Green Chambre x Brown Spite P8 T14

Flight - April 2015/Late Autumn, T14, 8th Pass
Clutching - Off Camera
Hatching - June 2015/Late Winter, T14, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Chambre (Feyon)
Sire: Brown Spite (S'jac)
Totals: 7/7
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 2
Blue: 3
Green: 2

PC Fire-lizards:

Wesausemb Brown Nommy to Lanissa (Kitya)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 13" with wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:

This brown is quite small for his color, but he wouldn’t stand out very much if it weren’t for his unique coloring. The Wesausemb Brown has a good, balanced build about him, making him as adept at scurrying on foot as he as at flying. There’s a very attentive look about him even when he is sitting at rest. He’s quick and agile thanks to his small size, almost as agile as his blue fellow flitters. Yet as admirable as his swiftness is and as adorable as his small size makes him, he is far more fascinating to simply look at.

The Wesausemb Brown has a series of striped markings over part of his back and his haunches. They do not follow onto his tail, but are only on his rear end. The stripes are alternating colors of very dark brown and very pale brown. The rest of him ranges from a washed out gray-brown on his topside and the outside of his legs to a warm and reddish brown on his underside and the inside of his legs. He was a striking smear of near-black brown over his eye with the same pale brown striped underneath it. There is also a freckling of that pale brown across his shoulders and on his wings.


The Wesausemb Brown is a very sweet and affectionate Firelizard. He’s always willing to share what he has with others. He has quite the forgiving nature as well, even sharing what he has with those who have wronged him in the past. The Wesausemb Brown doesn’t go about holding grudges, it’s far too stressful and there are a great many wonderful things in the world that are so much better when enjoyed with others.
Like sweets. Just as the Wesausemb Brown is so very sweet, he has quite the sweet tooth himself. Oh sure, he’ll nibble on just about anything and everything, especially if he is hungry. Put him in front of a plate of sweetrolls or cakes or candies and allow him to partake and you as well consider all of it devoured. His favorite things to eat are anything of the dessert variety. The Wesausemb Brown will always eat every bit of every sweetroll you present him with, just save those meatrolls and jerky sticks for another flitter to finish.

He will be surprisingly cuddly for a Firelizard. He will happily drape himself across your shoulders or wrap himself about your neck. He’ll contentedly and quietly sit in your lap for so long as he is able to be there. Moreso than that, the Wesausemb Brown especially likes to make his home in warm pockets or create a nest in clean blankets. You may even find that he’s made himself a tidy burrow among your clothes in your chest. He’d welcome you into his self-made home if only you weren’t too big for it. All other Firelizards are certainly more than welcome to reside in his nests along with him.

There is little that offends the Wesausemb Brown. He’ll chase every rising little green and gargantuan gold. He’d fight right alongside you during Threadfall and put himself in harm’s way for you, so very devoted he will be.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus)
Personality by favorite word Meringue: a dessert topping consisting of a baked mixture of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar

Not Lyon Brown Chow to J'yar (Katie)
Colour: Brown
Adult Size: 14" with wingspan of 28"

Physical Description:

The Not Lyon Brown isn’t exactly large for his size, but he certainly is tall! He’s quite long-legged giving him quite the height advantage so far as Firelizards could go. This also lends to his lithe and streamlined physique, even though his neck and tail are surprisingly short. He is an excellent mover and flies better than he traverses on foot, although you’d think with those long legs of his, he’d run about quite well. On the contrary, he’s a bit of a goof when it comes to strolling about and prefers flight by far.

He is a beautiful deep-bodied brown coloring, the Not Lyon Brown. It is warm with hints of orange in it and is the dominant color of his hide. There are accents of black on his points; his feet and legs, his nose, and the very tips of his headknobs. He also has a deep, almost black brown on the back of his neck running down to his shoulders and a little bit on the underside of his neck running down to his chest. The Not Lyon Brown also has some whitish-brown markings; a little bit on his chin and on his cheeks. Most strikingly is how his tail fades from the brown of his body into the pale brown of his cheeks, ending in almost pure white at the tip.


