Gold Cami x Bronze Rex P8 T21

Off-Camera Flight - Early Autumn, T21, 8th Pass
Off-Camera Clutching - Late Autumn, T21, 8th Pass
Hatching (Eggs Handed Out) - 31st October 2018/Early Winter, T21, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Cami (Indria)
Sire: Bronze Rex (Phyrra)
Totals: 10
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 4

PC Fire-lizards:

Name: Luck of the Owl Bronze Lamoo to Cersia (Neena)
Colour: Bronze #E5B48B
Adult Size: 17", wingspan of 28.5"


The Luck of the Owl Bronze will stand out amongst his clutchmates and not only for being the only metallic of the clutch. He’s of average size and shape for a bronze but his face bears a particularly distinguished cast that sets him apart from others of his color. His large eyes are almond shaped and upturned, his snout small and refined. While his base coloring is a pale, mottled bronze, it is his markings that truly make him a stunning flitter – he bears a heart shaped ring around his face and dark, dappled speckling across his wings and back. Dark coloring around his eyes makes them appear even wider and brighter than they already are.

Even amongst bronzes, the Luck of the Owl Bronze will stand out for his refinement and sophistication. He is a creature of thoughtful action and suffers no false humility over his higher than average intellect – and make no mistakes, this bronze is very clever. Fortunately, his wits will primarily be applied to Cersia’s benefit, though it would be a stretch to say he’s ‘obedient’. It’s more as though he considers the girl to be his ward or child and endeavors to do things to her benefit. He’ll carry through with most requests, unless he believes that not doing so would be for her own good… Whether Cersia agrees with his decisions is irrelevant, of course.

The Luck of the Owl Bronze can be a bit mercurial in his interactions with others, however. Those who he deems polite or kind may receive the blessing of his assistance, wit, or protection. Those who come across as crass or rude, though… Well, they’d best tread carefully. The Luck of the Owl Bronze can be quite creative in his vindictive vengeance upon anyone who treats him or his poorly. This includes other firelizards, people, and even dragons! Anyone who’s spurned this particular bronze may find themselves with a span of particularly bad ‘luck’ until they’ve either repented or he’s grown bored. Funny how that works!

Rather than chase frequently, the Luck of the Owl Bronze will find a female that he’s particular fond of and court her with lavish gifts of food and treasures and – only once he believes they have come to a mutual understanding – will he chase her. Once he’s found his beloved, the Luck of the Owl Bronze will be a committed lifelong partner and father, sharing the responsibility for any eggs he produces equally.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Chickcharney
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Name: Wild Man Brown Clever Cliff (Ceecee) to H'dr (Ldypayne)
Colour: Brown #412D1F
Adult Size: 16", wingspan of 28"


It’s easy to mistake the Wild Man Brown for a bronze at first glance. He’s big, easily the size of a small bronze, and ‘husky’ would be a polite way of describing him. His hide is the only giveaway to his real color – it’s a dark and muddy brown, the color of old tree bark and without so much as a hint of metallic sparkle. His coloring makes for excellent camouflage even amongst the unrelieved stone of the Weyr but out amongst trees and shrubbery, he’s all but invisible. The Wild Man Brown’s face isn’t what most people would consider traditionally ‘cute’. His eyes are small, his snout broad and squished. His face and paws have a faintly lighter coloring than the rest of his body, just enough to stand out if one were to spot him in the shadows.

Is there a smarter brown to be found anywhere in the Weyr? The Wild Man Brown is quiet but there’s a sort of sentience to his eyes that rivals that of humans and dragons. It will make him an excellent companion to H’dr, quick to learn new commands and quicker still to teach himself just by watching the people and other flitters around him. He’ll be particularly inclined towards using primitive tools – a stone to break open shellfish or a stick to dig prey from narrow spaces, anything he can fit into his dexterous claws.

It’s a good thing the Wild Man Brown is such a placid firelizard because his physical strength far outweighs his size and borders almost on the unnatural. Sure, he’s large and beefy but goodness knows H’dr will one day catch this flitter carrying things far beyond even his own size. He’ll enjoy showing off this particular talent too, throwing around large branches or rocks in order to entertain the people around him. Despite this, the Wild Man Brown is also a gentle, docile flitter who takes great care not to injure anyone with his unusual strength.

