Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown Charaboth

Impressee: M'gan (Melligan)

Name: Charaboth
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: BB7711
Final Size: 35' length with a wingspan of 56'

The Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown is a curiosity for a brown dragon as far as physique is concerned. He can easily be described as a ‘lean, mean, killing machine’ with his small frame and slender musculature, especially when one has the opportunity to watch him hunt his prey. One of the smallest brown dragons, he is actually longer in full length than he appears because of his exceedingly long tail which is nearly half of his entire length. His body is quite compact, especially in comparison to the long tail that is used for his exceptional balance as he has an uncanny ability to perch on and even walk along the most narrow paths without faltering a single step. As such his wings also appear to be shorter than they should be to sustain him in flight, but they are actually almost proportional to his main body, and his light and lean build requires less effort to sustain than a dragon of the same length but bigger bulk.

A notable oddity for the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown is the manner in which he walks. He strides about with slyness and stealth, but physically, he walks with a ‘pacing’ gait in which he moves the two legs on one side of the body before the legs on the other side. Only when he speeds up to a trot does his gait change into the normal ‘diagonal’ gait. He is also capable of walking very precisely, placing each hind foot almost directly in the print of the corresponding front foot, minimizing the amount of noise and tracks made. This style of walking is what makes this dragon one of the best and most silent stalkers on the ground, able to sneak up on just about anyone, as well as quickly slipping away undetected. Though not as stealthy in the air, the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown truly shows off the extent of the agility that comes from his lean build – and proves that strength is not everything – when in flight. But he hates water, so swimming will be the one time he appears awkward and uncertain.

But what is most unusual about this dragon is his ability to squeeze into small spaces. His head is more rounded with wider set head knobs than typical – coupled with unusually large eyes that give him an expressive and sometimes vulnerable look – on a slightly shorter neck, and his shoulders are not nearly as broad as most dragons; therefore, he can pass his body through any space into which he can comfortably fit his head. The Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown is, therefore, one of the quickest and most agile dragons in the Weyr, and he can even compete with the smallest of greens for that title. Some might even go as far as to claim that this dragon was born with a few extra vertebras, thus allowing him such a range of spinal mobility and flexibility. He will rarely come out of a ‘Fall with an injury, and many will be amazed by his seemingly impossible reflexes and supernatural ability to twist away from a stray clump of Thread with what appear to be unrealistic maneuvers.

As far as his color is concerned, the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown is not nearly as spectacular in that respect as with his physique. He is a deep orange-hued brown, solid throughout the majority of his body, and marred only by a light pattern of stripes that is more of a true brown shade. These stripes give the false impression of looking like fur due to their streaking coloration, and they are only found across his back, almost similar to the pattern found in some of the striped felines. But the most memorable element to this dragon’s hide will be the extremely dark brown on the lower half of his hindlegs, nearly black in dim lighting, and if one doesn’t remember anything else about this dragon, they will surely be able to at least describe him as “the brown dragon that looked like he was wearing boots.”

Charaboth is a clever and intelligent dragon, even straight out of the egg. From hatchling to adulthood, he seems to possess a wisdom and maturity that is lacking in even the most seasoned of dragons, and many wonder if he was simply born with the innate knowledge of all those that came before him. That is not to say that there is no room for growth and change during his lifetime, because Charaboth will actually mold his views and opinions based on his experiences as a weyrling. In youth he can be a very curious and playful dragon, a trait that will extend well into his first decade of life, and only gradually dissipating as he comes to acknowledge the reality of the more serious adult world he will eventually live in. But as a weyrling, such futuristic thoughts will not even cross his mind, instead he will be focused on exploring everywhere and trying everything, almost always dragging M’gan with him on his adventures. Master, look at Joaidaneth and Ochioth messing around over there. Let us go and show them how it's really done! This is a dragon that has no fear, and he will boldly go where no dragon has gone before. After all, his belief is that the best way to learn is to do.

