You May Already Be a Bronze Cacurnynth

Impressee: K'ran (Kyran)

Name: Cacurnynth
Pronunciation: kuh-KURR-neen-th
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: B3C95A
Final Size: 42' length with a wingspan of 72'

You May Already Be a Bronze is easily confused for a gold, especially when he first hatched. His hide is a golden bronze with the distinct metallic sheen that portrays his rank. But the color is most akin to the sandy beaches of the southern coast on a bright hot day, both warm and unwelcoming at the same time and a good reflection of his personality. The most distinguishable quality to his hide is the blaze of gold and ruby flames licking up his chest. They seem to glow even against the backdrop of his bright bronze coloring, and those who have the opportunity to touch him may even claim that there is a warmth that radiates through the embers on his chest seemingly right from his heart.

For all the argument over whether he is gold or bronze, there is no doubt that You May Already Be a Bronze is not of typical proportions for either color. He is lean where large dragons are supposed to be broad with muscle, and long and lithe where they are bulky in stance. His build is more similar to that of a small brown, but he will give even the blues a run for their marks when it comes to agility. As far as physique is concerned, he is surprisingly well-rounded, combining the speed and strength of his size with the agility from his more slender frame. You May Already Be a Bronze can fly as fast and hard as most any other bronze while nearly as maneuverable as a brown and even blue. His only weakness is his lack of endurance, and while he can easily last an entire Threadfall as a result of slightly larger and longer wings, he may not be able to keep up with a long gold flight.

There is no doubt of his color when You May Already Be a Bronze moves. He is confident and comfortable, but not in the vain and feminine manner of most of the golds. Neither is he overly pompous or patronizing, rather he is simply secure in himself as a bronze dragon and does not seem concerned about what others may think of him. But he almost never moves from one place to another without some sort of a chaotic dancing to his strides that betrays his mood, which is usually unrestrained and zealous. This is not a dragon for soft and subtle movements, even on the rare occasions when he is downcast. You May Already Be a Bronze is also very touchy and affectionate, and he loves nothing more than sidling right up against another dragon when he wants their attention.

Cacurnynth is, in one word, unconventional. He rebels against anything that is considered mainstream society, and that extends to rules and authority. Even the golds will not completely escape his insubordination as he will interpret their commands in a manner that amuses him while annoying them the most. You said "Go fly ten laps!" and I did fly ten laps…around that little rock. Even from a young age he will begin to question the hierarchy of the Weyr, especially wondering why dragons are ranked by nothing more than color. As he matures that curiosity will become outright defiance towards any type of exclusionary behavior, no matter how controversial the stance. Why does the Weyrwoman have to be a goldrider? Why can't a bronzerider like you be the Weyrwoman? Cacurnynth does not believe in segregation of any kind on any level, and he adheres to the belief that Anyone may be a part of anything.

As a youth, Cacurnynth will be a strong proponent of anarchy, constantly challenging the law and order that governs our society. While he is not so much rebellious as he is mischievous, he can become very resistant and even defensive if he believes that someone is unjustly pulling rank. Respect is earned through mutual trust and cooperation, and he will only ever behave in face of the few that prove to him that they have minds and hearts as open as his own. Fortunately as he matures into an adult and beyond, Cacurnynth will begin to see the need for sovereignty, but he will also learn the value of democracy. He strongly believes that every individual must contribute to the governance of our society in order to encourage transformative change for the better in both the individual and in society. One of his most famous statements to encourage such collaboration will become: Everyone is invited to work, and everyone is invited to play.

Nevertheless, Cacurnynth will never outgrow his mischievous behavior. He will always be the prankster of the group, while in his weyrling class and then once he graduates into a fighting wing, although his pranks will become less frequent and more matured as he becomes older. As a young weyrling he knows nothing more than simple tricks of setting trundle bugs loose in the Weyrlingmaster's office, or sneaking into restricted areas such as the kitchens and bathing caverns or wherever else he might still fit. Then as he grows into an adult, Cacurnynth quickly learns to advance the complexity of his pranks to involve a mass scale participation of the public while using more theatrical costumes. These pranks can range from a performance as harmless as serenading the new candidates with improvised Teaching Ballads while K'ran is dressed up as a Weyrwoman and Cacurnynth is painted in gold, all the way to a hoax as alarming as faking their deaths during a Threadfighting drill. But Cacurnynth does not recognize any of these as actual pranks so much as a radical form of artistic expression.

What may come as a surprise to most is that Cacurnynth is not completely lawless, although he chooses to live by his own code of ethics that values communal effort and civic responsibility. Assistance should be provided without expecting anything in return because each individual is liable for the safety and wellness of everyone as a whole. But what he defines as civic and responsible is not necessarily the generally accepted terminology. While he would never encourage behavior or actions that would directly endanger the lives of unwilling participants, inadvertently annoying or angering them is a different story. He believes in a creative community, after all, and that means thinking outside of the box to inspire new and emboldened schemes that may not be accepted by mainstream society. 'Be Weyrleader for the Day' is a great idea! What better way to give everyone an opportunity to be a Weyrleader while realizing the responsibilities? But more importantly, you get to tell everyone what not to do for the whole day!