There’s a solid chance that the Wild Man Brown would be quite popular with the ladies, what with his strength and speed and general good nature… but this brown is a loyal one, through and through. He’ll be slow to rise and generally only chase after greens and golds he already has a close relationship with. Assuming he wins his favored lady, the Wild Man Brown will remain exclusive to her to a fault and any children he sires will be well loved and cared for.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Bigfoot
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Name: Hoarding Brown ?? to M'kae (Corgi)
Colour: Brown #865C48
Adult Size: 14.5", wingspan of 23.5"


Is this a firelizard? Or maybe he’s actually a miniaturized dragon? In fact, the Hoarding Brown looks a little like a textbook Harper drawing of a dragon simply up and crawled off the page – perfect in proportion and conformation, with a touch of artistic license for exaggeration and clarity. Dragons have headknobs? Well the Hoarding brown has extra-long headknobs! Dragons have large eyes? Well, you guessed it; the Hoarding Brown has super large eyes! Even M’kae will struggle to find anything to criticize in this flitter’s perfectly acceptable size and musculature… Save for the lack of metallic in his hide, of course. His coloring is the soft brown of fresh soil, with a faint patterning that makes it appear as though he has scales.

The Hoarding Brown is, first and foremost, a greedy creature. This applies to food, of course, as is common amongst firelizards, but his real quirk will be an obsession with shiny objects. While he will certainly be inspired to work for food (mutton seems to be a particular favorite of his), nothing will drive him into a dedicated fervor quite as quickly as the promise of a shiny thing in reward. Marks, too – despite being rather plain – will be coveted by the Hoarding Brown and he will often make a point of requesting them in payment for a job well done. M’kae may very well occasionally come across caches of valuable objects here and there… but it would be in his best interest not to touch them. The Hoarding Brown can be viciously defensive of his hoard.

All things considered, this is a brown easily trained. He’s crafty, clever, and easily bribed, all of which makes him a likely candidate for delivering messages and other tasks. Given the proper motivation (read: the promise of treasure), the Hoarding Brown will find his way across all of Pern to complete the tasks handed out to him. Beware, though – this is not a flitter easily scorned. He’s proud and independent and will not take well to mistreatment or insults. Such things will be met with teeth and claw and, in the worst-case scenario, flame.

Almost unsurprisingly, the Hoarding Brown will be a true ladies man. Really, fair maidens are a treasure all their own! Greens, golds, human women… He’s not picky! Just don’t expect him to stick around for any clutches he may happen to sire!

Inspiration: Cryptids - Western dragons
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Name: The Congo's Hidden Blue Sounds to Namine (Charaa)
Colour: Blue #828A90
Adult Size: 13", wingspan of 21"


This is a big. Hulking. Blue. He’s solid and bulky all the way around, with a round body and powerful legs. The only long, slender part of him is his neck and the small, delicate head attached to the end of it. His eyes are soft and doleful, his snout blunt and gently downturned. The Congo’s Hidden Blue also suffers from a dense, loose, sort of wrinkly hide that sags around his joints like an old man no matter how Namine may scrub and oil him. His coloring – more gray than true blue – does nothing to dispel the illusion of advanced age. Overall, The Congo’s Hidden Blue is actually kind of adorable in a slow, plodding, ancient sort of way.

For a flitter so recently hatched, The Congo’s Hidden Blue seems wise and knowledgeable far beyond his Turns. There are no childish flights of fancy to be found here, no impulsive actions or ill-considered responses; this blue is a creature of slow consideration and thought. Actually, everything about him is slow. The Congo’s Hidden Blue is not a creature known for his swiftness and reflexes, that’s for sure, but what he lacks in physical acuity, he makes up for with his strong mind. In fact, Namine would be wise to turn to him for advice and insight… even if it takes awhile for him to put it all together.

