Guardian of Time Bronze Chaeroth

Impressee: S'kon (Sakon)

Name: Chaeroth
Name Inspiration: Chaeroth’s name comes from a blending of his inspiration’s name sake, the Grecian god Chronos, and “aeon,” the Latin word for “eternity” or “forever.” Chronos or Khronos, who the character Chrono gets his name, was one of the primeval Greek gods, who had the body of a serpent and bore three heads: one of a man, one of a bull and one of a lion. Along with his consort Ananke, the goddess of inevitability, he encircled the world at its beginning to create an ordered universe. Khronos and Ananke continue to encircle the world, keeping time’s eternal clock ticking. “Aeon” emphasizes the concept of time, drawing from both the Greek Chronos and the importance of time in Chrono Crusade.

Pronunciation wise, I say his name “Kay-roth” with a short ‘o’ sound like in the word “modern.” You mentioned a penchant for nicknames, so I imagine that you could call him Chae, Chaer, Chaero or maybe Rothy if you like that sort of thing.

Colour: Guardian of Time Bronze
Hex Colour Code: #8B5A00
Final Size: 43 feet long, with a wingspan of 70 feet
In the beginning, the Guardian of Time Bronze spills forth from the mold of his shell, sporting a shade that’s been kissed by flame. His fire tinged hide, that’s just a touch orange, gleams with its newness and catches light at any angle, sunshine exploding into a million separate rays across his back. But for all the light he radiates, he seems a little small yet. In fact, some of his brown brothers will undoubtedly possess more bulk than him. But don’t fret- gangly, too big wings, an almost unrealistically long neck and wiry limbs hint at a growth spurt in his near future.

And grow he will! While you might’ve worried before that you’d been stuck with a runt of a bronze, Chaeroth will progress into a fine sculpture of a young dragon. Radiant tones of brilliant amber will age into a much more sophisticated shade. The fire will cool to subtle undercurrents of a teal color. Instead of making him look overly “greeny” though, they will only serve to accentuate his muted regality. Bright tones now transform into a darker bronze tone, adding just a touch of burnt umber underneath his shine. He will easily maintain this final color through out most of his life- maybe tarnishing a bit as he gets older –but take care to protect him from Threadscore. Any scar that mars his shiny hide will take an exceedingly greenish teal tinge to it, standing out in stark contrast to the rest of him.

By now, a proportional sinewy neck, strong, toned limbs and broad wings- that are still just a touch big for him –will have blossomed out of his juvenile awkwardness. The lines of his body and his stature leave no room to question that he is an impressive beast, capable of enduring long Flights and Falls with a touch of agility. Just a touch though- his slightly larger-than-average size robs him of the increased theatrics his smaller brothers are known for.

Despite his constantly shifting appearance, two constants will become tale tell of Chaeroth. Peculiarly, his head knobs will always be on the short side. They’ll be there, yes, but markedly smaller than one would be used to on a dragon. It’s of no downfall to him, at least once he gets used to being referred to as the “Bronze with the short knobbies.” And while his color shifts with age, Chaeroth’s smooth underbelly will perpetually be locked in the same shade: a very light color, almost pearly and iridescent. It too might take on a bit of a tarnish as he ages, but for the most part it will remain the soft color it shone at his hatching, untouched by antiquity.

While the Weyr’s other bronzes are off arguing over who has the shiniest hide or who sired the best clutch, your Chaeroth is likely to be bustling about somewhere, keeping an eye on someone or something. He’s in all senses a guardian, perpetually looking out for the care and well being of others. He’s not much one for the limelight. In fact, he’s much happier to step aside and give it to you. After all, he fancies himself as just a sidekick, the Robin to your Batman. From the moment his eyes lock with yours, you’ve found your eternal best friend who will stick with you, through thick and thin.

Of course, being the man behind the scenes can be quite the job, or at least Chaeroth makes it out to me. You’d best warn my green sister’s rider to take in her straps! he’ll pipe up mid-lesson. Oh, oh! And tell Jasderth’s that the brown and His over there are a bit under the weather. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea they fly today, don’t you think? His hen pecking- although Faranth forbid you ever call it that in front of him! –can grow a tad tiresome, especially if others feel like he’s overstepping his boundaries. And he’ll get accused of doing so quite often in his life, often requiring a tight rein from you to mind his manners. He’ll never been so much out rightly insubordinate, but rather more apt to stealthily try to sneak his way- which is always the right way! –into motion. Strong opinions or no, he means well. Just be prepared to do some damage control when he’s not so eloquent about seeing his way through.