The Not Lyon Brown is a sentimental creature, far more so than his smaller clutch brother. He creates attachments to every living creature he meets almost immediately. These attachments are intensely emotional and none so much as the one he creates with the person he has bonded to. He shares his emotions easily and willingly, almost in an overpowering manner, to everyone and everything that he meets. He is friendly to even a rock if he ever thought that it might have feelings, which incidentally, he does. His sentimentality is perhaps the most evident when another creature dies and passes on. The death of any creature is such a sad event and the Not Lyon Brown will mourn for them in a howling fashion for an entire day. The mourning will last even longer if it was someone or something closer to the Not Lyon Brown.

For all this attachment and how the Not Lyon Brown is filled with emotion, it doesn’t depress this brown. Oh no, he is saved purely by the fact that he has a very poor memory. So bad is his memory that if he meets one person one day and instantly befriends him, after a week of absence followed by a reunion, the Not Lyon Brown will treat that person as an entirely new friend. It’s rather comical, really, but also a little sad.

That poor memory also makes the Not Lyon Brown a poor helper. Messages may never be delivered, causing the poor fellow to return right back to his bonded with the job just minutes after being set to task. Training will be next to impossible. It will take great effort on the part of the Not Lyon Brown’s bonded to teach him even the most simple of tasks with much repetition over a series of days. Just learning the command to fetch will take at least two days and only if most of the day is spent working on just that alone.

You’d think that a poor memory wouldn’t bother the Not Lyon Brown, but you’d be wrong. Remember that he is so very sentimental. The Not Lyon Brown will actually feel badly about forgetting where his letter was supposed to go or that he forgot which sock he was supposed to get. There will be a lot of apologetic feelings coming from the Not Lyon Brown. He’ll even feel poorly for starting to chase and then forgetting just what he was doing, only instinct will really pull him to continue to chase a green or gold Firelizard who has risen.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus)
Personality by favorite word Bubbles: anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion or delusion and
Squishy: emotional or sentimental

Gloves-On Blue Dooble to Thaedis (Kati)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 14" with wingspan of 18"

Physical Description:

He’s very long-bodied, this little blue, almost like a Tunnelsnake or some kind of weasel. The Gloves-On Blue has a stout body with smaller wings than would best suit him. If you were to stretch him out, however, you might find that he is surprisingly thin despite appearance. His head is compact, but entirely adorable with his big baby eyes. The Gloves-On Blue legs are short, making him look small even with the added length of his body. While he is able to fly perfectly well, he tends to be rolling and scurrying about, gliding swiftly from one place to another.

The Gloves-On Blue has rather simple coloring. He is a true blue over all with a dark sheen to his topline that matches with the clearly darker blue of his feet and the tip of his tail. Likewise, this dark blue is on his face, giving him to look of having a mask on as if he might be up to some thievery or trouble. There is also some lighter blue on his face and the underside of his neck. His wings match the coloring of his body with little deviation except for some extra shine to him. Why, Gloves-On Blue might even be considered a metallic blue.


This little guy is playful, playful, playful! The Gloves-On Blue is all about games. All of life is a game. Everything he does has some element of fun in it. If it isn’t fun, he’s not likely to do it. He plays with everyone and everything and there isn’t a person or animal he doesn’t like without good reason. This would be quite cute if it weren’t for his playing with his food, or playing with the Tunnelsnakes both before and after he’s killed them. Or maybe how he likes to steal that sock you were reaching for and playing a game of keep away from you for half a Candlemark causing you to be late.

He’s very silly. All those games of his are cute and on occasion bothersome. He makes for it by being adorable and keeping you from ever being truly angry at him. The Gloves-On Blue will roll around and do all sorts of tricks just to bring a smile back to your face. Tickle you with little licks on an elbow, the back of your neck, or even the inside of one of your wrists.

