Gold Carina x Bronze Sheen

Flight - Mid Winter, T7, 8th Pass
Clutching - Late Winter, T7, 8th Pass
Hatching - Mid Spring, T7, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Carina
Sire: Bronze Sheen
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 4
Blue: 4
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:
The Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold Dawn to Zorla (Hikari)
Adult Size: 19"; wingspan of 31.5"
Hex Code: dca32b
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold, in one word, is perfect. She is the perfect specimen for a Gold, the perfect length of body, the perfect length of wing, the perfect smoothed stomach. She isn't too fat, she isn't too thin, she is simply perfect. Her coloring is a soft yellowy-gold with no imperfection, and she likes it that way. Unfortunately, she knows it. This pretty gold carries herself with an important air, she doesn't mind not being paid attention to (as she thinks in some way everyone is paying attention to her), oh no, that's okay, it's when she is blatantly disregarded that she will attest. Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold wants to be known as perfect, in every way. The males should all adore her, the females should all envy her. But even she knows it isn't easy!

Matter of fact, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold will require routine, and daily (sometimes more than once) bathing and oiling to keep her yellowy-gold hide shining brilliantly. She is completely solid in color, not a fleck of imperfection. She has an affinity for fashion too, and will often request new pieces of pretty cloth to wear, but her pet absolutely must participate. When there are functions, like any arrogant little gold, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold will absolutely expect her lovely pet to not only coordinate her own outfit and dress appropriately, but add tiny flourishes of detail to include Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold in Zorla's wardrobe (i.e. a golden ring, or sash).

This perfect gold is a skilled flier, though her preferences for flying are limited to travel of location and performance. Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold prefers to flaunt haughtily, in case anyone may be watching as everyone is watching her at all times.

Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold's eyes are rather slit and slim in nature, which creates a batted eyelashes effect when she blinks slowly to allure her unsuspecting audience. They are also easily expressive. She can't hide her emotions from anyone and is very easily readable, though her eyes rarely touch a hint of red choosing yellow and distress over anger. The world has wronged her! Oh woe is the world, Zorla (and/or Jerezath) must absolutely fix it! Though nothing but the actual cause of her malady will deter her from her squawking (food will not work with this lovely as she is always watching her perfect figure).

Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold, simply, is only easily upset when she is directly involved. She can't be expected to pass all of her time watching and waiting for others to approach her, or watch her, instead she thinks that everyone is always watching and waiting for her. To express this, the only time she is directly upset is when something jars her perfect little world, in particular problems with her own perfect Zorla, perfect Jerezath, or something as simple as a piece of stray debris in her perfect little firelizard couch! That simply won't do. Immediately, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold will squawk, creel, cry and whine her way until whatever is causing her distress to disappear at the hand of either Jerezath or Zorla. This appraisal of problems also extends to Zorla's problems and Jerezath's problems as she sees them as her loyal servants—err, subjects—and by extension… their problems, are her problems.

When things she plans, like Zorla's outfit that she has just slaved over, do not go perfectly planned, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold will throw a fit. While typically other firelizards run away to hide and pout, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold will make it blatantly known within a ten dragonlength radius that she is unhappy. Though, somehow, Zorla or Jerezath will never be to blame, only her source of relief. She will creel and yell: ZORLA (as she will have a special unique warble for her love) SQUAWK SQUAWK!

Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold loves to be doted upon, and expects it fully. She will fly often and have many random partners, most of whom will need to impress her thoroughly before she chooses them as hers! And oh are they in for a surprise, when this gravid gold fully expects them to do her bidding until her wee little darlings hatch. However, if for any reason her babies are prettier than her, Mutts Don't Make ShowGirls Gold is not above mauling them to make them less perfect—in secret of course—though, she would never kill them.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Georgette from Disney's Oliver and Company

The All Time Champ Bronze Raphael to Azrael (Shouriko)

Adult Size: 19'' wingspan of 30''
Hex Code: ef6914
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
All Time Champ Bronze is a hulk and hunk of a bronze. In his baby stage he will be lanky and skinny, seemingly weak. Fortunately for him though, he isn't weak and instead abnormally strong. He could lift even the largest of rocks and kill the most deadly of tunnelsnakes even in infancy. He is a protector at heart and as All Time Champ Bronze grows this will not change. What will change is that this lanky bronze will turn into a behemoth with a broad and bulky chest and forearms. His back-end will remain relatively skinny but not awkwardly so in comparison to his upper body bulk. He will be noticeably beefy and tough.
This hunky bronze will also be a beautiful golden bronze color. All Time Champ Bronze seems to glow in his color, radiate a certain godly power if you will. He will require very little oiling and washing, as if his hide just naturally heals on his own, as if he is invincible. All Time Champ Bronze has no imperfections on his hide, he is one glowing ball of bronze.
In flight, All Time Champ Bronze is fluid like water. He could control the elements with just a single glance, the greens and golds will fawn over him in adoration as his flying skills are a testament to his physical prowess. All Time Champ Bronze will fly elegantly and often, loving the exchange of pleasantries with the dignitaries or simply the deliverance of a message for his one and true love: Azrael. This agile flier is also filled to the brim with stamina, rivaling even the most experiences bronzes in flight.
All Time Champ Bronze isn't very good at hiding his emotions, his eyes are rather large in shape doe-like in fashion. And he will have a difficult time hiding anything from anyone, not that he would truly try and hide his emotion from anyone but Azrael. She is so sensitive he doesn't want to worry her any further.

This noticeable bronze isn't regal or pompous in any way, instead he will be welcoming and humble. All Time Champ Bronze will even go out of his way to make someone happy or their lives easier. Have a heavy object that needs lifting? If All Time Champ Bronze can do it, he will. He won't give up easy either, it will take many attempts and many defeats for him to actually give up. It's not in his style.
All Time Champ Bronze is convivial and openhearted. He will share easily, love easily, and above all else protect easily. Everyone is worth saving, even the most despicable low life anyone has ever met and All Time Champ Bronze will always try and be the hero. All Time Champ Bronze tries to help everyone he can with every task, which sometimes becomes daunting when his bulky size keeps him from reaching small corners.
He's rather naive too, this handsome lizard, All Time Champ Bronze doesn't understand sarcasm in the slightest or even people being mean to him. Instead, he takes what their words say in the best possible light. Only when Azrael is insulted, or when All Time Champ Bronze feels Azrael's sorrow, will All Time Champ Bronze become offended and use his godly strength to protect her and himself. He would take on a four-headed dragon if he needed to, and win too! Okay, that's fiction, but I think you get the point.
This hulky bronze isn't afraid of anything either. He will face any tunnelsnake, any obstacle in his path with a gold heart and shining broad chest. All Time Champ Bronze's eery golden glow is enough to scare off the most formidable foe but will not be unlike All Time Champ Bronze to join a fair in taking on a feline or a wherrie.
When it comes to love and Flights, All Time Champ Bronze will flirt with any green or gold but he will only ever continuously chase one. He has to have a specific attachment to this female, green or gold in color regardless, and it will take him Turns to find her and woo her and fall in love with her. All Time Champ Bronze doesn't have any qualms with this, preferring instead to think Faranth has a special girl in mind for him.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Hercules from Disney's Hercules