In you, Chaeroth will be open, friendly and compassionate. He’ll make you feel like you’ve just banished the Red Star with all his thanks after a simple oiling. S’kon! I was soooo itchy! And you’ve fixed me! What would I ever do without you? he’ll lovingly declare. But just as soon as he’d affectionately nuzzle you, he’s just as likely to keep a watchful eye on you and a curious nose in your business. Sometimes, it feels like he’s more of an old auntie, always asking if you’ve brushed your hair or if you’ve been working on your penmanship. Scold him all you like, though. This bronze’s ways won’t be easily shifted.

With others, Chaeroth will be uncharacteristically quiet. So much so, you might worry in your first weeks together. He always seems to be fretting- not too much though, he tries not to worry you too –about what others think of him. Do the girls think he’s too much of a flirt? Do the browns and blues think he’s trying to lord over them? Oh dear. Really, all this bronze wants to do is be friends with everyone but he might need your inspiration to jump outside his comfort zone. His shyness isn’t limited to the draconic kind either. It’ll be a cold summer in Ista before Chaeroth ventures to bespeak someone other than his rider. Some dragons are chatty, this one simply isn’t. He’ll seem a little uneasy around new people and warming up to them is a slow, arduous process full of many questions- Am I shiny enough? I don’t think your friend likes dull dragons. Or maybe she does? I don’t want to be too shiny, like I’m obsessed with how shiny I am or anything…. But once he finds a friend in any other dragon or human, he’s just as loyal and loveable to them as he is to you. Well, almost. You’ll always be his favorite, something he’ll be sure to never let you doubt.

This bronze’s loyalty knows no bounds. When he takes a shine to someone, they’re unlikely to ever be rid of him. But who wouldn’t want a big, cuddly bronze? While he can be a bit of a softie, be careful with his emotions. He can be a bit stubborn and set in his ideas, but don’t critique him too much. He’s a penchant for a bit of a guilty conscience. If you or someone else gets hurt on his watch, he’ll no doubt feel like he’s to blame. He’s not outwardly moody and gloomy, no. He tends to bottle up his emotions to protect you and anyone else around. Subtle hints- a wilted look, a lack of luster to his hide, absence of his typical curiosity –will clue you in that your protector needs some protecting too.

But there are two sides to every coin and in a flash, your Chaeroth turns into a very different dragon. When the Red Star glints ominously in the sky and silver Threads begin to fall, his careful doting words morph into commanding, often abrasive demands. He’s no time for levity now and woe to anyone who doesn’t match his seriousness. While he might’ve been your fun loving best friend the day before, now he is a leader, responsible for all those under him and consumed by his instinctual drive to rid Pern of her natural enemy. Patience is not something this dragon finds easily in these situations. If it were up to him, anyone who so much as breathed insubordination under their breath would be grounded. Luckily, you’re there to be his voice of reason and help him sort through the intense instincts that rule him.

And Chaeroth will continue to fight with those natural drives in Flight. Most of the time he’s rather shy around the girls, just like he is with anyone else. He’s quite happy to let his more outgoing brothers do all the flirting. But once those girls start to glow, you’ll swear that his hide will gleam just a touch greener with envy. What a jealous little monster Chaeroth will be! At first, he’ll brood and complain to you. How dare he look at her like that! What makes him think he’s so great? Hmph, his wings are too stumpy, he’ll never catch her! But take care to keep him in line- if properly riled up, he’d quite apt to start snapping at dragons he once so carefully looked after. Typical bronze machismo will be another trait he’ll seem to spontaneously pick up. Faranth forbid you forget to oil him, you’ll never hear the end of it. In chase, he’s shockingly aggressive. Not exactly what one would have imagined from so charming a bronze. He’d never lay a claw on his lovely lady, but he’s quite apt to barrel in front of competitors and cut off another suitor mid air. He’d no egalitarian in the heat of the moment, he’ll do whatever it takes to win. And just like any bronze, he’s got his eye on the golden Queens first and foremost and will be just that more unmanageable when they begin to glitter.

Never fear, just as soon as it looks like he’s taken a turn for the worst, he’ll be back to his good old sweet self. He’ll tend to cling onto some residual jealousy, for a while, especially if he ever manages to sire a clutch. Whether his golden girlfriend likes it or not, he’ll be an ever watchful and doting mate and father, almost to the point of excess. He cuddles up to the point of smothering you because he loves you, right? He might need your help in figuring out romance and the art of keeping the womenfolk happy. You might have to caution him that sometimes less is more.

In Chaeroth, you’ve found both a fearless guardian and an empathetic, nurturing protector. Take care of him: watch after his softer side and keep his volatile side in check. Don’t let him know you’re watching too carefully, though. He’s the one who likes to do the defending around here.