The Gloves-On Blue is quite good-natured. He knows when he’s done wrong and he certainly knows when he’s done right. He aims to please his bonded and is all about creating good and happy feelings. He’ll be easy to train and will pick up habits quicker than you’ll even begin to teach him, although there may be a bad habit or two (that sock stealing little flitter!). Fruit will be the key to success with this Firelizard. Meat is all well and good, but nothing quite grabs his attention like a ripe redfruit or a freshly peeled citrus. There’s not a malevolent bone in his little body, even when his games might get a little out of hand. Quick to apologize, or escape, the Gloves-On Blue always makes amends with a gift or a fun aerial trick.

Flights are a game he may never master. He’ll rise to chase, oh yes, but will he ever catch a rising green or a glistening gold when he changes the game in a wingbeat? He’ll start with a game of catch the girl to a game of how many times can I spin around the bronze or can I nip the tail of the brown and not get caught. If he manages to catch a female and sire a clutch, it’ll be because of pure luck.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Black-Footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes)
Personality by favorite word // Apples: the usually round, red or yellow, edible fruit of a small tree, Malus sylvestris, of the rose family.
Also, Bowling. an ineffectively bowled ball//

Katiti-titi-tititi Blue Valerian to Galen (Corgi)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11" with wingspan of 24"

Physical Description:

The Katiti-titi-tititi Blue is fleet. The Katiti-titi-tititi Blue is sleek. The Katiti-titi-tititi Blue is built for one purpose and one purpose alone: flight. He has an average build to his body and has a rather ideal proportion for flying with his wingsails. His movement on the wing is beautiful to watch and he can swim with almost as much grace, but with clear and obvious less pleasure. If you were to hold him, he’d feel lighter than he looks. Speaking of looks, he has a regal posture to his sitting position and an intelligent gleam to his eye. You may half expect him to start speaking to you outright if you stare at him long enough. And watch those claws on his little feet, they’re sharp!

A dark midnight blue covers all of the topside of the Katiti-titi-tititi Blue’s body. There are some bars of the dark blue on the underside of his tail, bolder and entirely covering at the tip. The underside of his body is a very pale blue with flecks of navy on the breast. Cadet blue barring marks the underside of his wingsails, especially at the ends. A vertical bar of near-black blue marks over the eye, blending into the midnight blue of the topside of his head, more of this color flecks over his head and neck. He has a small little bit of near-white blue at the tip of his nose as well.


There is no Firelizard who loves to fly in quite the same way as the Katiti-titi-tititi Blue does. In no other place and in no other way can he be happier or feel more at home than when flying high in the sky. This free-spirited blue will easily spend most of his day riding the thermals and watching the scurrying forms of people and animals from up high. Swimming is alright and he’s nimble enough in his steps and hops on the ground but he is usually seen on the wing around his bonded, looking as regal as he perches as he does while he maintains his flight.

He is a very pure and innocent Firelizard. The Katiti-titi-tititi Blue is loyal and noble, trusting himself entirely to those around him and especially to his bonded. He is honest. He is kind. He will do everything asked of him to the very best of his abilities. Training may be difficult, but the effort he puts forth is earnest and will match the effort of his bonded. Treats are welcome in training although hardly a necessity with the Katiti-titi-tititi Blue. He needs nothing more than the praise of his bonded to give him sufficient encouragement.

A simple creature, the Katiti-titi-tititi Blue will chase greens, but not golds. He is well aware of his abilities and can recognize when something is beyond him. Golds are too big for him to carry no matter how well he might fly such that he may catch one. He prefers greens anyway, they are more like himself and is happy to chase them and match his aerial skills with theirs.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Seychelles Kestrel (Falco araea)
Personality by favorite word // Quintessential: of the pure and essential essence of something//

Jabber-brushy Blue to Isalia (Tina)
Colour: Blue
Adult Size: 11" with wingspan of 20"

Physical Description:

The Jabber-brushy Blue has a very average build, so at first he appears quite ordinary. There is a distinctly smooth look to his hide and he is every bit as great a flier as he appears to be. His legs are shockingly thin, however, almost making you fear that he could easily snap the bones that support him. Don’t you fret, he’s stronger than he looks and you’ll find it to be true by his tendency to hop about. That is just how the Jabber-brushy Blue gets around: hopping and flying.