The Me No Likey Bronze Azoku to Ressin (Velcro)

Adult Size: 18'' wingspan of 23''
Hex Code: e98900
Clutch:[/b] Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Me No Likey Bronze has a longer body than average, unfortunately his length is accompanied by very short wings, a short (and stubby, almost square) tail, and even shorter legs. His neck is nearly the length of his body size, making him a wonder to witness as he holds it high in the air. It's a wonder he doesn't hit every tree branch and ledge Ressin passes as he regally displays himself upon the shoulder of his pet. Me No Likey Bronze isn't at all shy or reserved, in fact he will make blatant physical dance moves in order to gain attention from everyone in the room—Faranth forbid if he doesn't get it too.
This llama—err, long-necked?—shaped firelizard is a solid orange-bronze with dark seemingly black flecks that are arrayed in such a way that it actually looks as if his hide has miraculously become fur. Starting from the base of his weirdly elongated neck to the tip of his tail along his underbelly, is a long strip of a more red-bronze. In the right shining light, this coloration gives the effect that Me No Likey Bronze is snuggling warm in a nice royal robe. Upon the top of his head, in a circular fashion covering his head knobs, Me No Likey Bronze's solid bronze fades into an elegant gold sheen, is that a crown he's wearing? Why, yes it is.
His eyes are rather expressive, only nearly slit. Me No Likey Bronze has a difficult time hiding his emotions as he screams his disgruntlement in an annoying fashion—very near to the point of wanting to choke the life out of the sharding thing. But, Ressin will never be able to bring himself to it, because no one is that heartless.
Me No Likey Bronze seems to have a difficult time walking. Although his legs are stubby and short, theoretically the brilliant make-up for sturdy and grounded, Me No Likey Bronze finds himself often stumbling and running into things in a lump of flailing limbs, wings, elongated neck, and tail. His focus, instead, is directed on holding his head as high as possible at all times. The notion comes from thinking that if he is the highest in the room, he is not only royalty but the most likely to be noticed. This flawed thinking often leads him into crashes, booms, and bangs onto lofty ledges.
When he is not perched decoratively on Ressin's shoulder, Me No Likey Bronze can be found lying on his royal pillow. When occasion calls for it, Me No Likey Bronze's flying is less than envious. In fact, in order to avoid embarrassment he will only fly if absolutely necessary. His short wings don't make him very fast, and unlike most bronzes, his stamina is considerably low. He gives up very easily in fits and whines, flails of stubby wings, and crashes on Weyr bowl floors.

Me No Likey Bronze, in a few words, is entitled, lazy, stingy, greedy, accusatory, need I go on? He's the epitome of loathe in most owner's eyes, but he will love Ressin… if he chooses to show it. Everything that is Ressin's and Diamo's is his. And only his. No sharey. Not only is it his, but he will physically move anything he dislikes OUT of HIS spot. Your pillow? Not anymore! Boom-Baby! Me No Likey Bronze will demand to be oiled at least once a day, his hide must shine perfectly and he must be presentable—otherwise the world has no meaning.
Have a pretty item Me No Likey Bronze thinks is pretty? He'll take it without asking, and never give it back! You wore it around him, you obviously wanted it taken and given to the royalty that should own it. You should think better next time. Me No Likey Bronze is pompous and arrogant, he can do no wrong and will not understand reprimand. He will be difficult to teach tricks to, and if he doesn't like the trick you're attempting to teach him, he will “conveniently” forget.
Me No Likey Bronze will not walk unless absolutely necessary. Ressin is his royal carrier and as such as been deemed fit to stay in his company. Even then, this incessant bronze will tire from staring at his passing subjects and cry out for food. Make sure it's the right flavor!
There is a way to this heartless, tiresome bronze's heart. Unfortunately, it involves more work than any adventure anyone has ever undergone. Stare Thread in the face for him, scare away a nasty tunnelsnake (because that is completely beneath him), save him from well, himself most days, and he'll eventually warm up to a strong loyalty. That doesn't mean you get out of catering him like the giant baby he is.
Me No Likey Bronze loves music and can often be found staging a performance in the Harper Caverns, chortling along to their tunes. He prefers to dance though, and his awkward body will move rhythmically on the floor (as long as he doesn't try to fly). Bumps into you? You've thrown off his groove! HOW DARE YOU! Don't throw off his groove… seriously… he'll attack you. With claws bared and screams abound. It's a horrific sight… best to be avoided. In which, after you run away tattered and scathed, Me No Likey Bronze will commence to crying to Ressin (and Diamo if the pester has to be there) that he was wronged and the world is all for shame! Dear Ressin, make it better and fetch him a giant mound of meatrolls with complimentary grubs.
In regards to flight, Me No Likey Bronze will not chase often. He is, as a bronze, entitled to the catch and will fully expect a plead for his participation from the gold in question. He will never understand how a gold will pick anyone but him and will be inconsolable for days upon end if he isn't chosen, but also if he isn't asked to participate. But you must try, otherwise Me No Likey Bronze does have the stamina to be annoying for more than a season. Me No Likey Bronze will never chase greens, they are beneath him. And oh the cries and whines that will occur should another over zealous bronze get their claws into his flawless hide. Scars should never taint His Highness.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Kuzco from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove

The Let's Ride! Brown Plush to Shayna (Starr)

