Ceocayath's 10th Clutch - Eggs

Theme: Light up the World

Egg Name: Artistry and Flowers Egg
Egg Description: Bold black lines separate the colours on this egg. Soft greens, pinks, and yellows run down most of the length of this egg in narrow bands and streaks, pulling the eye down from the top of the egg towards bottom, where there are larger burst of colour in yellow and muted oranges. It's hard to say for sure, but the spots of colour at the bottom seem to resemble some sort of cheerful springtime flower.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg is relatively sedate. It perks up a little in interest and your presence, but doesn't make any fuss about having company, happy to pass the time in peaceful silence. It is not an egg of any grand ideas, but of simple beauty.
Egg Inspiration: Tiffany Stained Glass Lamp
Egg Credit: Rhee
Egg Name: Burn You Gloom Away Egg
Egg Description: It's big. It's white. Near the top are a pair of black, eye-like markings, with a lurid red slash like a frowning mouth below. To be frank, it's one ugly egg.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg is the personification of gloom, despair and agony when one looks at it. One really just wants to burn it down. But if one actually goes up and touches it, there will a flash of heat, then for the one who keeps there hand on the shell, a sudden dispersal of all one's cares. Lightness and contentment will follow.
Egg Inspiration: The Burning of Zozobra, the first big event of the annual Fiesta de Santa Fe, and the source that was totally ripped off by Burning Man. Click HERE for a video!
Egg Credit: Ivy (art by Sigyn)
Egg Name: Let Freedom Ring Egg
Egg Description: This egg is rather hard to miss, simply based on its size alone. It is quite large and towers over many of its brother and sister eggs. A mostly black egg, it would likely blend into the dark hatching sands if it weren’t for the bright bursts of color that almost seem to spring forth from the dark background itself. The bursts of color come alive against the black, star-spangled “sky,” shimmering and sparkling brilliantly before fading out once more into nothingness.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Independence. Freedom. Justice. Equality. What could be more important than these? This egg is clearly made of GREATNESS, and that is evident from the moment you first make contact with it’s brilliant, sparkling surface. In case that wasn’t clear enough, perhaps the whistling noises who hear from the egg followed by a loud BOOM might clue you in that this egg is a force to be reckoned with. It is not subtle at all, and wants the world to recognize its power and greatness.
Egg Inspiration: Fireworks on the 4th of July
Egg Credit: Written by Ren; Art by Shelacula
Egg Name: New and Prosperous Life Egg
Egg Description: The egg is predominantly red and gold with, what appears to be, black scribbles on it. Are they a writing of some kind? Who writes like that anyway?! The egg is slightly rounder, almost sphere like, in the middle and seems too glow from within.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Oh so busy preparing for new life! Must sweep away the old to make way for the new! Do you smell it on the wind? That smells like delicious food is just waiting for me! Oh! I just need to finish preparing!
Egg Inspiration: Chinese Paper Lanterns
Egg Credit: Sigyn
Egg Name: Edison's Pride Egg
Egg Description: This medium sized egg is rather bulbous all around, and it more shaped like a cylinder than an egg. The wider end of the bright tan and yellow egg is finished in a rounded nubbin, while the slightly more tapered end comes to a stop at a very rounded point. The bright tan, nearly a warm white, is the predominant color; while the bright yellow runs in medium thickness lines vertically and evenly spaced around the egg.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg is arrogant, demanding respect that is not earned. A snake in the grass, this egg gives off feelings of greed and ambition.
Egg Inspiration:Edison Bulb
Egg Credit: Velcro
Egg Name: Manhattan SolstEgg
Egg Description: This egg isn’t so much large as it is remarkably long; when stood on end it towers above most of its clutchmates. The majority of the shell is a dreary, steely gray, though only those who venture close will see the subtleties of the coloration, a mosaic of intricate grid lines and tiny squares scaling the sides. Notably, there’s a break in the monotony of so much gray and silver; a column of lighter shell ends up as the pale frame for a radiant ball of orange. Seeming so out of place in the otherwise drab scene, it's color leaks out, touching and brightening the surrounding pattern, like the warm and undeniable glow of a bonfire.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Time is so fleeting, this moment right here already streaking away from us, you must hold on to it while you can. This egg seems obsessed with the ephemeral, ignoring all the hustle and bustle in an attempt to hold on to this moment right here, with you. For who knows what comes when the brightness of its shell fades, cracks, crumbles away. Who knows?
