Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Cacurnynth P8 T21

Flight - 5th August 2018/Mid Summer T21, 8th Pass
Clutching - 7th September 2018/Early Autumn T21, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - 11th October 2018/Late Autumn T21, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Cacurnynth (K'ran)
Gold: 1
Bronze: 2
Brown: 4
Blue: 10
Green: 11

PC Candidates: Avarti, Byron, Eirika, Erine, Esamzerue, Evenna, Issilbel, Josmyra, Juniata, Kotolyn, Noureddine, Okathravin, Skailarika, Tholozan, Varnex, Vitoren, Zandra

PC Dragons:
Power of Education Gold Makaith to Issilbel — [Ldypayne]
The Elusive Sophist Bronze Zimmylanth to No'reddi (Noureddine) — [Michi]
The Philosophy of Kindness Blue Merunath to Eirika — [Kati]
Impossible Till It's Not Blue Xhosath to Th'zan (Tholozan) — [Vandelay]

NPC Dragons:
Heroic Healer Bronze Bantirath to B'eri (Buiteri) - Killed in Threadfall Early Winter P8 T22

The Best Intentions Brown Dauditoth to N'by (Nodaby)
The Upstanding Statemean Brown Kuikahith to Gi'al (Gimal)
Rough Riding Outdoorsman Brown Theorooth to J'ett (Adjewett)
Aspiring Healer Brown Beschath to Sak'rey (Sakreyyin)

Prose and Wine Blue Havanath to Y'lin (Yerulin)
The Jellicle Moon Blue Aposoumeth to D'ar (Daraugh)
Rings a Bell Blue Pivath to Yi'min (Yingamin)
Prose and Politics Blue Bhanusith to M'ol (Murainriol)
The Exiled Love Poet Blue Hiraeth to M'or (Mukitor)
The Amp It Up Blue Polymerath to Ha'zmat (Hatkalzmat)
Things I Can't See Blue Neutakarth to Ter'u (Terduhm)
For the Children Blue Behrdiphth to Al'em (Altemus)

The Unbending and Persevering Green Liberiath to E'cho (Echold) - Killed in Threadfall Early Winter P8 T22
The Progressive Pioneer Green Sufrageth to C'rys (Chrysbin) - Killed in Threadfall Early Winter P8 T22
Light and Life Green Spiedlieth to B'att (Byenatt)
Seeking Connection Green Ishikath to N'lan (Nilani)

The Simple Life Green Saizhuth to Dart (Dartdia)
The Peace Above All Green Bohemiath to Cvenaya
The Pugnacious Bravado Green Rhodesiath to Leani
The Faithful Humanitarian Green Teresath to Irrone
The Indigenous Guardian Green Kicheth to Crysta (Crystalhandra)
Sustainable Grown Green Eliclaoth to Nali (Nornalia)
The Protester of Injustice Green Jilith to Finn (Finnia)

Egg theme: Light up the World
Dragon theme: Nobel Laureates

Many thanks to: Our super awesome SCo! Charaa, Neena, Sigyn, Ren, Rhee, and Wunderingmind!

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