Adult Size: 14'' wingspan of 24''
Hex Code: b9814e
Clutch: Md Spring, P8 T7 Gold Carina x Bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Let's Ride! Brown isn't horribly large for a firelizard, but he is on the big end. There isn't anything peculiar about this firelizard's body size. His coloring, however, is a different story! Let's Ride! Brown is a lighter brown with darker—like chocolate—head knobs and ridges which are slightly elongated; all four of the bottom quarter of his legs are also this dark brown color. With enough imagination his head knobs give off the effect of this brown having a rather stiff mane. The top of Let's Ride! Brown's wings is a shiny medium caramel, especially when oiled it gives off the effect of a saddle harness wrapped around him (especially when his wings are folded) and if the rider was tiny enough, maybe they could ride him! It's a cute effect, making him that much more cuddly to be around.
On the bottoms of his hooves forelegs, there is a rather ambiguous marking that looks like someone wrote their name in indelible ink and somehow, over time, the ink smeared leaving this stain and the name illegible. Maybe Shayna should write her name there and claim Let's Ride! Brown for her own!
This average brown's head is slightly rectangular in shape, a hard lined jaw accompanies his features but it is welcomed when accompanied by his odd eyes. Let's Ride! Brown's eyes are strangely shaped, they are vertically rectangular with rounded edges and easily expressive. As if lashes have been stitched into perfect place for a good pleading and canine-eyes for treats. When he's not pretending to be a stuffed toy, Let's Ride! Brown is rather expressive with his eyes, using these sort-of eyelashes to get his feelings across.
Let's Ride! Brown isn't a show off, he prefers to be the perfect side-kick instead. This is evident by his seldom creels for attention, and even more infrequent flourishing of his wings. When he does get overly excited at a particular task—such as fetching something for Shayna—he's among the fastest firelizards in the Weyr. It seems even that Let's Ride! Brown breaks the traditional between model and can be there in one cough or two instead of three! Let's Ride! Brown isn't very agile though, he can't pull hairpin turns or acrobatic stunts but what he lacks in agility he makes up for in stamina and straight line speed. His stamina seems to last for candlemarks at wind speed, it's amazing.
When he isn't excited, Let's Ride! Brown can be a giant lump of limps. He's rather clumsy and often falling, literally out of the sky, because his attention span just can't hold on long enough for him to complete tasks to their full extent.
Let's Ride! Brown has the weirdest habit too, when he's being watched by someone other than Shayna he takes on the appearance of a lifeless doll. It's rather strange to witness, one second he's having a good time playing with Shayna's hair—because he just loves his pet so much he wants to help with everyday life—and the next he's a statue staring with dull wide eyes hoping the onlooker moves on so he can continue to play. It can be eerie, but Shayna will grow to love this custom. He pulls it off rather well.

Giving, caring, doting, all synonyms that can describe Let's Ride! Brown in a nut shell. He's forever the martyr and sidekick. He would sacrifice himself for Shayna and T'col, always there to be the one to take the fall or help out.
Let's Ride! Brown is simple minded and easily distracted. He will often be found simply wandering around enjoying the scenery, his favorite past time will be lazying about outside watching people and waiting for Shayna to call on him for an errand. He enjoys the simple things in life and will remain, literally, ever happy. Let's Ride! Brown is so difficult to make angry, Pern has a better chance of ridding itself from Thread first. Being sad, however, that's easy. All Shayna has to do is whimper and Let's Ride! Brown is there for her to cry on his shoulder, crooning his condolences with a head hung low, whines of sobs will emit from his maw as he cries with her—not really understanding what's going on.
Let's Ride! Brown is always there in the knick of time. He has a crazy knack for it. Oh! You need a letter delivered? BAM! He's from between before you can even think to call on him. He's swift as lightening and back in a flash.
However, if he doesn't complete his task immediately he'll completely forget what he was doing and return to Shayna—letter in hand—making conversation about his day and what did she do all day? Let's Ride! Brown's attention span is lacking, and it will be difficult to teach him tricks.
One trick Let's Ride! Brown has down though, is his undying loyalty. Nothing can scathe his image of Shayna, no rumor or horror alike will wane his love for her. Immediately, he will be attached from babyhood and will only leave her side when he is assured that Shayna will be alright without him for a while. Even then, Let's Ride! Brown would prefer T'col be around to protect her while he's away.
Let's Ride! Brown's last characteristic that is completely offkilter, is his habit of pretending to be lifeless when other people look at him. When it comes to strangers, Let's Ride! Brown is very shy and doesn't like calling attention to himself. When people look at him, his mentality has told him that if he doesn't move… they can't see or notice him. So unless Shayna introduces him to these people enough to make him comfortable, Let's Ride! Brown will remain much like a stuffed toy lying on a bed idly waiting to be played with. It will take a while, but the first person he won't do this around will be T'col because Shayna is with him so often that T'col is familiar. Let's Ride! Brown's toy like demeanor doesn't extend to dragons or other firelizards, simply humans.

Inspiration: Bullseye from Disney's Toy Story 2 & 3

The When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown Dachi to Reijo (Rainewolf)

Adult Size: 15" wingspan of 23"
Hex Code: be6152
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7 gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown is average in size in both length and wingspan. However, is stomach is rather rotund and his legs are noticeably skinny and lanky. He stands fairly tall in comparison to the average brown. When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown's face is more rounded, much like his body, and his nose is snubbed as if he has been sniffing the ground for far too long in search of food.
When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown is a solid dirty brown all over, his stomach though is a dark warmer brown. This happy-go-lucky brown's head knobs are even darker, almost black, than his stomach color, his tail is also this 'darkest brown' color. The very tip of his nose is home to the cutest birthmark, a soft tan-pink upside down heart over his nostrils and maw.
This medium brown has a swagger to him too. When he walks or flies, When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown has a habit of his whole body swaying back and forth as if his rotund stomach carries his center of gravity and he can't help but sway. He isn't awkward though in the sky, he's rather speedy but his stamina wanes quickly, even more so when he is upset. When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown doesn't have any horrible habits like many of this clutch, instead he's rather wholesome and is happy with simple encouragement and a rub of the headknobs. All of this is evident in his welcoming posture, everyone is family and friends as long as their nice. When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown can often be found landing on complete stranger's shoulders as a sort of 'hello' hug.
Unfortunately, When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown's biggest flaw is also his greatest joy. He loves eating, specifically insects and grubs. The unfortunate part about this, is that he has the worst gas… ever. He could clear a whole dining hall after every meal, he makes light of it of course, chortling his behavior after apologizing profusely with a few buffets of his wings. Typically though, he accidentally blows it into the direction of Reijo, but it's accidental!