That is not to say that he is reckless or irresponsible. In fact, Charaboth is a very attentive and sensible dragon, with a wisdom that seems to be beyond his Turns. He always seems to know exactly what he is doing, and even when pulling the most dangerous of maneuvers – especially in a ‘Fall – he never seems to miss a step, very rarely failing to achieve the result he had expected. Besides that, he would never even dream of putting M’gan in harm’s way, and therefore realizing that injury to his own self would cause mental and emotional damage to his rider, Charaboth is exceedingly careful with how his words and actions could affect his rider. In this sense he amazes most everyone with his uncanny ability to understand the strength and structure of the bond that exists between dragon and rider, and for that reason he sees M’gan as the single most important thing in his life. This is why he always refers to his rider as Master, and he obeys rider as a loyal servant would their lord. Charaboth does not necessarily always listen to instruction, because he will often act of his own accord if he believes a different course of action would benefit his rider better – even if he knows his rider will not like it. He might not tell M’gan of his intentions beforehand, but the man will learn of the transgressions sooner or later. By the way, Master, I told Fienth that you are volunteering to clean up after today’s lesson. So don’t forget to meet with the Weyrlingmaster after class. In the end, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

As a result, Charaboth can be a very sly and clever dragon, especially when it comes to giving his rider an advantage. He is moderately ambitious in the sense that he believes that M’gan should have what he deserves, which is often the best of the best. In this regard he is actually a very selfless dragon, though some might argue that any profit to his rider is also one for him – in which case, perhaps he is a little selfish. But truthfully, all of his words and actions are carefully considered and meticulously planned, and he speaks and acts in the way he knows will be best for M’gan. Charaboth also never acts unless he is absolutely certain of success, which is why he almost never fails – of course, accidents can’t be avoided, but he is also rather skilled at bouncing back when he has been pushed off his path to victory. This is a dragon that reacts as quickly with mind as with body, and even in the heat of the moment, he is able to effortlessly direct his rider in the best course of action. Quick, Master! Roll around in the dirt so it looks like you were working hard, and not just standing there and staring stupidly at those girls. In the very rare instances where Charaboth does fail, he is not one to throw tantrums, but rather he sulks for a day and then returns the next day with a new insight on how to improve for the future.

However, most do not realize the cunning intelligence that lies behind those big, round eyes because of his otherwise innocent and charming façade. In the public eye, Charaboth is as sweet as a proverbial kitten, always with smooth comments and kind gestures, and he is such a good actor that it would take an extremely observant individual to see through the pretense. The fact that he can look like a beaten, vulnerable puppy doesn’t hurt, because when he haunches his shoulders, droops his wings and lowers his head to gaze up at you with those large, heartbreaking eyes, everyone would clamber over themselves to cheer him up again. But he plays this to his advantage, and he has no qualms in putting such adoring fans to good use if they can somehow act for the benefit of M’gan. However, Charaboth does strictly avoid harming others, only because he realizes that such consequences can reflect badly on his rider. He has a sharp mind and sharp claws, but he prefers not to use the latter unless in defense against physical injury to his rider. Nevertheless, he is not beneath lying and tricking others – harmlessly – for his rider’s profit, but only when he is absolutely certain that neither he nor M’gan will be even accused of the crimes. If someone else must be the scapegoat, then so be it.

Therefore it will be difficult for Charaboth to make any real friends. He will have many adoring and admiring acquaintances, but few if any that he would ever trust with his rider’s life. The rare handful that not only gain his trust but also his respect, he will be almost as loyal to them as he is to M’gan, especially so if his rider is particularly fond of these individuals. But Charaboth is not above advising his rider on the type of friends he should have or not have, even if it means improvising a little tale. Master, do not be too friendly with Sinara. Her Esmeraith is vindictive and dangerous, and she might try to eat your heart. He is always looking out for his rider, both when it comes to his relationships as well as how to properly engage himself into the social structure of the Weyr. As for himself, while he is not one to develop close relationships, he will develop an unnatural obsession for his clutchmate Yeniaoth. There is something about her that will lead him to sneakily stalking her when he has nothing better to do, and occasionally he will go out of his way to approach her. Good evening, Yeniaoth. You sound lovely, as always.

