Impressed to Green Vetianth

Name: Cevida
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 193
Former Rank: Apprentice Beastcrafter

Cevida, as a girl, ran away from her home in Ketrin (always to the beastcrafters' cots) that her exasperated mother finally told her to stay there and make herself useful. She was happy to do just that, since she's always been more comfortable around animals than her fellow humans. It isn't that she can't make friends, but she is socially awkward and doesn't understand human interaction. Animals are much simpler! She came to the Weyr after being Searched, because dragons have always fascinated her. If she Impress, though, she will likely be a trial to the Weyrlingmaster due to the horde of pets she will attract without meaning to.

While she is not conventionally attractive, being too lean and plain, Cevida's animated personality and passion for all creatures lends her a certain sparkle.

Mini-Biography Credit: Rachel


Availability: Not available - adopted by Kitya (Profile)

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