They call him… Mister Firelizard… anything else such as “flitter” or “flit” or “shard you” or we think you get the idea, will result in the wrath of When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown! Typically, When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown is very laid back and casual, almost to the point of making that his catchphrase. He prefers to be welcoming and friendly to any other demeanor and it is very difficult to get him upset, save for insults.
When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown will not tolerate insults. He will get combative, forceful, and downright nasty. He even has the physical prowess in order to pull it off too, and can display a rather good scare of his wings, hisses and chortles to convey his mood. But it takes more than one insult to really get his goat.
This relatively calm firelizard really loves food, he'll share but there better be plenty for his huge appetite otherwise he'll complain he is starving even if he just gorged down a whole pot of wherry. When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown cannot go very long between sittings and even after just eating will request Reijo get him just one more grub, or allow him to go hunting for just one more grub.
When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown becomes easily distracted (specifically by bugs, grubs and tunnelsnakes), his attention called at the slightest movement of wings, feathers, rustle or growl. He's a curious pansy, often finding himself in situations he would have rather avoided. Only to cry and wail to Reijo that he's in trouble and needs rescuing. Because although insults get him going, anything else will have him running in fear.
When it comes to love, When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown just can't help himself. He tries to be a charmer, often failing in the realm of the firelizards, but he also tries to help his pet. Hoping that one day Reijo will settle down with a nice girl who will feed him. When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown will Chase often, finding that the distraction of chasing is welcome and fun, Flights are about the only thing to distract him from bugs. If he loses, however, When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown doesn't sulk even for a second. He'll simply return to his conquest of that bug under that log he couldn't move, only remarking on it idly to Reijo that he lost—which is why Reijo is feeling so elated.
When I Was a Young Firelizard Brown will find a best friend, and only one… at a time. He will attach himself to a fellow firelizards he thinks are worthy of his time and will often invite them on his hunting of grubs and bugs—even if they don't express any interest in his sudden adoption of them as his best friend.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Pumbaa from Disney's The Lion King

The Fluke is the Duke Brown Shui to Cenara (Rhee)

Adult Size: 15'' wingspan of 19''
Hex Code: ac4e4f
Clutch: Early Spring, P8 T7 gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Fluke is the Duke Brown is only a smidgeon larger in body size than average and his wings are relatively short and snubbed to fly properly. This awkwardly shaped firelizard will prefer to crawl on the ground, sometimes in a strange sideways motions while his wings flap excitedly. His face is more angular in jawline than average and his eye ridges protrude more distinctly, giving him what looks like an arrogant expression at every turn, though he couldn't be a bigger softie.
He is a burned reddish sort of brown, Fluke is the Duke Brown, a unique coloring that will often get him noticed. When he is extremely sorrowful, Fluke is the Duke Brown's skin will not begin to change to the indicative light gray, unfortunately this effect is lost on this red-brown fellow and instead his hide will turn a brighter shade of red—as if he's been boiled! Oh my, the poor thing. Along the the edge of his wings on the back of them, Fluke is the Duke Brown has a rather thick dark, distinct, brown line from beginning of wing at his neck to the end of the wing near his tail. In addition, one dark brown, thick line can be sent bent down the center of both of his wings, creating and effect that looks like the middle of his wings could open and behave much like a claw would.
This flustered brown doesn't prefer to flaunt, he isn't haughty or inwardly arrogant, and will often be found sulking because his hard work didn't pay off, or he feels he disappointed Cenara, or Id for that matter. Fluke is the Duke Brown isn't a skill flier, and when he flies will often stay low to the ground in order to evade any mishaps with doors, people, tables, air, clouds, etc.
Fluke is the Duke Brown's eyes are large rounded, more of an oval-square that faces towards his nose rather than sideways. They are very expressive and his emotions are easily read, though he will try. When he is sulking, Fluke is the Duke Brown often puts his head under his wing in order to hide it from Cenara and Id, preferring not to involve them, however, when he is forced to face those that try to help him it will seem as if he has the largest pouty face on anyone could ever see. It's rather a funny sight, but Fluke is the Duke Brown doesn't think so and when teased about his pouty-lipped-face will recede further into hiding.

The best thing to describe this overly sulky beast would be his sulkiness. Fluke is the Duke Brown can get agitated fairly easily and instead of creeling his agitation will often run off to sulk—typically in view so that Cenara and Id will console him. He is not easily consoled though, it will take the better mark of a candlemark catering to his ego and accomplishments that would make him come out of his hide-away-hole.
On a typical day, Fluke is the Duke Brown is very talkative, rapidly in fact and will often reveal lots of information no one wanted anyone else to know. So if Cenara, or Id, has any secrets, they best not talk about it in front of Fluke is the Duke Brown because, although he won't do it on purpose, this little burnished brown will reveal them all the world of Pern directly before yelling at himself for doing so.
Fluke is the Duke Brown is loyal, very loyal, he cannot be swayed by strangers with food, and clutches to Cenara and Id like they were his entire source of life. With that in mind, he does follow orders rather well, though typically something happens to mishap the entire thing. If, however, the task would be detrimental to Cenara or Id, Fluke is the Duke Brown will instead give them a long lecture as to why they shouldn't do that. He is overly protective and wants to keep his family out of trouble! But when he can't beat them, he will join them (with loud protests).
Lacking in finesse and flying skills, Fluke is the Duke Brown will make up for it in intelligence. He can help Cenara remember her Harper Lessons by repeating the melody in sing-song voice, he has a vast memory when it comes to trivial matters (sometimes used for evil when he reminds Cenara of their last adventure that was spoiled) but typically uses his memory powers to aid. Fluke is the Duke Brown actually has a difficult time forgetting things, often bringing up past failure or achievements that have Turns ago occurred, it will be a source of bane for Cenara when she is older, because he will constantly remind her of her childish ways!
Fluke is the Duke Brown will not fly often, he doesn't feel himself worthy. So if he wants a specific green to reciprocate his affections he has a habit of singing to them. He has a very melodic and powerful little voice, more high pitched in nature but still very beautiful and can easily be taught this skill to be performed upon command.

Inspiration: Sebastian from Disney's The Little Mermaid

The DumbDumb As Cheese Brown Reggy to Menisia (Tina)

Adult Size: 13'' wingspan of 18''
Hex Code: 7b5232
Clutch: Early Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Little DumbDumb As Cheese Brown is on the extreme end of small for a brown. Initially, he will start out a tiny skinny little thing but the more he grows the more he will gorge himself on anything he can get his greedy (for food that is) paws—err forehands?—on. He is a medium, solid color of brown almost like chocolate milk. From the base of his neck to the middle of his back and halfway down his forelegs the chocolate brown abruptly becomes a solid dull yellow; much to the effect that he is wearing a shirt! Hm? His head knobs and ridges just above his eyes are a darker brown, though in the right light it looks largely like a dark forest green. The very very tip of DumbDumb As Cheese Brown's nose is also this green-to-brown color.
DumbDumb As Cheese Brown is rather clumsy, and will often be found waddling on the floor rather than flying. The older he gets, the more rotund he will become, he just can't break that food habit. And his tiny wings just won't be able to support his weight for long. Though he will become particularly skilled at betweening from low altitudes.
When he becomes excited, such as in flights or when he's gathering gossip for his beautiful little pet that he adores (because he will just do anything for her), DumbDumb As Cheese Brown will be able to pick his tubby body off the dragging floor and get to his work! He can fit in even the tiniest of perches, holes, tunnelways and crevices. The perfect little spy for any young girl seeking to get the tiniest bit of gossip!
Unlike other browns, DumbDumb As Cheese Brown does not have stamina. So should he choose to fly for long periods of time, he will have to rest multiple times. He is quickly replenished with a crumb from the floor though, and will attempt to put all of his effort back into his task. He is the little chubby that couldn't!

