Passion of the Dance Gold Ceocayath

Impressee: Reva (Revenna)

Name: Ceocayath
Colour: Gold
Hex Colour Code: FF8800
Final Size: 50' length with a wingspan of 87'

A bright, glowing gold-colored hide, tinted by just a dash of orange-red accents. Where one would normally find shadows, the hide on this gold has that orange shade to it – the underbelly, the insides of the legs, underside of the tail, under her chin, and even under her wings, there is an orange tint. It’s almost like the areas that get the least amount of sunlit tarnish just a touch to have this orange-red tone.

This dragon is large, even by gold standards, but once the weyrling chubbiness has melted away she will settle into a lithe and slender form, almost delicate. Those long limbs will slim out, gaining compact musculature; that whip-like tail will be held just so to balance her correctly. Those wings, broad from the moment of hatching, will become essential to her body language, accenting her mood with their subtle – and sometimes not-so-subtle – movements. Her wings are her signature, rather wide and with a wavy, ruffled edge to them, almost resembling the petals of a carnation flower rather than the usual taunt line of the leading edge. When not in use, her wings trail behind her with simple elegance, and when in motion, the wing ruffles tend to exaggerate her every movement in the air; from a simple turn to a sharp dive, the movements look perfectly calculated and beautifully executed.

Sensual but subtle is the way this gold moves. There is a certainty to each step that she takes, a confidence in every stroke of her wings, and she always seems to be gliding around in an enticing dance. But at first, as a weyrling, she will lack proper navigation and her movements will be more flamboyant than necessary. Then as she matures, she will become more coordinated and restrained, learning how to charm with only a glance and a stride, and she will be the most pleasurable dragon to watch fly – by both humans and other dragons. But she is a dragon that would rather dance with the perfect partner than alone before an audience, and she loves nothing more than to fly beside her mate as they move to a rhythm that exists only between them.

Headstrong from the outset, Ceocayath is no shrinking violet of a gold. Oh no, she is a creature who speaks her mind, with a swift tongue and a passionate personality. She’ll put her all into everything she does, and do it well – that is, everything that she is interested in. She’ll be very much an independent dragon, and will not be easily told what to do. She’ll not be quiet in expressing her displeasure at whatever it is she’s been asked to do, either. I will be there in my own time, Jasderth! Quite the stereotypical gold in some respects, she'll be sure from the start that she's in charge. Some may call her bossy, others controlling, but Ceocayath is one for perfection, and she'll be one to point out others' mistakes and problems without hesitation. During weyrlinghood, while she, too, is learning, this may be a cause of contention with her clutchmates - and in turn cause difficulties for Reva and the other weyrling riders. She'll never see a problem with what she's doing, even acting offended when somebody complains about her nitpicking. Of course, while one is learning and maturing mistakes will be made, and anything she gets wrong will immediately be a sore spot. Anyone who dares to fault her will face her vicious tongue, and it will be to Reva she will turn for comfort - though in her own subtle way. Reva will have to learn the ways that Ceocayath will seek reassurance as this gold does not outright state her needs: it is her tone of voice and expressive body language that state her mood rather than what she says.

She'll be a feminine dragon from the start, focused on appearances. Not only will she be insistent on thorough washings and oilings every day - if not twice a day! - she will also be insistent that Reva also looks her best, so that the two are a perfect pair. Reva's wardrobe will have to be overhauled to match Ceocayath's particular colouring, bringing out the best in both of their looks. All this preening and attention to details has an ulterior motive: to get the boys' attention. Ceocayath will revel in attention from male dragons, using every flick of her wings and swish of her tail to get them drooling after her. Any who ignore her charms will get her in a royal huff (How can he not admire me? I am the most gorgeous dragon he will ever see! Oaf!) while those who fall for her will be expected to follow - but not too close. Ceocayath likes to keep her men at a distance, but near enough that they'll be available when she needs something. Not that this is because she is some weak female who needs men to do anything: no, for Ceocayath, she is testing their loyalty and admiration of her. She'll make it clear to those males she is just not interested in, often rather spitefully. She loves and hates with fire and passion.

Ceocayath will never accept being second best, and neither should Reva. Women's rights are something that she will have a strong opinion on, and will likely bond very well with many female dragons on this matter - some of the few that she will get along with as, generally, Ceocayath does not care for other women. They are competitors in the game of seduction in her eyes, despite her confidence in her own sultry abilities, and her double-edged comments to and about them may cause tension. She will be very vocal when it comes to getting her views known, even challenging and arguing with anyone who dares have a contrary opinion to hers. She will be stubborn to the last in an argument, never willing to back down and determined to get others to agree with her. The golds' Wing will be a bone of contention for her, and she will not look forward to her inevitable position in the lowest Wing as she progresses through weyrling training and nears graduation.

In Threadfall this is one dragon who, while passionately determined to fly against their enemy, is careful and calculated. Ceocayath might appear to dive into dangerous stunts, but she never acts unless she absolutely knows what she is doing, and she will execute her stunts well. She doesn’t quite like that the others are leading the fight up in the higher wings, while she is forced to fly low and away from the real ‘Fall, so don’t be surprised if she throws in her opinions about flight formations and even tries to make the decisions for the wingleaders. But she will listen to those wiser and more experienced than she, namely the older golds, although she still won’t hesitate to express her opinions. Despite her stubbornness, Ceocayath would make a remarkable leader for she has an uncanny ability to improvise, staying calm in the most heated situations but still able to think swiftly and sensibly.