Yet Charaboth is unusually keen to the hierarchy involving dragons, and therefore he is always encouraging his rider to be more kind and friendly to those in a position of power. Charaboth will even go out of his way to please the authority figures because he realizes it can only benefit his rider; he will especially try to gain favor with Iridith because of the familial relationship between Niru and M’gan that he knows the latter wants to rekindle. Iridith, there is no male in this Weyr that is worthy of you and your rider's beauty and glory. And fortunately, Charaboth always knows exactly what he needs to say to others to earn their affections. This includes being particularly nice to the female-ridden greens and blues, especially in front of Iridith, and kindly keeping her informed of gossip in the Weyr. Did you know that Deyanath's has been offering the girls in my class extra physical training sessions if they need? I must commend Deyanath's for her desire and determination to change the mindset of the Weyr through the new generations.

The same can be said when it comes to flights, for he can be quite the charmer. Charaboth will not be a tail chaser, and most of the time he chooses to chase if winning will be of some advantage for him or his rider. This mostly stands with green dragons as he is more reserved with gold dragons, only chasing the latter if M’gan so desires for such attention in the Weyr. But he knows to avoid chasing after Iridith, and while he does not understand exactly why such a coupling is undesirable in the eyes of humans, he is not one to question the strange traditions that seem to be prevalent with humans in general. But when chasing a green, which will mostly be for gaining an upperhand in some way – and very rarely because his rider likes a particular greenrider – then Charaboth will be a chameleon. He is always observant of the dragons he wishes to chase, analyzing their behavior and keeping an eye on them when he believes that they are due to rise. So when he chases, he knows exactly what he needs to appeal to her, whether it be flattering comments or quiet strength, he will have learned beforehand what is needed to give him an edge.

Should he ever father a clutch, however, Charaboth will be oddly detached from the idea of being a father, unless playing the part of doting parent would put him in a more favorable position with the gold. Otherwise he is more than happy to leave the gold to do what she will with the eggs, although he might assist the mother should she desire his services. As he will explain to his rider, It never hurts to stay in a woman's good graces, Master. Speaking of which, you should offer to butcher some meat for Ceocayath. But he will also encourage M’gan to use the clutch as a point of pride and power, though not to the extent of coming off as conceited, of course.

Charaboth is as confident and determined in Threadfall as he is in all other aspects of his life. He knows that doing well in a ‘Fall reflects his rider’s skills and capabilities, which means he must also strive to be the best so that M’gan may come out on top at the end of the day. He is not one to dive into dangerous maneuvers unless absolutely necessary, believing that showing off during a ‘Fall actually makes one look much less capable. But he will take calculated risks only if there are no other options, though most of the time his actions are in the heat of the moment and more of a reflex than a carefully considered move. Fortunately he has quick reflexes, and his flexibility allows him to avoid injury in the few rare instances where he loses focuses. Charaboth is a dragon that always keeps his calm and composure, even in the most dire of situations, and he is hardly ever distracted from his lifelong goal of helping M’gan be the best the man can be.

Puss in Boots was the inspiration for Charaboth, though a few liberties were taken with the original idea since we were avoiding a dragon that was sly and devious in a mean-spirited way (which I don’t think was the portrayal for the original Puss in Boots, anyways). I think the Puss in Boots is a good complement to Melligan, where the latter only speaks of doing this and that to make things better, Charaboth will actually do it for him; also I thought Melligan could use a dragon that was calm and confident, sort of to help guide him in the “right direction” since the poor man seems so confused right now! The dragon name comes from a mixture of the French name of the fairytale, Le Chat Botté (meaning The Booted Cat), and the fictional title created by the cat for his master in the actual fairytale, the Marquis of Carabas. And of course, his appearance is based largely on that of a cat.