The first thing to describe DumbDumb As Cheese Brown, is his absolute need to eat. It will be insatiable and Menisia will have to seriously monitor his intake because he will squeal and cry for crumbs. It will be easy to monitor him though, because other than being a rather good gossip collector, he will rarely leave his pet's side. Loyal till the end to his lovely mistress, he will do anything to appease her, even if its only for a minute (because he has the attention span of a green firelizard when even an inkling of food is around.)
DumbDumb As Cheese Brown is easily made happy, even with a light pet and a bit of encouragement it will make his day. So, it can be imagined that even when he's grumpy he's never that way for long. DumbDumb As Cheese Brown is a bit protective of his Menisia, and will often try and flare himself up to make himself look bigger, this is all show however, because in front of real confrontation, DumbDumb As Cheese Brown will immediately seek the smallest hole or crevice to crawl into for safety, hoping the big scary thing goes away.
As a tiny, chubby thing, DumbDumb As Cheese Brown has found many the item that he finds are particularly edible: beads and string from the weavers, bandages and such from the healers, even bits of metal and gems from the smiths. But he can't just take all of it back, so DumbDumb As Cheese Brown is known for having a hovel of secrets someplace in Menisia's quarters. Should Menisia move however, DumbDumb As Cheese Brown will start anew, his attention span can't quite grasp “moving” his belongings before his little tummy gets grumbly.
This tiny brown will rarely chase, he's rather small in stature and is okay with it, but as such he will have to be specifically chosen. Fortunately for DumbDumb As Cheese Brown, he has plenty of gifts from his stow away hiding places that are sometimes capable of wooing a pretty tiny green before her flight.
DumbDumb As Cheese Brown's favorite activity, aside from eating, is lounging. He doesn't require to be oiled or bathed much out of growth, just the occasional for when his stomach gets bigger again. Instead, DumbDumb As Cheese Brown will choose to hide (or hide, whichever the occasion) in comforting places, usually warm. His favorite? Under Menisia's bed furs! Oh so comfy!

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: GusGus from Disney's Cinderella

The Not Much of a…Blue Gallwi to Iralsin (Jey)

Adult Size: 12'' wingspan of 25''
Hex Code: 7991bd
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Not Much of a…Blue is the size of a common child's toy, average for a blue in nearly every way except for his gigantic wingspan. His wings are so long, in fact, that he tends to trip on them more often than not. Somehow, no matter his mood—-though usually sour—his wings find a way to fall underfoot and ruin Not Much of a…Blue's day even further. Not Much of a…Blue is rounder in appearance than most, though awkwardly lumpy as if he has been overly-stuffed with lots of cotton cuddly.
Not Much of a…Blue is rather simple in color, his body is a rather dull shade of gray-blue, nothing to write home about. But the most distinct colorations of this mopey blue is his snout is a light shade of tan, much similar to a fleshy color while the underside of his wings fade into a rather brilliant purple-red much similar to that of a klah berry before they are roasted. Upon the base of his tail, is a dark, nearly black, spot as if his tail has been pinned on. At the base of his tail the blue-gray color seems to fade into a rather bright shade of what looks like pink, as if someone has adorned his tail with a flourish of decoration. Not Much of a…Blue's eyes are fairly dull, egg shaped and large. Though, unlike most firelizards, never stray from the saddened shade of gray.
This mopey blue is rather clumsy because of his overly long ears, and will often be found not moving in hopes of avoiding any bad things from happening to him. Although, Not Much of a…Blue sees anything simple as bad happening to him. He will often be found with his head hung low, even in the sky.
Not Much of a…Blue is extremely sluggish for a blue, not comparing even to the most average of agile firelizards. He will never be found racing, flying quickly, or even in a straight line as though his thought process is leading him down a winded and crooked path. Unlike the average blue, however, Not Much of a…Blue has stamina to match even the greatest of bronzes, he just doesn't get there very fast. Needless to say, Not Much of a…Blue will not be winning many flights.

Much like his physical description will allude to, Not Much of a…Blue is very slow. Slow in mental processes, slow to convey emotions, messages or even the fact that he is in danger. He is, however, rather intelligent, and easily trained—just don't expect your messages to get where you expect them on time. Even between seems to take four to six coughs for this sluggish blue.
Not Much of a…Blue will never be made excited. Even if good things happen to him, he will be expecting the next bad thing to come along. He believes no one loves him, even his pet—who has a reputation for being a nasty little girl—and will often be found contemplating and sulking over these facts.
Water. Normally, a firelizards dream to play and flaunt and bathe. Not with Not Much of a…Blue, is not only afraid of water, but thinks its his arch nemesis. Unfortunately for him, he will not go out of his way to avoid water, and instead succumb to it. Iralsin will have to keep a very close eye on Not Much of a…Blue in the bathing cavern, or by the lake, because of instead of fighting to stay alive, this end-the-world blue will simply sink. He will not stuggle, and the only indication that he had even entered the water, will be the air bubbles escaping his maw as he accepts his doom.
Although only a symptom of depression, Not Much of a…Blue fully believes that anytime he does wander and fly away from Iralsin, rain seems to pour. Never mind they live on the Southern Continent and rain is a common occurrence, it's his fault. And will make Not Much of a…Blue that much more sad and mopey, is that even possible?
When it comes to Flights, Not Much of a…Blue is not likely to Chase, feeling himself not only unworthy, but no one likes him and he doesn't want to get hurt. If encouraged enough by Iralsin, should that happen, he will dutifully Chase and sluggishly follow from the back… at least he participated.
Without a doubt, Not Much of a…Blue is faithful. He will do what is requested with a little bit of encouragement, hoping never to disappoint but always expecting it. Even if Iralsin punishes or yells at him, he knows its his fault and will take the reprimand lying down.