Though most flitters lean towards the ‘carnivorous’ end of things, The Congo’s Hidden Blue will display a distinct preference for greenery right from a young age. Namine will have to encourage him to eat an appropriate diet so he can grow up strong and healthy – but once he’s fully-grown, he’ll be a bona fide vegetarian! Like a few of his siblings, The Congo’s Hidden Blue will enjoy the water and Namine will often find him happily soaking in any available puddle or bowl.

Unfortunately for this poor blue, his slow and plodding nature doesn’t lend itself well to winning flights. He won’t chase frequently and he’ll win even less, which is really sort of a shame – he’d be a great father and will take to guarding any eggs he manages to sire, even if the green in question abandons them.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Mokele-Mbembe
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Name: This Is My Bridge Now Blue ?? to T'rin (Sigyn)
Colour: Blue #485B6D
Adult Size: 12", wingspan of 18"


Is that… is that a goat or a firelizard?? The This Is My Bridge Now Blue looks a lot like a caprine in both body conformation and face. He’s sort of rotund in the middle with spindly legs, a stubby tail, and a peculiar trotting gait whenever he’s on the ground. His face sports the proud roman nose of his dame with slim, arching headknobs that are distinctly reminiscent of horns. If nothing else, the This Is My Bridge Now Blue has some interesting coloring; his base color is a pale greyish blue, with a much darker, muzzy gradient around his head and hindquarters. It’s almost as if he’s two different flitters fused together!

Possessive! Protective! T’rin is the This Is My Bridge Now Blue’s person and he isn’t much inclined to be forgiving towards anyone or anything that messes with his boy. Usually, he’ll be happy to linger on T’rin’s shoulder and silently keep an eye on things but the moment he perceives a threat to his chosen human, you can be sure everyone in earshot will hear about it. Shrieking, chattering, tail slapping… and if worst come to worst, T’rin will have a wonderful attack flitter on hand.

Fortunately, the This Is My Bridge Now Blue is an intelligent flitter. Sure, it’s usually a calculating, sinister sort of intellect but once trained, T’rin will be able to rely on him for most basic tasks in exchange for the appropriate reward. It would be a wise man who takes great care in the specificity of his words when issuing commands to this blue, however – if given an out, the This Is My Bridge Now Blue may choose to interpret his tasks in creative ways.

While plenty of blues and bronzes and browns are eager chasers, the This Is My Bridge Now Blue is actually a little frightening in his intensity when it comes to flights. He’ll rise early and frequently and this is not a creature that cares to wait for things like ‘consent’. If given half a chance, he’ll snap a green out of the air all unwilling and will have nothing at all to do with the resulting clutch.

Inspiration: Cryptids - The Goatman
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Name: Release the Blue! Bokrug (Kru) to Varnex (Velcro)
Colour: Blue #585567
Adult Size: 12.5", wingspan of 23"


The Release The Blue! is… long. Very long. And big. His limbs are slender and stretched in appearance but that’s hardly the weirdest thing about them. Is it possible for flitters to be double jointed? Or maybe just made entirely of rubber? That’s the impression the Release The Blue! gives with his weird, wiggly, grasping legs. By contrast, his noggin is far oversized, with bulging, round, staring eyes and a beaklike snout. His coloration isn’t much to write home about, either; he’s a dark, murky blue with a faint mottling pattern and a gradient pale color along his ventral side.

Well, if Varnex had wanted a cuddly flitter, that’s… kind of… what he’s acquired? ‘Clingy’ might be a better description since the Release The Blue! just loves to curl up around his boy’s neck and by Faranth, trying to get him off is like prying a baby trundlebug from its mother’s back. All those long limbs are good for something, after all! While otherwise not terribly difficult to train, trying to convince him that there are times where it is necessary for him to stop clinging will take some doing.

The Release The Blue! is a voracious and indiscriminate eater. More than that, he makes good use of his wiggly, grippy little hands to steal and snatch any food or shinies that come within reach of his perch on Varnex’s shoulders. They might be walking along and all of the sudden, Varnex will look over and ‘where did you get that redfruit from?!’ Who knows! And who cares! Certainly not this blue, who has zero remorse over his antics. Like several of his dame’s other children, the Release the Blue! will quickly demonstrate an unholy love affair with water and he’ll often try to drag Varnex into the bath or the lake or the ocean or even out into the rain.