Despite rejecting the very idea of dictatorship, Cacurnynth will display an unexpected propensity for acting as a leader himself. Although he does so subconsciously, Cacurnynth can be quite charming in his own chaotic fashion and he will slowly grow a following as he matures. He may not even notice his own influence until he has been appointed as a Wingsecond some many Turns down the road. But he is not one to accept a commanding role so easily, more inclined to reject such privileges if not for K'ran's insistence. He could be quite the mutinous Wingsecond if not paired with a like-minded Wingleader, but otherwise he would prove to be advantageous to a Wingleader as unorthodox as himself. Of course we should compete to see who comes out of the Threadfall with the sexiest Threadscore! Bonus for any near-death experiences! Regardless, his methods of management are remote, at best, for he believes in self-reliance and self-expression. Cacurnynth would not want to suffocate an individual's creativity by demanding absolute obedience, but he also expects them to discover and rely on their own inner resources. Yes, learning to Between is very difficult. But practice makes perfect. Just try not to get trapped Between while you're practicing! Cacurnynth is arguably not the best dragon to turn to for advice.

Threadfall is the one time in his life that Cacurnynth will become the most serious. That does not mean he will suddenly become strict and somber, but he will tone down the mischief and defiance. Even though he understands that safety is the priority during a Threadfall, he is a dragon that likes to live life on the edge. He is prone to dramatic and potentially dangerous stunts because he loves the thrill of what he calls an adventure, but he at least ensures that his daredevil actions would not greatly put any of his more ignorant wingmates at risk of death. Cacurnynth most often likes to try to flame a large Thread to ashes by himself and not jump between to avoid the remaining tendrils until the last possible second. But he also enjoys providing excitement for his wingmates, and so once in awhile he will dodge a Thread and "tag" it to another dragon, Rokalyth, you look bored. Catch! He has a surprisingly high threshold for pain, and he sees Threadscores as sexy marks of one's daring escapades. Threadfighting drills, on the other hand, Cacurnynth does not take seriously and views them as no more than a high-stakes game. It will take a respectable but clever and creative Wingleader to keep him focused during drills.

When not confined to his duties in the Weyr, Cacurnynth loves to indulge in physical but introspective adventures, and usually this involves excursions into the jungles or even out at sea. He loves to choose the most remote and harshest environments, and his followers - dragons and humans alike - are expected to be responsible for their own subsistence. He most often encourages these excursions among his wingmates to build a stronger sense of community, and also to unwind them up from the severity of Threadfighting once in awhile. But the true purpose of such an expedition is for everyone to learn to overcome barriers that stand between them and a recognition of their inner selves, the reality of those around them, participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding their limited powers. That is the greatest gift he can give to any individual.

Cacurnynth is a lover. He is passionate in his endeavors to chase both golds and greens, and he will love both equally. He is unrestrained when it comes to flights, rarely sitting out of one if he can participate. But he is not in the least competitive, instead quite encouraging and enthusiastic to everyone involved to the point of wooing the female as much as his male competitors. Parivyth, you must be the most beautiful gold in the Weyr! Oh, and that is a fearsome snarl, Tauchisath. I haven't forgotten about you, you handsome specimen of a bronze! In fact, it will be a disappointment to him that flights cannot involve more than two dragons, and he will often complain to K'ran after a loss, You humans have all the fun. Why can't dragons have threesomes too? Although a Casanova, Cacurnynth would not object to settling down with one mate as long as she is open to a non-exclusive relationship. Even golds he manages to catch will not receive preferential treatment aside from the excess of compliments about their clutch.

But should Cacurnynth sire a clutch, he will be mostly apathetic of the eggs up until they hatch, after which he perceives their development into adulthood as his own personal responsibility to corrupt the next generation of dragons. The Weyrlingmaster will find him to be a very unwelcome presence in the weyrling barracks the entire Turn after one of his clutches has hatched, but that won't stop Cacurnynth from trying to be what he considers a "positive" influence in the lives of his offspring. Don't worry, Fienth. I'm just contributing to their education by teaching them the best way to sneak out of the barracks. If the weyrlings are completely uninterested in learning from his wisdom and experiences, Cacurnynth is not a dragon so easily discouraged, and he will endlessly persist until he changes their perception of even one seemingly insignificant belief. Because nothing is achieved by lack of action, and the world is only made real through actions that open the heart.

Inspiration: Cacophony Society, with emphasis on Burning Man.