Reference: Link
Inspiration: Eeyore from Disney's Winnie the Pooh

The Chubby Guppy 35 Blue Aster to Phyrra (Shouriko)

Adult Size: 12'' wingspan of 14''
Hex Code: 418cdd
Clutch: Early Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Chubby Guppy 35 Blue is more rotund in appearance than most blue firelizards, with his wings of shorter length than average, giving him a distinct round body shape even though his length is rather average. Even his neck is short and his nose is pudgy and round. Thick bands of what looks like a bright yellow, run from snout to tail tip with rounded edges. These markings only serving to make him look oh, so, very… fat. Which isn't helped by his short stubby legs that he likes to tuck into his stomach on any occasion, he might as well be a round ball of love. Something strange about Chubby Guppy 35 Blue though, along his back, just on his ridges, are dark “dashes” of a dark deep sea blue, giving the effect of fins. This dark blue also decorates a quarter of his wings, as if they have been dipped in the dark blue sea.
When Chubby Guppy 35 Blue flies he isn't as graceful as many of the other blues, or even as averagely agile. He is actually rather clumsy, and will often be seen excitedly running into door frame edges, or missing his landing mark and tumbling to the floor. It's all in good fun though, and Aster will undoubtedly spring right back up with a chortle of a laugh.
When excited, this happy-go-lucky blue isn't afraid to show it in the form of clumsy somersaults and pirouettes, often landing him on the floor but fun nonetheless, and expressive round eyes. Chubby Guppy 35 Blue favors the happy things in life, and with his perfectly round shaped eyes, will often express these feelings to anyone that can see in a distinct bright green tinge.
Chubby Guppy 35 Blue likes singing, rather plainly, he adores listening. And can often be found lounging roundly in the Harper caverns all squished into a tight little ball. He tries to sing along sometimes though, and his voice is rather low in pitch… and he isn't very good. So can often be swatted away by the best of Harpers. This doesn't deter Chubby Guppy 35 Blue, however, and instead he believes that now they are dancing! And he will begin to spiral and dance when this happens, all the way back to his pet, whom he fully expects will sing and dance with him.

Happy, friendly, dim-witted are the first things to describe Chubby Guppy 35 Blue. He's rarely ever disgruntled, choosing instead to find the silver lining in everything that he does. His first priority is his pet, however, and refuses to stray too far from her in fear of getting lost! It easy for him to escape to the Harper caverns because they are so close to the Weaver Caverns, but when he can't escape he will be contented to stay where he is and watch his pet do whatever it is she does. Chubby Guppy 35 Blue is never bored by much.
This happy blue is a dutiful sidekick, to anyone who plays a leaderesque roll, always seeing his pet as number one and his pet's other blue firelizard, Beryl, as number two. Chubby Guppy 35 Blue is easily trained to do simple tricks, such as fetching items and will often inquiry as to whether his pet needs these items, he likes to take the initiative to help wherever he can; though Weaving is fairly boring to him.
Chubby Guppy 35 Blue is also very friendly, he will attempt to befriend anyone he meets, even when they don't want to meet him. Have food? All the better, your his best friend immediately. The only exception to this, is if he has to choose food over his pet—it'll never happen. He is dutifully loyal.
Surprisingly, Chubby Guppy 35 Blue doesn't actually like food as much as his body would argue. He seems fat, but its not because he eats, it's just how he is. And although he could be the subject of some torment because of it, he's rather okay with his physique.
On an occasion of which he is disgruntled, however, Chubby Guppy 35 Blue will immediately attempt to tattle. If he is even an inch away from his pet he will burst from between and whine uncontrollably. He is quickly solaced though he secretly hopes the person he's tattling on will get into trouble. All in all, Chubby Guppy 35 Blue would just prefer everyone get along and live happily. It just never seems to work out that way.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Flounder from Disney's The Little Mermaid

The Pooama Chicky Blue Mayhem to Carwyn (Rainewolf)

Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 20"
Hex Code: 678fc2/257cd9
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Pooama Chicky Blue has a wide body girth, though his length is rather small, on the extreme end for a blue. His wings are double the length of his body, but he wears them nicely folded elegantly against his small back. They don't create for awkward flying at all. His tail is nubbed, as if it just refused to grow after three inches, coming to an abrupt smoothed-square end. Because of this, he will have some balance issues but he will learn to control them through use of acrobatic twirls and somersaults. Pooama Chicky Blue has shorter legs than average, stocky in fact, that taper to rather elongated fingers with short claws. His head is nearly perfectly round, it is kind of an awkward look as his eyes are also very large on his rounded face. He has the uncanny ability to give creepy puppy-canine eyes when he wants something. His mouth is overly large, giving him the ability to smile—albeit horrifyingly unusual. Pooama Chicky Blue's nose nearly disappears within his face, only a small button size honker protrudes from his rounded face, the rest seems to meld into the rest of his features.
This alien-like firelizard is three toned. Pooama Chicky Blue's belly is a very light shade of blue, almost pale-sky in huge almost in a circular pattern from nape of his neck to the underside of his tail—much like a teddy bear with a rounded belly. The main color of his body is a medium blue, very warm in color in comparison to his stomach. There are no imperfections on this primary color, he is solid in this regard. Along his back, in a wavy pattern from the top of his head to his tail, is a darker blue. All of these shades are among the same blue just range in tint. The very edges of his backridges, which protrude more physically than other firelizards, are a dark spotted black.
Pooama Chicky Blue's wings, although long, are very effective in making him fly. They are solid in color, the underside is more of a purple-blue than the rest of his body. He is a very skilled flier and isn't afraid to display his acrobatics despite his tail. This stubbed firelizard's tail is not useless however, when he assumes a begging posture he will often use his tail to prop himself on his hind legs, not only for further balance, but to make himself a bit taller to reach his goal, since he's short.
Unlike most firelizards, Pooama Chicky Blue is rather expressive with his forehands, he can often be found grabbing for items that he finds interesting. He won't steal them, learning quickly that things that aren't his he shouldn't take (this will take a few tries to have him learn). When he does learn not to steal however, he will need to relearn that things that are his (or Carwyn's), he should keep.
And boy is this firelizard strong! He can rival even the most average of bronze's in strength. Think he can't take a rather large parcel to someone? WRONG! Pooama Chicky Blue's strength is unrivaled and very weird to behold, something that small should not be able to carry something that heavy. It only adds to him though, creating more stamina and agility than the average blue; regardless of his size.

