Green Catorkayth

Impressee: M'kai (Mormakai)

Name: Catorkayth
Pronunciation: CAT-or-KAYTH
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 002E00
Final Size: 27' length of 48' wingspan

Description: Catorkayth will grow into an elegant dragon. Although she will grow to be average in size, her build will always remain slender and leggy. Her head knobs curl slightly inward on themselves, giving her head a graceful and streamlined appearance. The very edges of her wings seem to have slightly more membrane than usual, giving them a very subtle ruffled appearance. She is an unusual looking beauty with striking markings. The majority of her body is a green so pale that it almost appears white. It's not a solid color, and is subtly streaked with touches of lighter mints and aquamarines, making her hide look irresistibly soft to touch. However her face and forelimbs are an extraordinarily dark matte green.

Personality: There are two distinctive sides to Catorkayth's personality. She's usually a responsible, no-nonsense sort of dragon who puts improving her Threadfighting abilities over all else. However, she is occasionally struck by the desire for excitement and freedom. When these moods occur, she will become coquettish and mischievous, prioritizing her amusement over her duties. As a young dragon Catorkayth will have difficulty controlling her mood swings, and get a reputation for being unpredictable. However, as she matures, she will gain more self-control over her emotions - shifting between her responsible persona and her more flirtatious one only when appropriate. The exception to this will be the days before her flights, when she once again becomes wildly unpredictable. Until she inevitably gets bored of him, she will be extremely clingy to whichever male wins a flight. Catorkayth will always be extremely possessive of males she considers 'hers', and will make it difficult for him to interact with individuals she doesn't approve of. This behavior extends to her riders, and she will be extremely critical of any mates her rider may chose.

Inspiration: Katherine and Catherine (Catherine)

Hatching/Impression Message: Her playful demeanor seemed to fall completely away as she suddenly poked her head up, and looked around at all of the candidates. The little green was suddenly all business. She picked herself up neatly, leaving a group of bewildered girls in her wake, and quickly made her way across the sands to where Mormakai was standing. She gave the well-build man a quick look over before making her final choice. M'kai reached down to stroke her incredibly soft hide, "Catorkayth, I promise I'll always stay with you - hey! Wait up! Food first, then we can play!"

Dragon Credit: noto

Egg Name: All Hail this Egg
Egg Description: As far as eggs go, this is quite the dull looking one. It is an uninteresting shade of brown that really reminds one of dirt, and it even appears to be speckled with the patterns that are reminiscent of dirt. There are also shades of darker brown strewn across the egg as distinct stripes. And truth be told, one could easily mistaken this for a thousands of Turns old egg that had been fossilized. But the texture of the egg itself is interesting, with swirls that start from the top of the egg and widening in width as they circle around the egg to the bottom. Yet despite its almost less than ordinary appearance, this egg seems to give off an ominous aura that makes one want to pray to it for wishes to come true.
Egg Inspiration: Helix Fossil
Egg Credit: Starr

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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