Cacurnynth has a fairly typical baritone voice that would otherwise be indistinct if not for the pulsing effect that seems to accompany his speech. His voice is enthusiastic and upbeat, and there always seems to be an underlying back beat that comes from a subtle musical humming on his part. But the most interesting quality is that his voice sounds almost synthetic as if warped by some form of electronics. Cacurnynth has a very expressive voice, and the speed of his speech and rhythm of the pulsing changes depending on his mood, from slow and melancholy when downcast to rapid and lively when aroused. Then with those that he truly loves, there is a touch of flaming passion within the warm musical tones of his voice.

Hatching Message:
The Power of Moonlight Egg suddenly started to shake, drawing the majority of the attention. There seemed to be a sense of urgency in the agitated movements, and the candidates on the sands could probably even hear the scratching from within. But as quickly as it had begun, the egg stopped moving as if realizing that it was at the center of attention.

Once most of the attention was finally drawn away, the Power of Moonlight Egg subtly started to shake again. More gently and quietly than before, the egg rocked back and forth in an almost chaotic pattern until it fell over. The side of the egg cracked at the impact, and a blur of shiny golden limbs whipped out to shatter the lower half of the egg, sending dozens of shimmering shell fragments flying across the dark sands. But the top half of the egg remained, and the hatchling seemed content to stay covered and completely hidden from view. With the sudden return of attention on it, the hatchling stopped moving again.

Finally there was movement from underneath the remnants of the Power of Moonlight Egg but the hatchling did not remove its cover as it started crawling froward. It was a strange and almost comical sight to see the egg fragment slithering slowly across the dark sands, a pale shadow ambling awkwardly over the blackness. There was only the occasional glimpses of black speckled golden feet as the hatchling crawled around blindly, leaving a trail of goo while moving in aimless directions and bumping into other eggs here and there. But the more the hatchling seemed unable to gain its bearings, the more anxious it seemed to become as it ran between the eggs faster and faster. Until finally the hatchling ran right into on of the large eggs and its shell fragment broke apart to reveal the dazed and disoriented You May Already be a Bronze.

Wandering Message:
After a few moments of laying still, You May Already be a Bronze seemed to have recovered as he stood unsteadily and shook off some of the black sands from his glistening hide. He looked around and saw the candidates, suddenly darting towards them in a hurry. Only he tripped over his own feet and went rolling into a small group of candidates, wings and claws lashing about as he tried to stop. He ended up on his back near Alistylla and Resha, and he gave them what sounded like an embarrassed creel before rolling awkwardly to his feet. Shaking himself off, he was quick to lumber away from the two women.

You May Already be a Bronze went up to Ragnar, but seemed to shake his head before moving on to Surindal. But this was not right either, and he continued along to Nevyria, only to growl in confusion as he walked away from that too. Next he came up to Olissia, and paused for a moment to consider her with some seriousness. Then he lashed his tail before continuing on, this time coming to a stop in front of Malika, only to become even more frustrated than before. So he snorted and carried on his path, passing by Laryze and then Mavin with only cursory glances. The more he wandered, the more worried he became, starting to creel softly as he continued his search.

Public Impression Message:
Having looked over almost all the candidates by this point, You May Already be a Bronze looked a bit lost. He shook his head in puzzlement before glancing down the line of candidates he'd just passed. Then as if he was struck by a sudden epiphany, You May Already be a Bronze went bounding back the way he'd come to stop in front of the one he'd accidentally overlooked the first time. Only he tripped over his feet again and crashed right into the candidate as his eyes burst into rainbows. There

Personal Impression Message:
There you are, K'ran! came a warm pulsing voice as the young bronze slowly got back to his feet. He gazed up at you with rainbow hued eyes, but you could see a glint of mischief within those colorful facets. Or should I call you Neyri? he inquired, but the teasing tone was clearly evident. The young bronze circled around you and even pushed his muzzle under your candidate robes as if to make sure you were what he knew you were. Then he tried to reach up to snuff at your long blonde hair, only to end up sneezing and falling backwards. Such a clever disguise! Do you think I can pass as a gold? the young bronze asked with a rumble of mischievous amusement as he righted himself again and pretended to preen like a gold. But first your Cacurnynth needs food!

Dragon Credit: Starr
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora/Starr

Egg Name: Power of Moonlight Egg
Egg Description: This egg seems to dominate the hatching grounds. The way that the smaller eggs are arranged around it almost gives the impression of smaller planetary bodies orbiting a larger one. It is not only colossal egg, but is slightly rounder than typical, giving it the impression of great bulk. If it’s size was not enough to make it stick out, it is pale yellow color that stands out starkly against the black sands. This coloration of this egg is not even, but subtly mottled with darker gray splotches. Some may see certain figures in these patterns - a face, a rabbit mixing medicine, or maybe even moldy cheese - however their distribution is more or less random. The eyes that this large egg will inevitably draw, will be filled with a mixture of contradicting emotions, somehow this egg manages to be simultaneously serene and intimidating, with an almost otherworldly quality.
Egg Inspiration: Full Moon
Egg Credit: Notomys

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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