Among the most prevalent characteristics in Pooama Chicky Blue, is his undying need for destruction as a hatchling. He will not only be in everything, but seem to become a incomprehensible black hole that will suck up and destroy every living thing in his path. When Carwyn begins to show some disappointment in him, however, Pooama Chicky Blue will begin to see the error of his ways. This will take some time to occur as Pooama Chicky Blue is among more of the wild of his clutch and is rather dense when it comes to social acceptability.
As Pooama Chicky Blue matures, he will learn to be more appropriate. His affections will target more towards helping and aiding than destroying. However, his hatchling affinity for eating things will never be deterred. Unfortunately, these edible items include things not so edible. He will attempt and consume, to eat quill pens, hides, blankets, marks, rocks, harnesses, pretty much anything he can get his hands on. Lucky him though, he actually has a rather good digestive system.
This firelizard seems to have been some sort of failed experiment, and as such his behavior can be erratic. From strange cackle-like laughs when he feels he has done something exuberantly funny to his stereotypical insult when he is upset. When Pooama Chicky Blue becomes upset, and it will only take a couple insults or things he thinks is wrong, he will repeat a unusual warble that sounds something eerily like “Pooama Chicky!” Strangely though, Pooama Chicky Blue has plucked an image of Carwyn's mother from his mind and when he warbles this distress insult, Pooama Chicky Blue flashes images of Carwyn's mother to anyone near-by. As if to say something relevant to “Yo Momma'.”
Pooama Chicky Blue loves to explore and will rarely be found staying idle and lounging. He will prefer the outdoors, but will follow commands easily to stay inside. Don't try to wrangle him in completely though, because he isn't above arguing. He will enjoy learning, and unlike many firelizards, will retain his lessons as long as Carwyn is persistent in his training. However, Pooama Chicky Blue will put his own flare on lessons. Deliver a package? Sure, only if the person receiving can get it from his clutches while he crawls on the ceiling.
One of his more strange qualities, Pooama Chicky Blue will abhor getting lost. He will stay put wherever he is and cry, and cry, and cry, and cry. But when he finds someone he thinks is his family (which is nearly everyone), Pooama Chicky Blue will whine and want to be coddled; even if briefly. Pooama Chicky Blue is in love with the idea of family, obviously coming from a large clutch himself, only he has somehow got it into his head that every dragon, wher, and firelizard is his brother or sister and will immediately treat them as if he has known them all his life.
The more he grows the more appropriate and affectionate he will become. However, if Carwyn is ever insulted, or in danger, with his extended claws Pooama Chicky Blue is not above a good mauling. He is a skilled fighter, using his acrobatics and abnormal strength to protect his pet from any imminent dangers.
This protectiveness also lends to his performance in Flight. Pooama Chicky Blue will chase often (both green and gold), but will rarely rarely ever catch. He chases for the exhilaration of the flight, not really understanding he is meant to mate. If somehow he does catch the green, Pooama Chicky Blue will be nothing but a ball of cute and fluffy.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch

The Star Command Blue Boggle to R'yad (Notomys)

Adult Size: 12'' wingspan of 19''
Hex Code: 6d30ff
Clutch: Early Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
Star Command Blue is average in everything but personality. He has an average body length, average wing length, some might say he is just the perfect proportional size for a good snuggle. It seems his tail is directly proportional to his body length, which makes him look as if he is the perfectly manufactured firelizard. He has not a single dent in his hide, completely smooth from birth and even scars will seem to disappear into tiny scratches that you have to be very close to even see.
This molded blue is almost a solid periwinkle purple in color from tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. The only exception to this is the coloring from the base of Star Command Blue's head to the tip of his nose is lighter in color, making it seem as if he is wearing a see-through helmet. His eyes seem to wobble in appearance in his excitement, as if they have been glued on and the glue isn't sticking. It can seem quite creepy to people who don't know him.
Star Command Blue isn't very skilled at flying, but gliding he's got down, or rather falling… with style. He can often be found jumping from R'yad's and Ysiroth's ledge flouncing with pirouettes and flourishes towards the WeyrBowl, displaying his perfect flying ability. However, try and get him to do those things from the ground? It's impossible. Instead, he'll succumb to a good ride on R'yad's shoulder or Ysiroth's head.
Star Command Blue has less stamina than the average blue, with enough effort he can get a good climb in before he starts his display of wings but as long as he can keep aloft his agility is uncontested. When it comes to flaming, Star Command Blue has this unnatural ability to not only flame for a longer amount of time, but somehow his flame is pinpointed streamline… much like a laser-beam.

Star Command Blue is always serious. To a fault in fact, nothing is ever funny, even R'yad's and Ysiroth's stupid jokes. In fact, when faced with these, Star Command Blue can often be found chastising Ysiroth for commented as such to R'yad and getting his pet into trouble. Why is she always doing that? Star Command Blue will even attempt, to all of his mighty blue size, to protect R'yad from her awful influence, R'yad should be concentrating on duty, NOT love or sex.
This manufactured blue takes offense to everything very easily, this will wane with time spent with R'yad and R'yad's blunders, but initially Star Command Blue will think everyone is out to get him. Anything said about his protectiveness or flying capabilities will be met with idle threats regarding capture and laser-beam flame. How cute is he? He deserves a pat on the head. When R'yad finally does gain Star Command Blue's complete trust though, it will be undying. Star Command Blue will fight tooth and nail to keep R'yad safe from anything, including his dragon—whom Star Command Blue will never trust and will make it his soul mission to destroy her.
Star Command Blue has unrealistic goals as well. He will chatter to any firelizard about his goals for a Threadfree Pern, only it involves masses of firelizards joining together to defeat Thread themselves… as if the dragons couldn't do it. During Threadfall, Star Command Blue can often be found with a fair of wild firelizards flaming any piece of Thread that falls anywhere near his home—or R'yad. It will be a fight initially, to keep Star Command Blue at the Weyr while R'yad flies in formation because Star Command Blue thinks his place is next to R'yad in fight. Eventually, Star Command Blue will become his own leader and instead will extend his protectiveness to the Weyr while R'yad is away.
When it comes to Flights, Star Command Blue will rarely participate. Not only because of his lack of stamina, but because any green who wishes him to chase will have to woo him first. His soul goal is protect and mating doesn't fall into that paradigm. That isn't to say he can't be swayed to Chase, but the green might as well beg. Rarely, Star Command Blue will find that perfect doll that he just has to have, but he'll hate having to distract himself from his primary objective.