Even once he comes of age, the Release The Blue! won’t take much interest in flights and ladies. He’ll chase… maybe… once or twice… But really, every attempt he makes at mating seems to physically pain him. Faranth forbid he actually catches a green – he’ll prove to be an utterly uninterested partner and parent.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Kraken
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Name: Goat Sucking Green ?? to U'sul (Sola)
Colour: Green #9B9C89|#9B9C89##
Adult Size: 8.5", wingspan of 14"


The Goat Sucking Green hatches looking a little ratty, rangy, and bony… and continues to look ratty, rangy, and bony all the way into adulthood. Her head is a skeletal arrangement of prominent ridges and overly large, bulging eyes, alongside a set of long fangs that jut down over her lower jaw. Bristly, sharp spines run all along her back in lieu of neck ridges and the Goat Sucking Green walks with a hunch to make them all the more prominent. No matter how frequently U’sul might oil her, this is one green who will never be a good, vibrant green. She’s more like a sickly gray, with splotchy spots of lighter and darker colors all across her tough hide.

Okay so the Goat Sucking Green looks a little weird… but really, she acts even weirder. She has an unusual affinity for caprines and will often be found lurking around the beast pens, just… watching them… with her weird, bulgy eyes. It’s a good thing she’s not any bigger because she’d inevitably be attempting to gnaw on them, if the sharp hunger in her expression is any indication. Her actual hunting habits are just as strange – she has a tendency to blood her kills, sinking those long fangs in and draining them dry. It’ll take some convincing on U’sul’s part to teach her not to be so very wasteful!

For all her eccentricities, the Goat Sucking Green is actually quite a clever beast and so very loyal to her human companion… But only to him. She won’t get along very well with other flitters or people and, in fact, is quite adept at avoiding anyone and anything she doesn’t feel like interacting with. It will require a firm will to train her to do anything useful but once U’sul manages it, the Goat Sucking Green will prove reliable and proficient in her tasks.

Flights don’t see this green becoming any friendlier – in fact, she’s likely to take a chunk out of any male who tries to get too handsy with her! The Goat Sucking Green will pick the strongest, largest, most aggressive males, with little loyalty or affection between them. Her only maternal instincts will amount to alerting U’sul when she clutches. It’ll be up to him to decide whether or not he wants them… and then to find them.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Chupacabra
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Name: The Leeds Green Chi to Cenara (Rhee)
Colour: Green #6E6E64
Adult Size: 9", wingspan of 16"


The Leeds Green has a face only a mother could love… And even that’s sort of debatable. She looks like a chimera of features; like a child’s mud sculpture smashed together and animated to some horrible, horrible life. Her head is vaguely reminiscent of a roman-nosed runner, her neck is spindly and leaves her looking bobble-headed, and her legs are scrawny. Even her hide is a dark, tepid green with very little in the way of interesting patterning, save for a lighter gradient around her head and neck. There’s honestly really not much to commend her, aside from a certain amount of ‘Oh Faranth, she’s so ugly she’s adorable’.

Considering how many firelizards Cenara has, it shouldn’t a surprise that certain members of the faire tend to fade into the background but the Leeds Green really takes her elusiveness to the next level. It seems like only her favored human will ever get a really good look at her – everyone else will be privy to shadows, footprints, and eerie glowing eyes in the dark. No one will doubt her existence though, oh no, not when the Leeds Green likes to put in her shadowy appearance at every available opportunity.

This little green will be an especially voracious hunter, with a tendency to kill far more than she intends to eat. If not trained correctly, she’ll leave corpses all over where Cenara can find them, including her weyr, the caverns, the creche… It will really be best to nip this particular habit in the bud quickly. The Leeds Green also delights in startling people, animals, and other flitters whenever possible and will swoop down from the sky with an almighty shriek whenever they aren’t paying attention to accomplish just that.

