Blue Cerceth

Impressee: K'foof (Kumfoof)

Name: The Sneaky Blue Cerceth
Pronounciation: Sear-Seth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 6666FF
Hatching: Late Autumn, P8 T14
Final Size: 40' length of 60' wingspan

Description: When one looked at this dragon, one would notice the entirely serpent look to this dragon. He is long and slithers like a snake when he moves, and does so with precision. That's only his body, his head bears a set of unusually long knobs that curl down and back up, there are smaller than your average head knob as they are slender.

He has average wings, large and true to carry the purple-blue wherever his rider may please. His whole body is one uniform color, not a mark until you get to the tip of his tail. It is a beautiful lavender. If fully oiled however, it looks like this dragon has some sort of scales that riddle his whole body.

When he is a dragonet, he will be entirely too clumsy and would need help on some of the more challenging obstacle courses. Once he is a full grown adult, he will be one of the best dragons on the ground, sometimes even hunting on the ground to prove his advantage against his fellows.

Personality: Cerceth is one dragon that has a natural aura that most dragons want to explore. He is very different, and an enigma to his fellows. Often one to want to stay inside or lurk on the ground than fly. He isn't one to gossip, and will scold the dragon attempting to do so. In turn , this means any and all firelizards are quite a bother to this blue.

He is very protective of his rider K'foof, and would come to blows if he feels his rider is in some sort of life threatening situation. He is not a frequent chaser of greens, as he feels he will only get tied down to something, and he is not one to commit to any other person or dragon but his bonded.

Inspiration: Cerastes
Dragon Credit: Katie

Hatching/Impression Message: The Dragons Eye Egg shook so hard that it bumped itself out of its little burrow Euliath buried for it. The Dragons Eye Egg seemed to rock rapidly, cracks forming quickly and with a little more of the client shocks the eggs side exploded and The sneaky blueplopped out and laid there.

The sneaky blue rose up and began pacing around his shell, his head held low and his eyes searching the candidates through his peripherals. He sunk low, and slowly yet awkwardly walked over to Kumfoof, creeling. He bumped into him as he tried to hide next to him, his eyes glaring rainbows.

Kumfoof smiled and gently hugged the blue, "I'm so happy you chosen Cerceth!" He and his bonded left the sands quickly, Cerceth right on k'foofs heels.

Egg Name: Dragon's Eye Egg
Egg Description: The Dragon's Eye Egg is medium sized, and red. It almost looks like it's melting, though its texture is more scaly to the touch than anything. The Egg is hot to the touch, and deep anger and resentment are felt emminating from it.
Egg Inspiration: Draco the Dragon Constellation
Egg Credit: Cavalry

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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