Impressed to Blue Roncerth

Name: C'min (Comin)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T190 (Mid Autumn)
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Former Rank: Apprentice Harper
Rank: Wingrider

Comin was born at Ketrin, child of a Harpering father he certainly had inherited a love of music, and as he became older it was obvious he also had an ability. What he was missing was the drive, Comin loved making music but did not really wish to study it or the other aspects of Harpers. However when it came time for him to Apprentice (or not as was his wish) the Ketrin Harper Hall had not long been open so his father transferred there and Comin just got dragged along into apprenticeship. His escape came this time on Search when the dragons sensed potenial in him and he was asked to Stand for Siheth's clutch. The Weyr is a foreign place, very different to the one he grew up in, but it still needs music and Comin has the freedom to play and tune as much as he wants without the formality of an Apprenticeship while there is a clutch on the Sands.

A bit scrawny Comin has a lot of fleshing out to do as he finishes going through puberty; he doesn't like growing so fast and is finally catching up to others of his age in height. Blonde hair and really deep blue eyes only add to the cute scrappy look. Has been standing for clutches since P8 T4.

Mini-Biography Credit: Maiden


Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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