Brown Caraeth

Impressee: I'rid (Isarid)

Name: Caraeth
Colour: Brown
Hatching: Mid Winter T4, 8th Pass
A great muscular brown, and though not nearly finished growing, still a sight to see. Not plain brown, but a dark, warm brown with lighter swirls of color all over his hide. Warm black eyes, round and innocent, with white long teeth. Wings that are too big for his body, as they grew faster than the rest of him. He has ripples of muscle all over him, and the dragonmen predicted that he would be almost maximum sized when he was full grown. The one funny look about him is his long bottom fangs that stick out over his upper lip. He can hide them easily, but when he relaxes they stick out against the brown hide like a sore thumb. His hide is rugged over his wide, flat head, but smooth over his belly.

Talkative and energetic. He is bouncy and fun, full of energy and innocence. Has yet to see a Threadfall, and will then realize that life isn't all fun and games. Very cheery like I'rid, but sensible. A giant appetite, and when he goes to the feeding grounds, other dragons (for example, the small greens) laugh at his eating habits. Sarcastic and funny, will make rude remarks in his head for only I'rid to hear.
Can be soft and understanding, but most of the time he is boastful. He tries to convince the other Junior Weyrling's blues and greens that he is the grandest color, with his majestic brown and cocoa-colored hide. Despite the ignorance of others, he keeps pressing and now has earned something bad: their scorn. He has stopped for the time being, and I'rid is trying to convince him to keep quiet. He doesn't pay much attention to authority, and regards the Senior Weyrlings the same as the Juniors. Arrogant, by the dozen.

Former PC Profile: I'rid and Caraeth

Hatching and Impression Message:
The hatching grounds had been quiet for some minutes before the Thespis Egg suddenly came alive with movement. The egg rocked onto its side and moved quickly and violently enough to threaten to dislodge one of its fellows, those in the front rows of the stands could discern faint chirps and mewls of frustration from the occupant. Suddenly the first crack in the shell appeared leaving a sizeable break across the plain white surface, with one last big push the hatchling finally managed to force the break and crack open the shell that had contained it. Dazzled by the change the small brown dragon paused to rest, laying half out of the hole that it had just created, the heat of the sands slowly drying the moisture on the exposed hide. Slowly gathering itself to its feet after its earlier exertions the brown hatchling dragged the remainder of its body through the hole in the discarded shell and started walking wearily towards the eager candidates facing towards him. Its hide was dark, even for a brown; at the back where it was still moist from the egg it was the dark and rich colour of hot klah and even the front that had already dried was still a very dark shade of brown with some lighter swirls of colour. As the young dragon began to feel the proximity of its intended impresee it began to move with greater haste, it was fatigued from escaping its shell and very hungry and didn’t want to have to wait to be fed however it just couldn’t find the person it was looking for. Suddenly it spotted him; half shadowed by the side of a much larger man the smaller Isarid, with his thin and petite features, stood looking sad and dejected. Delightedly the brown hatchling began to trot as quickly as its young legs could manage towards the boy. As it stopped at his feet he began to feel a flood of emotions rushing through him. Amazed with this sudden change to his fortunes Isarid looked up at the watching crowds, "He spoke in my head! He said his name was Caraeth!"

Egg Name: Thespis Egg
Egg Description: This large egg was one of the first to be laid in the hot sands of the hatching ground. Its surface is heavily textured and feels rough to the touch; however this egg also has a feeling of being incomplete. It is white across the majority of its shell with just two patches of a vibrant aquamarine. If the egg had been coloured this way throughout - as it obviously should have been save some unidentifiable accident - it would surely have been one of the most vibrant and attractive of the clutch.
Egg Inspiration: Gilbert and Sullivan’s Thespis. The first collaboration of Gilbert and Sullivan deals with the divine however while the libretto remains for the entirety, only two musical scores for the songs have ever been recovered. It has since undergone numerous recreations; however with the music lost the original will never truly be remade.
Egg Credit: Legal

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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