It’s a good thing Cenara doesn’t have any shortage of flitters because this particular green isn’t just lacking a maternal instinct; she’s downright hateful towards her eggs. She won’t bother to hide them but only because she simply smashes them into bits the moment she clutches. Her flights are wild, erratic affairs that don’t last long and are most likely to go to whichever male happens to be fastest.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Jersey Devil
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Name: West by God Virginia Green ?? to Os'gar (Ren)
Colour: Green #262318
Adult Size: 10", wingspan of 20"


Some greens might be pretty or dainty but the West by God Virginia Green is just sort of a burly, beefy hunk of flitter. She is the proud owner of a short, thick neck and a squat little face with a smooshed in snout and large eyes. Her most prominent feature is sure to be her wings – they’re positively enormous and the West by God Virginia Green always holds them aloft like looming shadows to either side of her bulky body. Her coloring is so dark that it’s often difficult to make out her exact features unless she’s standing directly in bright sunlight… Which is something that the West by God Virginia is loath to do.

Os’gar might quickly come to realize that his newest flitter is cursed – or, at least, the West by God Virginia Green just has an uncanny knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems that wherever this little firelizard lingers, some sort of calamity follows in her wake. In her defense, it will very rarely actively be her fault. It’s more like she’s some sort of dark omen spreading her wings upon the world… Though that may not make the people on the receiving end of her misfortune feel any better about things. Maybe if Os’gar learns how to use her strange ability, he can prevent impending disasters! Maybe?

Despite her ominous nature, the West by God Virginia Green is actually quite a bit smarter than most others of her color. She’s crafty and clever and, maybe, a touch mischievous and prone to pranks. Most of this will involve her spooking people from the shadows, only to fly off while cackling over how witty she is. She’s a bit of a reclusive creature, however, and will only carry out her games if she thinks she can get away with it anonymously.

Flights for this green are surprisingly tame. She doesn’t particularly enjoy all the attention and doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. Without intervention, her eggs will just sort of go wherever she happens to be when labor strikes her, immediately forgotten as the West by God Virginia Green moves on to more entertaining pursuits.

Inspiration: Cryptids - The Mothman
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Name: Wolfman Green Reeno to I'threm (Wunderingmind)
Colour: Green #383922
Adult Size: 9.5", wingspan of 15.5"


The Wolfman Green looks a little like… Well, a little like a dog, actually. There’s something especially lupine in the shape of her snout and the forward facing set of her round eyes (all the better to see you with, my dear). When her lips peel back, they reveal especially long, sharp teeth that shine bright white. Her body carries a canine-like conformation as well, with unusually long legs and stocky shoulders. She has a tendency to carry her tail low and sweeping as she pads along the ground in her steady, loping gait. The Wolfman Green is especially dark in her coloration, with a strange, soft patterning around her head and neck that gives the illusion of a fluffy mane.

If I’threm had been hoping for a sweet natured little flitter, he’s going to be sorely disappointed. The Wolfman Green is one nasty piece of work, with a peculiar proclivity for needling and harassing strangers until they finally take a swing at her – only to immediately go running back to her human to tattle. She’s especially unkind towards people she views to be breaking ‘the rules’, though her definition of rules and how to break them is nebulous as best.

The Wolfman Green also has a special sort of hatred towards children. I’threm’s own spawn will be exempt from her harsh nature – barely – but other children had better watch out! She’s more likely to take a bite out of reaching small fingers than allow herself to be stroked. One of her favorite pastimes will be leading young children astray until they’re lost in the Weyr’s many tunnels and it’ll be up to her human to break this habit as quickly as possible unless he wants angry parents knocking on his door!

Perhaps fortunately for everyone involved, the Wolfman Green will have a tendency to vanish into the jungle for a few days at a time, usually right around when the moons are full. What is she doing? Where does she go? It’s entirely likely that not even I’threm will ever find out! Her flights will often take place during this time, with the Wolfman Green blazing out the forest and screaming a challenge to all nearby males. Any resulting eggs will be treated with apathy, if not outright disdain.

Inspiration: Cryptids - Rougarou
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Notes: Clutch theme is cryptids!

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