He is very simplistic in his coloring. There are two shades of blue that make up the color of his hide: an eye-catching cerulean blue and a dull gray-blue. The cerulean spreads across his neck, makes a ring across his chest, perfectly covers all the topside of his wings, and the whole entirety of his tail. The rest of him is colored in gray-blue, plain as it truly is, capping his head and covering his back, belly, and the underside of his wings. How the Jabber-brushy Blue is colored is of no consequence to him, however, as you will soon come to know very well.


The Jabber-brushy Blue is a fine looking fellow, but he is not to be trusted. He’s a dirty rotten thief and there’s no other way to put it gently. He steals things. Everything. Anything. If he likes it or wants it, consider it gone. He sneakily finds a way to slip it away to his secret cache of treasures that only he will ever be able to find. Of course no one will ever catch him either, he’s far too tricky and slippery for that!

He’s pretty smart, too. The Jabber-brushy Blue can’t possibly be caught because he has everything planned out. He knows exactly what to do to get his way or the things that he wants. Even how easily he is trained or how well he exercises his following of orders is all just to keep his cover up. Indeed, he will be easily trained and maybe he’ll demand some treats as some kind of incentive, looking like your ordinary intelligent little blue. Really he’s a cunning trickster just winning you over with a very clever ruse and covering up his thieving tracks in one way or another.

The Jabber-brushy Blue is incredibly dishonest and he’s too smart to be caught in a lie. You’re better off just never trusting in him at all. Don’t even start to believe that he’s loyal to you either. You’re just the source of good food, a hiding place, and a cover for when the trouble starts to get real.

He uses all of his cunning skills to win flights far better than most other blues might. He’ll want to win for more than the just the pride and pleasure. The Jabber-brushy Blue will probably steal an egg or two from the clutch he sired, just another special treasure for him to steal.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Florida Scrub Jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens)
Personality by favorite word // Machiavellian: characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty//

Cool Racings Green Little Lady Ess to O'od (LdyPayne)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 12" with wingspan of 17"

Physical Description:

The Cool Racings Green has a long, lean body. She is sleek and thin, quite nearly snake-like, moving on foot similar to how a snake slithers about. Her legs are a little short, so she almost could slither about if she really wanted to, in fact her swimming looks just like that. All of her limbs are thin and muscular, all the easier to tuck in against her body.

She is dark forest green on top and light yellow-green on the bottom, but even so, the Cool Racings Green looks more pale than dark. Her darker top line is dotted with lighter green blocks matching that of her underside. A faded stripe of olive green blends into the dark green just above where the division of color occurs along her body. Her wings are overall an olive green, but there are some blocks of the light green that follow along the wing bones and a stripe of the dark forest green runs along the leading edge of her wings. When she is dirty, it is difficult to discern her colored markings, but when she is freshly scrubbed and oiled the colors are bright and vibrant, easily to see the lighter blocks and blended stripe of olive.


The Cool Racings Green is an interesting little girl. There is hardly ever a dull moment in a day in the life of her bonded.

She can be a little temperamental, her moods shifting quickly from one to another. Just about anything can trigger a mood swing. Typically it is something that interrupts her daily rhythm. That makes the Cool Racings Green to be more than just a little temperamental. She’s fussy. When something as trivial as a change in her usual breakfast meal can trigger a swing of rage or depression, she is certainly fussy. Food is what she is the most fussy about, too, liking her meat cooked a certain way with only certain spices or presented to her in a certain fashion.

