Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Tauchisath T13

Flight - 13th August 2014/Early Summer T13, 8th Pass
Clutching - 15th September 2014/Early Autumn T13, 8th Pass
Egg List
Hatching - 25th September 2014/Late Autumn T13, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)
Totals: 32
Gold: 1
Bronze: 3
Brown: 6
Blue: 9
Green: 13
1 dud egg

PC Candidates:
Alistylla, Azrael, (Bertran), Bif, Cenara, Faranna, Finla, Idaris, Laryze, Malik, Malika, Mavin, Misteloe, Murrin, Nevyria (Kyran), Olissia, Ragnar, (Rakesh), Ralot, Resha, Reyda, Shaeasha, Selwyn, Surindal, Syaira, Tathan, Torben, Vyril, Wynstan

PC Dragons:
You Know You Love Me Gold Parivyth to Alistylla — [Notomys]
You May Already Be a Bronze Cacurnynth to K'ran (Kyran) — [Neena]
I will Love and Tolerate you Bronze Efiemth to T'than (Tathan) — [Ladypayne]
Clockwork Brown Neovith to S'wyn (Selwyn) — [Kitya]
I Know Everything Blue Nerath to R'lot (Ralot) — [Mandy]
World's End Blue Seovith to M'lik (Malik) — [Tina]
Look at Me Blue Taebareth to Olissia — [Dragonblossom]
The S'Agapo Green Amorath to Mika (Malika) — [Symmetry]
The Bombshell Green Rokalyth to Azrael — [Shouriko]

NPC Dragons:
Bronze Zosuith to Z'ras (Zlorras) - [adopted by Ierynetra]

Brown Bobuleth to Qa'ro (Qarvkro) - [adopted by Katie]
Brown Brodath to S'ron (Suenron) - [adopted by wunderingmind]
Brown Gupuneth to K'im (Keleim)
Brown Mozarth to A'ille (Achille)
Brown Sabeanith to S'mim (Samim)

Blue Ironith to P'saro (Pissaro)
Blue Kirimath to Ad'in (Adalwin) - Lost between, P8T14
Blue Oodumeth to Z'otte (Schnotzlotte)
Blue Sumeroveth to R'noir (Renoir) - [adopted by Pavlova]
Blue Vulateth to Fa'sh (Favish) - [adopted by Rhee]
Blue Yodonmeth to B'ett (Bvarett)

Green Atsyunarth to N'ro (Nijiro)
Green Fleurdelith to T'zen (Temizen) - [adopted by Cavalry]
Green Gamsunith to F'bel (Belfebe)
Green Gianaseth to K'rhel (Karhel)
Green Gypsaith to T'gor (Tarragor) - [adopted by Siarnaqth]
Green Hirrimath to Wirrinia - [adopted by Wunderingmind]
Green Litath to En'dor (Enador) - [adopted by Kitya]
Green Milith to Vierica
Green Nautuelath to Coraleena - [adopted by Velcro]
Green Niuromth to Y'lin (Yivlin)
Green Yeamirlth to V'eng (Vereng)

Egg Theme: Halloween Decorations
Dragon Theme: Subcultures

Many thanks to: Search Co! Adina, Ierynetra, Jey, Rhee, Starr, Velcro, and Wunderingmind.

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