Chaeroth’s primary influence is the character Chrono from the anime Chrono Crusade. An unlikely hero, the demon Chrono formed a contract with the gun toting exorcist nun Rosette in order to help her save her brother and to exact revenge on the demon Aion, who stole his horns. Outwardly, Chrono is just as sweet as you please and an unending friend to those who are unperturbed by his being a demon and all. (Which, as you can imagine, doesn’t always go so well when you work for the Catholic Church) But inside, Chrono is plagued by his own little monsters. He feels supremely guilty for his relationship with Rosette: he loves her so, but parasitically feeds off of her life force to fight in his demon form. And in his demon form, the cute, child like Chrono becomes a very different creature, apt to violent outbursts and destruction, only curtailing his actions at the command of Rosette. Chaeroth’s double-sided personality and voice draws heavily from him.

Appearance wise, Chaeroth depends on more than just Chrono. His short headknobs mimic Chrono’s lack of demon horns, but primarily his appearance reflects that of the watch that serves as a “seal” for Chrono and Rosette’s contract. His light belly resembles the opalescent face of the watch and his adult color matches it as well. Seeing that S’kon’s roots are in the smithy, I incorporated aspects of that- his molten metal, unshaped youth to aged, tarnished maturity. He’s a bit like a Greek sculpture- drawing on influence from his name –that you get to follow from forge to antiquity.

To you, Chaeroth will be a child eternal. Soft tones filter through your consciousness, asking this and that, prodding here and there. The gentle voice- not too young, but definitely not manly –will bring a smile to your face even on the darkest of days. Outwardly, Chaeroth rings quite differently. While dulcet notes might float through your brain, deep, guttural roars rent the air. Primal demands reverberate through his dark calls. The difference can be a bit unsettling and for all his good nature, sometimes your bronze just won’t understand how scary he sounds and looks to those who don’t know him.

Hatching Message:
[i]Tick, tick, tick…[/i] came the gentle metronome from the Merry Mauve Egg. The slow and steady pecking was enough to drive any candidate crazy- just hatch already! But this dragonet, much to everyone’s chagrin, was in no rush. Time would tell all its secrets. But there! Finally, a crack! And with every second that drew by another interrupted the swirling patterns on the shell until, at last, the apex of the egg crumbled to reveal a little bronze muzzle. Snorting a piece of shell from the tip of his snout, the Guardian of Time Bronze raised a claw out of his peephole and smartly slashed the egg in two. Taking a step out of his confines, he none to gracefully took a tumble over his own feet. Oof!

Public Impression Message:
Picking himself up, the Guardian of Time Bronze seemed unperturbed by his rather clumsy entrance. Stretching out his still sticky wings, he boldly took a few steps towards a gaggle of boys. Curiously, he poked his nose at one boy, perhaps a bit too hard. Bless him, the still little, ungainly bronze had no concept of his own strength. But oh! There! For all his excitement, he almost ran right over the dark haired boy with just a touch of soot to him. With an enthusiastic headbutt- which was meant to be an affectionate nuzzle, honestly –the bronze selected his lifemate.

Personal Impression Message:
No doubt, being run over by a hatching was not a part of your game plan today, bronze or no. Just as you brace yourself for the worst-you took notes on the hazards of Impression, right? –a peculiar little twinge sets itself in the bottoms of your stomach. What a funny little feeling! And then: S’kon! The call rings clearly into your mind, your new bronze’s bright voice ringing like a little bell. Suddenly, whatever dread you might’ve been filled with at the prospect of being accidentally mauled flittered away. What a silly notion. Sharp fangs, killer claws and four left feet or no, there was no way under Rukbat you could be in harm’s way now. Oh, you have no idea how happy I am to see you! your dragon vivaciously chimes. Your Chaeroth has waited oh so long to meet you and what do you know? Here you are! I thought you were over there, but nope! Silly me, that boy was most definitely not you. A pang of hunger punches you square in the stomach and somehow, you know Chaeroth feels it too. You don’t need to see anything but a politely plaintive look in those swirling rainbow eyes to know your brand new lifemate could use some chow.

Dragon Credit: With love, from Cassie

Egg Name: Merry Mauve Egg
Egg Description: If it was possible for an egg to look sweet and innocent, this one would take the cake. It's almost perfectly round, although it keeps its oblong shape by tapering to a rounded point on the top. It’s slightly shorter than the other eggs, but makes it up by having a wider circumference. A rich, pink-red color bubbles up from the bottom of this egg, almost seeming to sparkle with grains of silver color small enough not to interrupt the mauve. It pales towards the top, but not all uniform; there seem to be waves and ripples across this egg. Near the top, the egg is so pale a pink that it is almost white… and then abruptly, a perfectly round, bright red circle adorns the very tippy-top of this egg.
Egg Inspiration: The most well-known mocktail, the Shirley Temple (also known as a Roy Rodgers), is made of refreshing ginger ale && lemon lime soda, and colored a pinky-red by a dash of grenadine, with a maraschino cherry on top. Who wouldn't like a Shirley Temple?
Egg Credit: Haku

Dam: Gold Tylaith (Levay)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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