Egg Inspiration: Manhattanhenge
Egg Credit: Corgi
Egg Name: The Unsolved Phenomenon Egg
Egg Description: Because of its matte black shell this egg blends seamlessly into the surrounding sand, making it hard to gauge its actual size. Its only markings are a string of five lights in a loose V formation; the lights have a slight reddish-orange tint and it’s unclear whether they are orbs or triangles. The lights have an almost gaseous look, that doesn’t spill out or shine, and are clearly unlike any other lights on Pern. Sometimes the lights appear to shift, especially when Ceocayath turns the egg in the sands some of the lights always seem to face up, but people will disagree on whether they move independently of each other or as a single object.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The egg seems to project a blanket of silence with a radius of a couple of feet from its center, which engulfs anyone who comes within range. Some people when they get close claim to see a further four lights, making a total of nine lights in the V formation. The feeling when you touch this egg is astonishing and a little frightening. There’s a feeling that the lights mean something or hide a bigger object. An intense urge to look up may leave some people with a renewed fascination of the night sky and the feeling that there’s something big out there - watching all of Pern. This leaves some people with an odd species of hope, while others feel crushingly small and insignificant. It’s an unsettling egg, and whether it holds an equally unsettling life inside remains…unsolved.
Egg Inspiration: The Pheonix Lights
Egg Credit: Sola
Egg Name: Last Minutes of Forever Egg
Egg Description: This egg is colorful and bright, painted in shades of yellow, orange, white, and faint hints of subtle red. They blend together in swirl focused on the center of the shell. It is warm to the touch, but not dangerously so. Maybe it's just an illusion cast by the colors? It makes sense that such a warm looking egg would feel it as well. But if you look a little closer, you will find something much darker and foreboding. Near the top and bottom of the egg, the colors slowly begin to darken until, at the topmost and bottommost points, it is pitch black. Don't worry about those bits though. Just look at the light.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Do you know what the future has in store for you? Of course not. No one does. You may not learn of your fate until it's too late to do anything about it. Even if you make the most accurate predictions, it might all be pointless. (Or maybe it won't be. Can you survive?) So, since you can't know the future and might not be able to change it, why worry about it? You should focus on the now! Look up at the sun and the clouds, the moons and the stars. Smells some flowers, ask a rider to take you for a ride on your dragon. Tell your loved ones that you love them. You never know what minutes will be the end - make the best of all of them. (And maybe, if you're very bold, after the last light goes out, try to find your way in the dark.)
Egg Inspiration: Did you know that if the sun goes out, it will take 8 minutes for it to be noticeable on earth? This egg was inspired by those 8 minutes.
Egg Credit: Fairytale
Egg Name: They're Watching Egg
Egg Description: As one of the largest amongst its siblings, this egg will stand out for its sheer size if nothing else. The shell is the dim grey of a late night fog, broken up by spindly, grasping columns of darker color that branch out across the top like shadowy tree limbs. Bright pairs of orbs peer out between the dark trunks, blinking in and out here and there like a crowd of watchful eyes.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: It’s just… watching. It’s not even particularly ominous, not really – in fact, the hatchling within feels more skittish than anything else. If you linger, it will almost feel as if you can get a good view of the baby dragon within – maybe if you squint, if you look juuuust a little closer… But before anything can come of it, all sensation will scatter and flee completely, vanishing back into the shadows.
Egg Inspiration: Animal eyes in the dark
Egg Credit: Shelacula
Egg Name: Drunk on Moonlight Egg
Egg Description: This egg is a medium-sized egg, and almost seems more circular than oval. This egg is a deep blue color with a few star-looking speckles. However, the main attraction of this egg is what looks to be two moons on it. One moon is a pinkish color, the other white and seems to be behind a cloud. This egg is smooth and very cold to the touch.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The Drunk on Moonlight egg seems to affect everyone differently, but also seems to prefer females touching it. To most, this egg will just feel like a normal, though cold, egg. A few will feel a bit giddy and be reminded of a very happy time in their life. Fewer than those will feel melancholy, an overwhelming feeling. They will long for a distant time, wishing they could return to those days. And then a few will feel…crazy. They will feel as if they have no more inhibitions, that they could do anything they wanted to. Authority, embarrassment, restrictions, these words mean nothing to these rare few. While touching this egg they may profess their unending love for someone. Of course, as soon as they take their hand off the egg these feelings seem to disappear completely.