Inspiration: Buzz Lightyear from Disney's Toy Story

The I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green Shoo

Adult Size: 10'' wingspan of 12''
Hex Code: 556028
Clutch: Mid Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is on the smaller side for a green with short stubby wings she has a habit of vibrating rapidly in her excitement. She is on the thinner side, with a vertically tall torso and rather stubby and thin legs. Her waist is of the smaller end of average, even with ample feeding. I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is primarily all jarring and smoothed angles, her maw is pouty and expressive. Her eyes are rather round and large, like a doe in headlights.
I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green looks as if she couldn't really decide if she wanted to be a blue or a green. Her primary base color is a medium blue with swamp green swirls and ripples covering her body, it looks as if she is under water from above! With a good oiling she positively shines and could be mistake for the water in the Weyrbowl lake. However, from the base to the tip of her tail, the swamp green and blue color turns to a hard yellow-green with vertical lines trailing from base to tail. If she flicks her tail just right, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green looks as if she is swimming at all times. It's rather adorable. All she has to do is just keep swimming.
I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is a deft flier, though her wings would argue differently. However, her flying style has left many to question how she actually flies. It's like she, literally, swims in the sky. Her body moves side to side, only occasionally flapping her wings for height or more length. I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green has a habit of pressing her wings in tight and commencing a fall in between her bouts of pumping for air, much like she's trying to achieve the swimming look and will be a cause for much worry for Ilane until Ilane gets used to the little bugger.
I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green has a boundless stamina when it comes to flying, her agility is lacking and she can't pull off the more traditional acrobatics that the average green can. Her attention span does not allow for more than a few minutes of fierce and hard work at a topic before her attention is directed elsewhere. This will be evident in her very short flights where anyone who can simply grab her will be met with a panicking I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green as she's forgotten what she was doing!

Much like many greens before her, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green's attention span is absolutely absent. It's not just bad, oh no, she'll be mid conversation and completely forget what she was squawking about. This will be to Ilane advantage and disadvantage, because if Ilane gets mad at her and reprimands her, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green will almost immediately forget what she got in trouble for and request a good headrub. Good news is, though, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is very easily made happy. Simple encouragement will take her a long way, even if she can't remember why she feels so good.
In regards to social situations, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is completely lost. She is clueless as how to continue to make friends with someone, but when she sees any act of kindness towards her by anyone, that thing (dragon, person, or firelizard) alike, will immediately become her best friend. The first best friend will be Ilane, then Pinkth, and she will show undying devotion towards them, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is always willing to try and prove herself competent to them and will often get herself into danger doing so. But when she sets her mind soemthing, even if she has to be reminded of what her goal is, she'll give it everything she had- even sacrifice her life for it, or try to.
Speaking of danger, when faced with it I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green has an uncanny knack for making danger worse than it is. Thread in the sky? Oh, look, it's a pretty silver color. Can I touch it? Owe! Bad Thread! Bad! Ilane's heart cannot help reaching out to this helpless firelizard who will often need saving from herself. I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green will get hurt often, and cry often, most of the pain will be emotional though so a quick coddling should do it.
Typically, though, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is always happy and energetic. Her energy knows no bounds and can often be found buzzing around the Weyr in search of gossip or a new adventure, or a new friend! She's very euphoric in this manner and isn't easily deterred from this mood.
The most quirky thing about I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green, is that she doesn't understand that dragons can understand her. She will often be found mimicking the movement of Ilane's lips to try and speak to Pinkth. She so wishes she could Speak Dragon Green that she will try her hardest to talk to Pinkth all the time! Only it is in bursts of creels, cries, squawks and begging for her to talk to him. It's like they understand her, she knows it!
When it comes to romance and flights, I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green is quite shy. There is no pattern to her Flights, they will be completely random and typically Ilane won't know until she can feel the little green's energy. I Wish I Could Speak Dragon Green's flights will be very short because she will often forget what she is fighting for and be randomly caught by the first male that catches her, she will flail and object but quickly succumb again as her attention span will quickly wane from the surprise.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Dory from Disney's Finding Nemo

The Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green Mask to Verfon (Maiden)

Adult Size: 8'' wingspan of 12''
Hex Code: 656275/019683
Clutch: Early Spring, P8 T7, gold Carina x bronze Sheen

Physical Description:
The central theme for this clutch, given the mother's size, has been relatively small. The largest even among the average sized, which is indicative of a small mother: Carina. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green is no exception, even for the smallest average of firelizards, Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green is the smallest. She is on the extreme end of small, including her wings and will remain small for the rest of her life. Her snout is short and snubbed, her eyes are extremely large on her small face. Even as a baby firelizard she will fit into Verfon's hand, probably only just even full grown.
Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green is two-toned. Her base color is a solid teal green and freckled all over her little body are pastel purple (ranging in tinge) spots speckled all over her tiny body in large doses. Around Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green's eyes, however, is a white mask-type marking and with a little imagination, Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green looks as if she's wearing a firelizard costume! It's super cute.
Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green is a skilled flier. Even for her small size, she's rather fast, it's more attributed to the fact that she is so small that, when searching, its difficult to find her rather than her actual skill at flying. She has a habit of running around and getting lost in dark places where she needs to be found.
This tiny firelizard has a cute habit of laughing when something amuses her. Literally, laughing, typically attributed to some sort of pain being caused by or occurring on Verfon, Sock or Goggle. She thinks their pain is funny, and her chortle is highly infectious. It's very hard not to laugh with her when she begins, and she can often be found rolling with laughter on the floor.

This tiny firelizard is anything but afraid of adventure. Now things Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green finds during her adventure are very different. She does get scared easily of her surroundings and will often hide in dark corners crying for Verfon to come save her. This bad end to her adventure, however, will not keep her from going on the next one. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green will be a source of worry for Verfon for quite some time because she will get lost often and need to be found even more often.
Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green isn't afraid of challenge, she will relish in being taught new things and uncharacteristically, for green firelizards, will retain the more simple lessons. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green will not learn these lessons quickly though, it will take much training and time, but she'll enjoy it. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green has every capability to copy Sock and Goggle and can be found often doing so, almost to the exact creel either of the firelizards lets out. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green will be able to learn to “speak.” She can use Verfon's voice to communicate but it will sound much like a toddler learning to speak and never quite getting the hang of it. “M'ke of Waszowskith say hi!”
This courageous little firelizard loves adventures and will go of often, leaving Verfon's side for candlemarks at a time, but when Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green returns she will give detailed explanations of how her adventure went—if Verfon doesn't need to go find and save her first. It's all in good fun though, and she'll forget being scared quickly, often these new adventures will bring her to no longer be scared of that adventure again… but then that's boring.
In particular dangers, Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green will get frightened easily when real scary things around. She will often hide behind Verfon's head and cuddle into his tunic. This form of being afraid is only typically displayed when Verfon is near, otherwise she either hides or runs away. But Verfon somehow makes her want to face her fears, so Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green'll just shyly hide behind him.
When it comes to flights, Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green will not fly often. She's too adventurous and fleeting to pay enough attention to males. Males are yucky! When she inevitably does go into Flight though, it will be very brief and she won't be very picky. If Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green likes the male that caught her the first time, she may just go with what works and have him catch her again. Roar! Not Scared of You Anymore Green is more likely to let firelizards she knows catch her than strangers.

Reference: Link - Link 2
Inspiration: Boo from Disney's Monster's Inc.

Notes: An entirely Disney-themed clutch

Credits: Everything by Atlys

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