Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Poerath T9

Flight - 14th September 2012/Mid Summer T9, 8th Pass
Clutching - 27th October 2012/Late Autumn T9, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 23th November 2012/Early Winter T9, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)
Totals: (25)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 1
Brown: 3
Blue: 8
Green: 13

PC Candidates: Adensol, Calitra, Delir, Hamania, Joelle, Melligan, Menisia, Olrene, Sinara, Tadran, Tiressa, Zuhinn

PC Dragons:
Cat Got Your Tongue Brown Charaboth to M'gan (Melligan) — [Rachel]
Hands Off the Mane Brown Zandelomyth to D'sol (Adensol) — [Vandelay]
Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want Blue Joaidaneth to Hania (Hamania) — [Jey]
Poisoned Apple Green Esmeraith to Sinara — [Anahira]
Liar Liar Tail on Fire Green Ochioth to Menisia
Royal Aert Green Prinaryth to Orliel — [Notomys]
Life's a Happy Song Green Yeniaoth to Joelle — [Redd]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Cygneth to T'ai (Taitalos) — [adopted by Shouriko]

Brown Hartorth to A'be (Arabe) — [adopted by Adina]

Blue Froscinzath to M'tin (Mifratin) — [adopted by Caerbannog]
Blue Jakbenth to M'kein (Malkein) — [adopted by Maiden]
Blue Kesnylaerth to Y'shrin (Yeshrin)
Blue Lucryoth to A'zah (Anzah) — [adopted by Stolenhart]
Blue Solith to J'yar (Jekkyar) — [adopted by Katie]
Blue Taibrenth to P'iff (Pariff)

Green Beuth to Y'go (Yargo) — [adopted by Meltain]
Green Chiketh to T'eil (Tarseil)
Green Erymelath to L'olz (Lolzedek)
Green Ferraineth to N'lan (Nevlanor)
Green Ichth to T'vian (Tavian)
Green Pritanzeth to R'phal (Israphale)
Green Rinasoldath to E'bar (Ebarra) — [adopted by Sonorous]
Green Riudith to Y'sil (Yasil)
Green Trisdaeth to Th'ed (Thacyed)
Green Tubelinth to C'am (Chattam)

Egg Theme: Crayon Colors
Dragon Theme: Fables and Fairy Tales

Many thanks to: Search Co! Adina, Emma, Maiden, Neena, Rhee, Shouriko, and Starr.

Notes: Solaria Weyr witnesses its first from the stand (FTS) impression by green Prinaryth to Orliel.

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