Egg Inspiration: Moonlight
Egg Credit: Kati
Egg Name: Dee Three For Me Egg
Egg Description: At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything at all in this particular wallow despite the feeling there should be. Looking again you see as plain as day a very dark purple-blue egg with a very faint gradient of hues from top to bottom. There is a glow to it as well which makes it stand out far more in low light than in bright, especially against the black sands. In fact if you look at it from the corner of your eye it stands far more boldly than when looked at directly. A trick of the light or perhaps this egg just doesn’t want to be noticed.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: There’s something about this egg from the moment you focus upon it. It brings out contentment and vigor, like all is right in the world. When touched it feels warm, comforting and bright, like being out on a hot summer day. If makes you feel strong and vibrant, healthy and complete, chasing away all your winter blues. The longer you stay with this egg however you start to feel flushed, your skin hot, maybe even a bit light headed. It’s like being out in the sun and heat far too long. Take a break and when you come back everything feels just right once again.
Egg Inspiration: Ultraviolet Lights
Egg Credit: Ldypayne
Egg Name: Follow Me! Egg
Egg Description: A verge intricate, but odd looking egg. The egg is large and almost seems to have a painting on it. There are white, whispy dead trees and a forest, some fog on the ground and birds in the sky. There are some figures that almost look like they could be people; a lady with long hair perhaps? And are those some elders, hunched and gray? Surely they're only shadows.

Look closer and you may find even more figures, hidden in what looks to be mist. This scene is set against a black that almost seems impossibly black. There are faint, gold, glowing spots speckled among the forest, and it seems to follow you no matter how you turn. This gold color may get some girls gossiping about the possibility of a gold dragon inside. The light looking spots almost seem to sparkle faintly, like some far-off lantern. Come closer. Take a look and get lost in the beauty of this egg.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg will beckon to any that come close enough, begging to be touched. Even though it beckons, it is not a warm, comforting feeling. In fact, anyone who looks at this egg will feel a fearful dread that only grows as they get close. Any soul brave enough to actually touch the egg will feel like the egg is pulling them in, not wanting to let them go. Any soul brave-or maybe foolish-enough to keep holding onto this egg will get colder and colder, maybe their mind will even stop thinking such silly thoughts like Impressing. The only thing important is that you stay here, with the egg, forever.
Egg Inspiration: Ghost lights/Swamp Lights/Will-o-the-Wisps
Egg Credit: Kati

Egg Name: Light In Darkness Egg
Egg Description: This small bluish egg is covered in bright pale blue lines and spots, some so bright they look more white than pale blue. Upon closer inspection it can be seen these aren’t random shades of blue but in fact tiny teardrop shaped bright points of light against a deep blue background. Or perhaps it is the blue glow about these spots of light that give the darkness a blue tinge? Where these teardrop shapes form clusters the glow is very bright, appearing as white or near white in hue. Other formations are more like straight lines as each teardrop connects in a column with the one above.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Being close to this egg there is a sense of cool air, deep secrets and is that a distant echo of a water drop falling into some deep forgotten cave? A feeling of waiting surrounds this egg. Perhaps just the hatchling inside waiting for the time for it to finally Hatch or is it something else more predatorily? Touching the egg reveals a slight stickiness and are those glowing teardrops moving? The mood from the egg changes too, patient waiting to anticipation which increases steadily to the point you can almost feel the hunger, but hunger for what?
Egg Inspiration: Glow worms and their bioluminescent webs
Egg Credit: Ldypayne
Egg Name: Twilight Symphony Egg
Egg Description: A dark, average-sized egg, this egg’s coloring might look black at first glance, but it is actually a deep, navy blue, resembling the sky at twilight. Long, black columns of different widths extend vertically – much like the trunks of tall trees deep in the woods. And all over the surface of the egg are a myriad of bright yellow-green orbs of varying sizes that glow bright against the dark background - flickering on and off at different intervals as if timed perfectly to some kind of music. Their movement is enchanting and the little orbs almost seem to dance right across the egg. Perhaps, if you had a jar handy, you could even capture some of the little orbs yourself?
