Impressed to Bronze Phosreth

Name: C'hom
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: Mid Autumn, I7 T186
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Journeyman Farmer

Formerly Cyhom. Born on a farmhold beholden to Ketrin, C'hom was just one of a large family and is used to the things that can come with that- lack of personal attention, having to help care for younger siblings, and being kept well occupied with chores. He's easily overlooked and low-maintenance as a result. He does what he's told, and he's also good at spotting what's needed and doing that too before he's asked to anyway. He is rather sensitive, but has learned to mostly hide this because the family never offered the chance for it to be indulged. He retains a ready empathy and a great capacity for sympathy and kindness.
He has a nice singing voice and some musical talent, along with a good if not outstanding intellect, and the Harper who taught him tried to encourage a Harper Apprenticeship. His family thought the Farmcraft would be of far greater benefit to their livlihood and sent him off to that Crafthall instead. He hated the climate there, and suffered constantly with allergies from the local crops. Knowing it had cost his family a lot to fund his apprenticeship, and that he would not be allowed to go back home, C'hom instead worked as hard as he could to achieve his Journeyman status so that he could apply for a posting back in the south.
That goal was achieved through hard work, a good memory, and a certain talent for diplomacy and deftly tactful handling of interpersonal relationships. He was fortunate to be posted very close to his family's holdings. it was not long afterwards that he was Searched for Solaria Weyr- an honor his family were delighted he was given, even as they ruefully regretted the effort and outlay in having had him trained for other things.
C'hom is a tall young man, lanky and knobbly as the beanpoles that are part of his Craft. He has a scrawny neck with an Adam's apple that bobs up and down as he talks. His skin is darkly tanned from long hours outdoors, but his shoulder-length, curly hair remains resolutely black with no hint of sun-bleaching. His hazel eyes are habitually narrowed from frequent bright daylight. He has a long nose, sharp cheekbones, and an attractively shaped mouth. He dresses for practicality rather than fashion, hardwaring garments that stand up to a day's work in the fields, picking shades of brown and tan because then he never has to worry about what to wear with what. Straight, although his intelligence and musical inclinations can be reflected as a camp demeanour.

Mini-Biography Credit: None


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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