Pronounciation: boo-ruth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2527b0
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 30' wingspan of 52'

Description: Oh My Treasure Blue is not a sleek dragon, nor is he quite average. Oh My Treasure Blue is on the smaller end of the blue scale and has a filled out chest, reminiscent of a brown in shape and muscle. This blue is capable of pulling his weight, despite being smaller, and can carry quite a load for a blue. His tail, legs, length, and everything but his wings are in perfect size proportion. His wings are slightly longer than his size's perfection, but not enough to be a hindrance, or a help either.

A solid blue color from stem to stern the Oh My Treasure Blue could be overlooked, but his color is one of the most amazing things about him. A deep and rich blue the Oh My Treasure Blue is eye catching and soothing all in one. His hide gleams inherently unless covered in layers of dirt, which seems to be the Oh My Treasure Blue's hobby.

Not overly picky about hygiene the Oh My Treasure Blue could be called down right messy. He is fond of the dirt being all over him saying things like, it feels so good, and the sun won't fade my hide this way.. His rider will have to be very firm in the hygiene department, but the Oh My Treasure Blue will eventually give in.

In day to day life the Oh My Treasure Blue is a calm sort of fellow, he doesn't like to make waves, or rock the boat. He will follow along with others until they start doing something silly, at that point the Oh My Treasure Blue will find something else to do. He's a very focused dragon, for a blue, he can focus on a class, but won't remember it next week, he only remembers drills because they are repeated over and over until the Oh My Treasure Blue won't remember when he learned it but he'll know what to do.

He's quite dapper at fighting thread though, for a blue. The Oh My Treasure Blue seems to cut through the wind and gusts easily, almost like he can read the currents, and his flame is almost always exactly on mark. When the Oh My Treasure Blue does get scored, because he will miss something sometimes, it is always with severity. He is usually quite good at spotting Thread coming for him or his rider, but the stuff that he misses will be big.

During Flights the Oh My Treasure Blue is also quite skilled. He won't follow the green on her twists and turns through the sky, he will dance right along beside her. He will fly the counterpoint to her majestic air ballet, and let her choose him as the perfect partner instead of forcing himself upon her.

Inspiration: Uluburun Shipwreck
Dragon Credit: WunderingMind

Hatching Message: The Golden Epoxy Egg had been quiet since the beginning. It was such a shame that this little egg hadn't hatched soon, it was sure to hold a treasure inside. Finally it began shaking, rocking, even twitching like the dragon inside had jumped a bit. The cracks formed slowly, and maybe you didn't notice as they followed the lines of gold along the egg. Finally the lines were obvious against the grey of the egg as the real struggle began inside. The Golden Epoxy Egg looked as if it would never hatch, but it had all those cracks crisscrossing the surface, how could it not?

When the dragon finally was free of the egg it was with a bang. Shell pieces went everywhere as the baby inside was finally free. Covered in goo the first thing this dragon did was flop onto the sands. The poor thing was breathing heavily and not moving for a moment before it tried to get to its feet. But no, it didn't end up on it's feet, instead the dark colored dragon tripped on a wing and ended up rolling all over the sands getting thoroughly covered in black grit.

The dragon finally found it's feet, but it's wings continued to trail in the sand. Still indistinguishable as a color the smaller dragon made it's way towards the candidates. The first candidate the dragon came up to was not good enough and the dragon turned before getting close enough. When the dragon approached Nimridian it sat up on it's hind legs and looked straight into the boys eyes. Trying to climb higher so that it could see the dragon clawed at the boys pants to get up. He probably ended up injuring Nimridian but decided that he wasn't the one that he wanted.

Finally the dragon, now revealed to be a blue, since he had wiped some of the black sand off his legs and chest attempting to climb Nimridian walked the other direction down the line of remaining candidates. He found his choice by doing much the same as he had to Nimridian. When Berul fell into the sands the Oh My Treasure Blue met his eyes with rainbow in its own. Nothing was really said between the two as they walked off the sands, but tears could be seen in B'ul's eyes and a quiet "Ubuth" was heard by nearby candidates.

Egg Name: Golden Epoxy Egg
Egg Description: This egg is on the small end of medium, and looks a little strange, honestly. The majority of the egg is a uniform gray, but it is laced with lines of a golden color along the areas commonly broken open by a hatchling dragon. A crack across the "waistline" of the egg, golden spider webbing at the top point, and more. It tends to sit upright, proud and on display.
Egg Inspiration: Kintsugi
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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