Worry in the Water Blue Carocoth

Impressee: G'bar (Grobelar)

Name: Carocoth
Pronounciation: CAH - row - cough
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 2d738d
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith, P8 T16
Final Size: 35' length of 56' wingspan


Dragon Bio:
Carocoth is a solid dragon, all muscle and strength. Most of his bulk is made up of his shoulders, forelegs, and neck though. His lower body seems to narrow towards the base of his tail, with his long, whip-like tail seeming to go on and on until it hits a broad tailfork. All his limbs are long, and seem more flexible than most. His legs and neck always drift around, in particular allowing his head with its sharply pointed snout to reach out and touch things to investigate them. His eyes seem small in his head, with heavy eyeridges that cast them into shadow and make them look darker than they are. In colour, he is a medium, slightly silvery blue on top and down the outsides of his legs, while his belly and inner legs are a paler, creamy blue.

Carocoth is a vicious dragon, predatory and always alert. On the ground he is not particularly agile, with the unevenness of his front and back ends making him lope in an ungainly manner. However, put him in the air or in the water and he's a fierce and quick creature indeed. He loves to hunt, loves the thrill of the chase and the kill at the end. He'll over eat if not stopped his Weyrmate, a desire that won't go away even when he goes into adult hood. He'll especially love catching fish and other sea creatures to eat, and the cove will become a favourite haunt of his.

He won't be the most intelligent of dragons, not by a long shot. He has a single mindedness that can work against him, but when this is focused on something - be it training, or socialising, or fighting Thread - Carocoth shows his worth. He is territorial too. As a youngster he will be protective of his wallow and Weyrmate's cot space - and his Weyrmate, of course - and when older, will not be fond of dragons visiting from other Weyrs. He'll enjoy going to other places though, especially Holds and Halls. Somewhere unusual, somewhere new.

He's a frightening-looking presence, and people can be forgiven for being scared of him. All that hulking muscle at his front half, coupled with his small, evil-looking eyes, can make him intimidating. He will use it to his advantage too, almost enjoying giving people a fright. He's harmless to humans of course, but he seems to take pleasure in their wariness.

He'll be a ruthless Thread fighter, revelling in the thrill of flying and chasing and destroying. Green flights, too, are greeted with enthusiasm - anything involving chasing after something gets his attention. His short term memory means that he soon forgets any injuries he sustains, or any flights he wins - both a blessing and a curse. He's not an especially talkative dragon either, not the best ledgemate post-flight, but he can make awkward chitchat. That's just Carocoth in general. He's physically vocal, roaring and rumbling perhaps too much. But mentally, most of his talking is to his Weyrmate.

Inspiration: ??
Dragon Credit: Emma

Hatching Message:
The Shallow Waters Egg shook ferociously, gathering momentum. It didn't even pause for a rest or take a little break like some of its fellows. No, this dragon was determined to get out!

It didn't take too long before the egg's shell gave in to the furious attack from within. Shattering into a multitude of pieces, the Worry in the Water Blue fell onto the sands, still thrashing and kicking. With a growl, he writhed around until he was on his feet, splaying his toes out on the black sands and getting his bearings.

The white blobs in his blurry newborn vision had his attention, and the blue immediately headed that way, loping in an ungainly fashion towards the line of candidates. He paused, trying to seek out the one that he wanted, swaying his head this way and that and peering up at the faces of the candidates near him.

Movement caught his eye, and the Worry in the Water Blue turned his head that way. On a real mission now, he picked up speed, barrelling towards Lanissa with the threat of knocking her aside if she didn't move in time.

His target was beyond her - he ran right into Groblelar, bringing the chubby butcher to his knees. "Carocoth!" The blue had scratched his lower legs in the tangle, but the boy didn't even feel the pain, so overjoyed at Impression. "Let's go and feed you!" Healers were moving in on the pair as G'bar led his dragon towards the meat.

Egg Name: The Shallow Waters Egg
Egg Description: At first glance this small egg might seem quite plain. The thick shell feels fairly smooth to the touch but with a slight grittiness that prevents a calloused hand from sliding perfectly smoothly along the surface. There almost seems to a faint ridge separating the stripe of bright green from the rest of the shell. Close examination of this egg reveals many mysteries – including a faint salty smell like sea-water or a good clean sweat. Those who touch this egg often remark that it seems to be much bigger than it looks, and while perhaps it’s the thickness of the shell, it’s almost like it’s rooted in the sands.
Egg Inspiration: Pistachios
Egg Credit: Michelle

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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