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The Twilight Symphony Egg elicits strong feelings of nostalgia, and the moment you touch the egg, you are transported back in time to your fondest childhood memories. The egg is simply enchanting, and you are filled with child-like wonder as you gaze upon the egg and focus on the dancing yellow-green orbs. Something about the egg is magical, and even for a moment, it makes you feel like anything is possible and all of your wildest dreams and fantasies could come true!
Egg Inspiration: Fireflies (Lampyridae)
Egg Credit: Written by Ren; Art by Shelacula
Egg Name: The Path Well Lit Egg
Egg Description: Blue as dark as night, a rising moon, and foliage. All of this with sparkling yellows, greens, and pinks that light up a cheery path for friends to walk.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Happy and content, the wind rustling a bit and bringing the sounds of a party - mayhap a Gather - happening nearby. You're sure that just around the corner there's games to be played and dancing until the morning to be had.
Egg Inspiration: Street festivals
Egg Credit: Sigyn
Egg Name: Sea Nut Egg
Egg Description: Here sits a broad egg of median size and no immediately eye catching features—Wait! What was that?! Yes, your eyes do not deceive you as you catch what appears to be flashes of light. Mostly blues and greens flash up and down the sides of the Sea Nut Egg, but every so often those flashes radiate in a rotation of rainbow colors. It makes it look as if the egg is moving, somehow floating about just above the sands and flitting lazily amongst the other eggs of the clutch. It’s all an illusion of course, and the glistening iridescent shell that shimmers and flashes at you is going absolutely nowhere. When this egg isn’t distracting you with flashes of color, it is a plain and almost translucent-like red, deep and dark like the color of blood.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: There is nothing mean about this egg. It is really quite neutral in its feelings and touch it as long and as many times as you like, you find it feeling the same each and every time. There is a hunger, however, and it lingers with you, willing you to go get a quick snack to munch on for the remaining time. If you do, bring some back for it, it would appreciate the thought.
Egg Inspiration: Bloodbelly Comb Jelly (Lampocteis cruentiventer)
Egg Credit: Shouriko
Egg Name: The Upsidedown Egg
Egg Description: A fairly average egg in both size and shape, this one wouldn’t be much to draw attention if not for the strings of bright, shining orbs that seem to wrap around the dark shell. They appear to follow some sort of tangled pattern, wrapping and curling around each other like messy yarn. The orbs of light will flicker with increased brightness and saturation intermittently and, if you watch long enough, it might seem like they’re… communicating… before they go out completely.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Desperation! This egg needs to be heard! Can’t you hear it?! CAN’T YOU SEE IT?! It’s there!! It’s right there!!! It’s as if the hatchling within is desperately trying to get a message across… Perhaps the flickering lights have some sort of meaning?
Egg Inspiration: Christmas Lights
Egg Credit: Shelacula
Egg Name: The Ghosts' Torches Egg
Egg Description: This egg is of average size, but more elongated than is common for dragon eggs. No matter how Ceocayath tries to stand it upright, it will somehow end up lying with its long axis oriented to the horizontal; when half-buried in the Sands, it will have the look of some sort of low-slung hill. The shell is as black as a moons-less night, except for a few round dots of red, pale blue, and bluish-white.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg seems quiescent during the day, generating only a faint feeling, like a mildly disturbing memory. At night, though, approaching it gives one a feeling that something deeply weird and creepy dwells there. Only the bold will be able to force themselves to actually touch the shell; those who overcome their fear will receive an electric tingle, or even a shock like that of walking across a rug in socks. At worst, the arc will be visible, as happens with static shock.