When Ceocayath rises, she will do so with a fiery passion. She is a dragon that needs a strong and confident male to keep up with her in their aerial performance. Any lesser male will find a hard time overcoming her stubborn and intense nature, as she will instinctively want to take the lead. Her flights will mostly be a competition of speed and stamina, and while she loves nothing more than to fly side-by-side with the males, occasionally brushing up against them, there will still be unexpected turns and sudden drops. If there should be a bronze, or perhaps even a brown, that proves capable of following her step for step, then will she finally allow him to take the lead in their dance. Once he has demonstrated his aptitude, Ceocayath will want to follow him everywhere, having found her perfect dance partner – at least until her next flight. She will be affectionate but protective, and while she expects him not to chase after any other females during their time together, neither will she even glance at another male.

Ceocayath will also be an excellent mother, if not slightly overprotective and even overbearing. She won’t allow anyone else to watch over her clutch, even hesitant to allow her mate to do so, though not so much because she doesn’t trust him but rather she likes every little thing to be done her way. But she doesn’t mind having an audience, more than happy to invite the Weyr to come admire her beautiful eggs – as long as they aren’t disrespectful or disruptive. Should there be a gold egg, however, spectators beware, because this is one mother that will be extremely defensive of her precious protégé. You can look, but if your expression so much as suggests anything besides admiration and reverence, than be prepared to have your observational privileges revoked as she hides the egg back into the shelter of her forearms and wings.

Inspiration: (Dance) Argentine Tango
The name Ceocayath is a combination of the words cabaceo, a subtle eye invitation by a man to a woman to dance (commonly practiced in Argentine Tango), and yeta, meaning superstitions (of which there are some in Argentine Tango). Her personality was inspired by the dance itself, hopefully incorporating the passionate and sensual nature that is evident when one watches an Argentine Tango (as we did while writing Ceocayath; a couple of such videos are and

Ceocayath has a strong but sultry voice, and while feminine, does not lack authority when she speaks. Her tone is neither fierce nor intimidating, but rather one that makes you feel self-conscious because you have been graced by the presence of an important and powerful character. To her mates she will be more fiery and passionate, but for her rider, there will always be a soft elegance and tender affection to her words. In range, it is towards the alto end of the scale – but is far from masculine. Every word is crisp and clear – unless she is in a particularly sultry mood, at which point her voice will be much quieter and softer, the words a whisper in your ear. In anger, she will be almost deafening, her voice rising into soprano heights as she expresses her displeasure in a very obvious manner.

Hatching Message:
The Gold Leaf Halo Egg gave one final, immense shiver, cracks running from the golden circle at the top down to the brown at the base. With a massive effort, the shell was rent apart, a long reddish-gold foreleg emerging. It was swiftly followed by the rest of the dragon as she pushed aside the remnants of her former egg, and there was a moment of indignity as she found her feet and took centre stage. Lifting her head, The Passion of the Dance Gold struck a pose, revelling in being in the limelight. No doubt all would be admiring her, for she was gorgeous. She lowered her head just enough now to survey the candidates, dismissing the groups of males immediately and turning her whirling yellow-orange eyes to the females. Which one would be her partner in the dance?

Public Impression Message:
The Passion of the Dance Gold had sauntered among the females, seen her choices, and made her decision. Flicking her wings she turned in a sudden, smooth movement to face her chosen partner. Lifting those wide wings, she gave the sturdy beastcraft girl a look that quite clearly said this one is mine, offering the invitation of partnership. The multitude of colours blossoming in her eyes were a clear indication of the Impression if anyone was foolish enough to miss the other signs, and the gold looked impatient now, ready to move on to the food now that she had found her weyrmate.

Personal Impression Message:
Revenna, my darling, comes the voice in your head, a sultry whisper tantalising at the edge of your mind. Her presence comes through in full force after this first contact, a vibrant, powerful mind merging with your own. She's a fiery one, proud and strong - and pleased with her choice, too, no little satisfaction at finding you evident in the feelings she's sharing with you. I am Ceocayath. They will all know me too, soon. Rather embarrassingly, her stomach is complaining and a ravenous hunger is spiking in your own stomach. To cover her indignity at such a childish feeling, she prompts: We are going over there now, Reva. Come, join me. No arguments - she's doing her own thing, whether others like it or not.

Dragon Credit: Emma, Velcro, Starr, Taenia
Dragon Picture Credit: Lora

Egg Name: Gold Leaf Halo Egg
Egg Description: Every spot of this large egg is covered in bright, brilliant color, starting from the shining golden circle on the crest of it. Down the sides pour different colors, a strip of muted red there, sky blue over here, a dark green like oak leaves over there. The lines dividing these other colors are stark but not straight by any means: they waver on their way down the egg, giving the impression of folds of cloth, all coming together and blending into a medium brown at the bottom, lost in the sand.
Egg Inspiration: Christian paintings from the Middle Ages
Egg Credit: Hikari

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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