Green Ceredeth

Impressee: M'daj (Mardaj)

Name: Ceredeth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 41451E
Final Size:

Ceredeth is just above medium in size, with a very curvy figure that emphasises her deep chest and powerful hindquarters. She holds herself very regally and there seems to be a look of constant sadness in her face. Her legs are in proportion but her neck and tail are rather stumpy, as are her wings. On first glance Ceredeth’s hide looks brownish but it’s actually a very dark, dull olive green. A wispy pattern in a golden wheat colour encircles her head like a tiara.

Ceredeth at first seems simply loving and devoted, with a peculiarly mothering streak for a green dragon. When her rider and her classmates get to know her better it will become obvious that this is in fact a strong obsessive streak. Ceredeth will ‘adopt’ dragons smaller or younger than her and will be persistent in wanting to do them favours and give them gifts. If her adoptee does something Ceredeth doesn’t approve of, she will go into a deep, dark moodiness and sulk. It seems like Ceredeth has two natures that she alternates between; the overly obsessive loving, and the cynical and moody. Ceredeth is patient and full of perseverance. She is compelled and determined always to pay back any favours and aid any in need of help, despite how little she might be able to do. Ceredeth never knows when she has taken on too much or a challenge is too big for her, and will often find herself overwhelmed by it all. Ceredeth is a very infrequent riser for a green and dislikes the fuss around it.

Inspiration: Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture (Demeter of the Greek Pantheon)

Hatching/Impression Message:
Crack, crunch, and the shards of the Four Seasons in a Day Egg cascaded away from the olive green dragonet. She shook her head, with her eyes closed, as if to say it was all too bright and noisy in here. With her nose she nudged the shards of the demolished egg but it was no good, she had to go and face the crowd. That established, the medium sized hatchling lifted her head and trotted happily over to the candidates, apparently forgetting all about her reluctance. She wavered in front of the male candidates but then moved towards Mardaj. Wait - she paused, and looked towards boys again - no, it was Mardaj she wanted.

"Er, of course I'll make sure everyone knows I'm yours," M'daj said to the green dragonet who had placed her front claws onto his foot. "She says her name is Ceredeth and I'm all hers!"

Dragon Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Four Seasons in a Day Egg
Egg Description: While it may look delicate, this pastel hued egg is a little hard on the eyes. Chaos has been lightly painted across this shell, the colours practically fighting for more room. One side of this egg features a pleasant cerulean, whilst the upper part is teased by dapples of cornsilk and wisps of white. As the cerulean spreads downwards, it is interrupted by harsh, foreboding greys, speckled by threads of silvery blue. Heavy splatters of grey-purple hue cover the other side- possibly the darkest colour Four Seasons in a Day features. The splatters range in three or four different shades, and seem to haphazardly cover one another, as though their being there was entirely accidentally. The base of this egg is a soft, dark grey that seemingly swallows nearby colours. Chaotic, yes, but also entrancing.
Egg Inspiration: Erratic, infamous Melbourne weather
Egg Credit: Symmetry

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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