Egg Inspiration: Brown Mountain Lights
Egg Credit: Ivy
Egg Name: Sea Glow Toad Egg
Egg Description: A portly and medium sized egg that is big and round, having a soft pointed tip at one end and is quite content to stay wherever it is put. This particular egg is, well, kind of ugly. It is a myriad of browns and calling it bronze would be perhaps a little too complimentary. The whole egg just looks dirty even with the wet sheen that the egg possesses. It also seems to smell quite a bit like murky mud that is full of all kinds of worms and decaying matter, often keeping others at bay. Only at night when it is dark does this egg show that it has a little secret. Hidden amongst the mottled and splotched browns of the egg are small dots that light up blue, a few are even turquoise and green. It makes this egg look a great deal more beautiful by night than it does by day.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: The Sea Glow Toad Egg is secretive. Touch and talk all you like. Feel free to marvel over the glossy surface that is, in fact, covered with fine pockmocks, particularly where those dots of light emit from in the dark. Tell the egg your entire life story and share your own secrets, but all you will get is a quiet stare down from the egg. It’ll reveal all when it is good and ready to!
Egg Inspiration: Midshipman fish (Porichthys plectrodon)
Egg Credit: Shouriko
Egg Name: Falling Water Egg
Egg Description: The top and bottom of this egg are dark, blending into the dark sands. However, dancing around the center of this egg is an arc around most of the egg, covering the centre two-thirds with a bright rainbow of colours, blues and greens, and yellows blending into each other as they streak down the egg
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This is a high-energy egg. Going, going, going, gone! All in a whoosh and a rush of energy. This egg seems to be one of perpetual motion, but where that motion is leading is a mystery. The moment you feel like you understand it, it slips through your fingers.
Egg Inspiration: Horseshoe Falls at Night
Egg Credit: Rhee
Egg Name: Glitzy Las Eggas
Egg Description: Vibrant neon hues clash one against the other as they clamor together on the shell of this moderately sized egg. There’s not much real estate available, but every last inch is covered by some bright, eye-catching scrawl or shape. Hot pink butts up against electric orange while threads of electric blue wind in between, down, and around flashes of red. Each new tiny pattern grabs at the attention, assaulting the eye in the hopes that you’ll continue to look at this and only this egg.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Noise is a constant from this egg, though it can range from a far off murmur of a crowd to loud, repetitive claxon bells. The occupant is boisterous, up for anything that can come to mind. Anything. Rest is not nearly as important, you see, as being constantly entertained and impressed by all you see. The egg’s shell feels oddly dirty, though, the more you touch it, as if a coat of smoke residue and grime coated the outside.
Egg Inspiration: Las Vegas
Egg Credit: Corgi
Egg Name: Ice Cold Egg
Egg Description: The Ice Cold Egg is quite tiny compared to its clutch-mates but it has a perfectly sculpted ovoid shape with no rough edges or pointy ends. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in color. Its colors glow in pinks, purples, greens, yellows, and blues that all blend together. It looks like the glow of the colors is distorted almost as if it is shining through frosted glass. They almost seem to form a hazy shape, a woman sitting with her legs crossed and a hand held palm out.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: At first touch, this egg is cold, concerningly so…should a living egg be this cold? If the candidate doesn’t immediately withdraw their hands from the cold with a gasp, they will find that after a few moments the egg becomes warmer like it is melting to see you.
Egg Inspiration: Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
Egg Credit: Neena
Egg Name: Siren Fire Egg
Egg Description: A small and round egg, it looks for all the world to be unassuming. It is a very pale blue, almost white. Or rather it looks like the shell is glass and there is nothing but water within. This little egg has a surprising feature about it, though, but to find out what it is the egg must first be touched. Only when the Sea Ghost Egg is disturbed will it blossom with a bright blue light that makes you look at it with eyes of awe. It will be brightest where the egg is touched and spread from that point of contact across the whole of the egg, dimmest at the point furthest away. Every time Ceocayath turns this egg, it displays this feature, and it will most assuredly light up when touched by the hands of eager and curious Candidates. Its color is generally blue, but it may vary to a faded green or a dark and foreboding red, but who can say why.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: When touched, the egg feels cool, but that isn’t what you will notice. What you will is the explosion of light under your hand as it spread over the shell of the egg and the feeling of surprise and alarm. There isn’t necessarily fear, unless the hand is heavy, in which case the color may appear to be red, meaning to scare off the Candidate touching it. There may be a sensation of welcoming, as if the egg knew you were coming but hadn’t expected you so soon, and in this instance the color radiates as a faded green.