Though she would prefer that you don’t call her ‘fussy’. Particular she might prefer. She has her preferences and she likes things a certain way. Don’t you worry, she will make sure you know about them, although she’ll not pester you about them if her mood shifts to sulking soon afterwards.

The Cool Racings Green is quite hasty, lending all the more to her temperamental nature. She is quick to jump to conclusions, quick to change her mood, quick to accuse… It’s never hasty in the right direction. She is always hasty in the worst of ways. The only time it isn’t positively awful is how she is adamant about getting a job done. Usually the Cool Racings Green even gets those jobs done correctly, more so than anyone would expect of her. Her messages arrive almost as soon as they are written and that is her greatest virtue. No other Firelizards deliver messages or letters with the speed of the Cool Racings Green.

Her flights are much the same. The Cool Racings Green rises with little warning, but with great emotion as it interrupts her daily routine. She flies swiftly and haphazardly, being caught without any reason or rhyme by whoever is the lucky male she exhaustingly zig-zags into. This tends to lead to short flights and blessedly no repercussions on the side of her bonded.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Saint Lucia Racer (Liophis ornatus)
Personality by favorite word // Rumplestiltskin: a dwarf in a German folktale who spins flax into gold for a young woman to meet the demands of the prince she has married, on the condition that she give him her first child or else guess his name: she guesses his name and he vanishes or destroys himself in a rage//

Grounded Green to Ardossan (Lia)
Colour: Green
Adult Size: 11" with wingspan of 11"

Physical Description:

She is a squat and chunky little green, small in size and just as small in her wingspan. The Grounded Green has a very distinctly round appearance. No matter if you put her on a diet or not, she will always look about as rotund as a child’s ball. Her legs are short, but strong, so her lack of skill in flying is well made up by her ability to waddle about on land. She’s an excellent climber and she can glide perfectly well when she needs to get up into the air.

The Grounded Green isn’t very remarkably colored as a green. She is largely olive-toned and her entire hide is mottled with darker greens, specks of black, and flecks of white. Her tail, nearly as long as her body, is even darker and more heavily mottled than the rest of her. Around her eyes is an array of gray-green radiating out like rays of light. Her feet end in a pure yellow-green with no mottling.


She’s a sweet little thing, the Grounded Green, but she’s the greediest Firelizard you will encounter. When it comes to food, she gobbles it all down before anyone else has a chance to get more than one bite in themselves. The tastier the treat, the faster she consumes it and the less willing she is to share. It doesn’t matter whether it is her bonded, a dragon, or a young child, it all belongs to her. She’ll give you a nip if you get in her way, she’s quite fearless in that way. Clearly the only way to train her is with food in hand.

Food isn’t even the half of it. When it comes to the attention of her bonded, she’ll be right there in your face demanding more of it. She should be the center of your world. Feed her, pet her, oil her, and love her first and before all others. The Grounded Green will resent you if you don’t place her before yourself and others. It doesn’t even matter if you’re hurt, if you have a hatchling dragon, or if a squalling baby is in your arms. She’ll not do a single thing for you and when in your presence will gripe and complain about how you weren’t right there doting upon her. She’ll be irritable and even worse for your ignorance than if you had just given her what she wanted from the get-go.

The Grounded Green has her own stock of little treasures. She’ll not share them at any cost, much like how she will not share any food and will demand your attention. These treasures are carefully chosen and may even include one of your own most precious belongings. Be sure to guard your own things carefully.

She prefers very much not to fly when the option is there. She likes to hop and glide about and can do it quite well. The only reason she isn’t as bad as she could be is because the Grounded Green travels largely by perching somewhere on your person or on her on along the ground. When she does fly, it is only with food as an incentive or because it is time for her to rise. The Grounded Green’s flights are short and end as abruptly as they begin, obviously she tends to have very small clutches of typically 2-3 eggs.

Inspiration: Endangered species the Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus)
Personality by favorite word: Parsimony: extreme or excessive economy or frugality; stinginess; niggardliness


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