Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth P8 T18

Flight - February 2017/Mid Summer T18, 8th Pass
Clutching - March 2017/Mid Autumn T18, 8th Pass
Egg list
Hatching - May 2017/Early Winter T18, 8th Pass

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)
Totals: 30
Gold: 0
Bronze: 2
Brown: 3
Blue: 7
Green: 15
Duds: 3

PC Candidates: Awaihos, Ebenric, Emblia, Faethra, Feyon, Indria, Jenhyn, Lanissa, Niazlar, Okathravin, Serrisi, Terrin,

PC Dragons:

The Singing Blue Melasyth to Emblia [Michi]
To Be Or Not To Be Blue Shebamth to Fey'n (Feyon) [Shouriko]
The Gusts of the North Wind Green Belleluth to Lanissa [Kitya]

NPC Dragons:

The Broken Shield Bronze Bricatath to none - went between when he couldn't find a partner
All Your Crumbs Belong To Me Bronze Sturihinosth to O'rick (Owaerturick)

The Bone to Chew On Brown Seipiath to B'urm (Bruxmon)
The Enticing Horror Brown Lophyth to K'ad (Koissad)
The One and Only Brown Endrath to T'rion (Toverion)

The Clinging Blue Remorath to S'goi (Shintagoi) - dragon betweened due to rider having intimate relations as a weyrling
It's Good To Glow Blue Rolopeth to P'hit (Phichit)
The Istan Island Blue Chloparroth to Ar'pol (Arkipol)
The Strong Jawed Blue Barbaruth to T'sin (Tomassin)
The Beauty Queen Blue Lobobeth to Dr'keld (Drarekeld)

The Hidden Green Muranith to Grynelle - Adopted by Sola
The Flitter and Flutter Green Dayceanth to Ru'sayn (Rirrusayn)
The Gliding Glamour Green Earath to T'insom (Tanninsom)
The Stand My Ground Green Belhatalth to M'nac (Meyrenac)
The Fastidious Green Lunawraith to Tessila
The Littlest Bean Green Junnareth to none - went between when she couldn't find a partner
The Moonlight Green Aurelith to Suestrynia
The Rough and Tumble Green Scyllaruth to Pamayliyanna - dragon betweened due to rider having intimate relations as a weyrling
The Ring of Death Green Hapodath to Yannalin
The Envious Lady Green Lamiath to Shibari
Sit and Wait Green Kisseyth to Y'ory (Yunoory)
Blast From The Past Green Cecilacath to D'lent (Declent) - Adopted by Fairytale
Going With The Flow Green Glauerth to N'ban (Nuban)
The Pease Porridge Green Petromarth to Piaraz

Egg theme: Microorganisims
Dragon theme: Sea creatures

Many thanks to: Rhee, Shelacula, Maiden, Kati, Dragonblossom, Ldypayne

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