Egg Inspiration: Sea Sparkle (Noctiluca scintillans)
Egg Credit: Shouriko
Egg Name: I AM BOB Egg
Egg Description: This must be one of the cutest eggs in the clutch! It is small and egg-shaped, giving it a lovely little silhouette. Now if only it would stop trying to hide its pretty little self in the sand. There is black mottling all over the surface of the egg over top a beige base color. As plain as that may seem, it is when it is seem in person that you find yourself watching it in amazement. Under all of that is a shimmering glow of greens, blues, and pinks, mimicking the way light looks from under water. A soft iridescent light that undulates from the I AM BOB Egg calls upon you to find it as it sinks into the sands to hide. It is almost as if it is playing hide and seek with everyone, Ceocayath included! This egg appears brighter during the day, but darker at night and when it is darker, a testament to how good it is at trying to hide in the dark sands of the Hatching Grounds.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Shy! I AM BOB Egg is definitely shy. It will feel as if this egg is trying to hide away when touched. There is a faint shivering from the egg, as if it is scared or cold. If you come back a time or two and are gently with it, it might open up a little to you. See, shy as it may be, the I AM BOB Egg is inquisitive and smart and may even pose a puzzle to the Candidate that touches it.
Egg Inspiration: Hawaiian Bobtail Squid (Euprymna scolopes)
Egg Credit: Shouriko
Egg Name: World of Many Colors Egg
Egg Description: So…so many colours. Uniformly bright and lively this egg is vivacious and beautiful. Decorated with a burnt orange flower in the middle and what can only be described as colourful petals floating nearby and seven little flames, keeping the world lit.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Hello friend! Please, celebrate with me! There will be food, fireworks, drink, dancing, fabrics of gossamer, flowers, and candles to light the way! I can't wait to do it all and join together to celebrate all that is Creation!
Egg Inspiration: Hindu holiday of Dewali
Egg Credit: Sigyn
Egg Name: Eyes of Light Egg
Egg Description: This egg glows quite brightly, almost blindingly so. With careful squinting one can make out small yellowish squares which glow quite intensely. Distantly there is a hint of dark egg shell within the glow but details just are impossible to see. What sort of bioluminescence makes this egg glow so? The light is so intense one would expect the entire Hatching Ground to be light up as bright as daylight, yet the glow doesn’t do more than light the area immediately around the egg. Because of this strange brightness it is difficult to tell if the egg is large or very small at least not till the shell itself is touched. The shell is smooth, slightly warm with only a few even raised areas corresponding to each faintly seen yellowish square.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: Oh this egg feels so bright not just in appearance but so very aware. A surprise even like what this egg is wasn’t anything like it was expected to be. There is a calmness to this egg, content in letting its visual brightness speak for its inner intelligence. One need not worry about the fears darkness may bring for with this egg you feel even one’s inner torment will be exposed to the light and chased away.
Egg Inspiration: Light emitting diodes
Egg Credit: Ldypayne
Egg Name: Tesla's Wonder Egg
Egg Description: This small egg looks rather shocking - Pun intended. It’s got a base of gray circular lines running vertically up the egg, punctuated by splashes of purply-blue lines pulsing out like hecticly grown brambles. It looks a bit like a small scale version of a lightning storm is happening on a bleak gray sky, but that sky looks more similar to a metal spring.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg feeds off of desire, drives to better understand the world around it, and will push people to do the best they can at one particular thing, sometimes while ignoring other important things. Single-minded is perhaps the best term for how this egg feels mentally.
Egg Inspiration: Tesla coil
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dance! Dance! Egg Art
(Art has flashing colours; please use caution)
Egg Name: Dance! Dance! Egg
Egg Description: A mid-sized egg, the Dance! Dance! Egg is chaotic and bright. It is almost impossible to make out that the base color of the egg is black because flashes of neon color are everywhere! They almost seem to spin around each other like the hatchling inside is dancing to some wild beat.
Egg Feelings/Emotions: This egg will feel different to different kinds of people. When some people touch it, they feel like they’re three wineskins in and ready to dance the night away until they pass out or puke. When other people touch it, they notice how the shell feels sticky like someone spilt ale all over the place and that the noise beating on their eardrums is giving them a headache.
Egg Inspiration: Global Dance Festival
Egg Credit: Neena

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