Charaboth has a baritone to bass voice which reflects his mood, the former when he is enthusiastic or surprised, and the latter when he is speaking in his usual calm but wise tone. He speaks at a low volume in an almost soft manner, with something of a slight accent that makes him seem like a mysterious but captivating foreigner. His voice reminds one of a feline, while exotic and beautiful, there is an underlying threat of cunning and danger. Though he rarely speaks to others, when he does, there will be a deep growling quality to it, almost as if every word is a warning. But to his rider, this tone takes on more of a purr, and does not hide his undying devotion and enduring loyalty to M’gan.

Hatching Message:
The Charming Chestnut Egg gave a subtle shudder that, if one wasn’t paying absolute attention to it, would have gone unnoticed. But then after a moment’s pause, it gave a violent shake that caused the precariously tilted egg to topple over and land on its side. That caused a crack down the length of the long egg, and it continued to quiver and tremble with small, seemingly precise movements. Soon more cracks appeared that spread from the first, and before long the dragonet within heaved itself out of the egg. The remnants of the shells scattered about him, the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown crouched on the sands as he peered about at the audience. He let out an odd noise, one that sounded more like a mewling than creeling, and uncurled his long tail from around him. It lay out behind him, and twitched, and he unfurled his surprisingly small wings to give an experimental flap before surveying his surroundings. The Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown noticed one of the girls looking at him, and he hunched lower and gave her a little hiss. What was she staring at?

After a moment, the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown lost interest in the girls that were staring at him and finally realized that there were other candidates on the sands as well. Many boys, he noted with pleasure, and he quickly slinked his way towards them. Immediately his gait appeared abnormal, what with his body and head low to the ground while his tail swayed behind him, but more so the fact that he walked with legs on the same side stepping simultaneously. But he seemed to move easily, with a natural stealth and a gracefulness unusual for a newly hatched dragon. However, on his way to the candidates, the dragonet was distracted when one of his sisters sent the remnants of an egg toppling in front of him. He tensed and froze, stared at the fragment with predatory interest as his tail twitched more hastily, and then suddenly pounced on the large but object. It shattered even smaller fragments as he landed on it, but then he started to roll about in the mess on the sands, playfully batting the shell fragments from one claw to another, having temporarily forgotten about what he was doing.

Public Impression Message:
Fortunately the Cat Got Your Tongue? Brown soon lost interest in the largest of the shell fragments as he accidentally swatted it quite a distance away from him. He was sprawled out lazily on his abdomen, staring at his plaything as if debating whether or not to go after it. But then he decided not to, and quickly gave his claws a few licks as if to clean himself. Looking up, his sights found the candidates again, and it was as if reality clicked in his mind again. Springing gracefully to all fours, he wasted no time in slinking forward in the same abnormal gait as before, and there was not a pause as he approached a particular candidate and circled the slender young man, rubbing himself against his chosen as he purred with pleasure.

Personal Impression Message:
M’gan, the deep purring voice touches your mind, but pauses for a moment as if something is wrong, and then corrects himself. Master, – that seems to satisfy him, evidenced by the content rumble to his speech – you should look more proud and confident. It is almost as if you have suddenly found yourself with a feline as your better half, except one that seems to ooze with such wisdom and confidence despite having just hatched. The brown dragonet gazes up at you with the largest, most adoring eyes you have ever seen. His long tail curls protectively around your feet, and the small wings tucked against his back seems to twitch in restrained delight. I am your most devoted and loyal Charaboth, he finally introduces himself, as if he had intentionally given you time to fully admire and appreciate him. But then he swipes playfully, yet painlessly, at your legs. There is time later for your staring, Master. For now, I am hungry.

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: Charming Chestnut Egg
Egg Description: This large egg sits very tall. It is big simply because it is long, lacking much girth where some of it fellows have it. It seems to sit at a tilt in its assigned sand wallow and there it charms those who gaze at it. This big egg is a creamy kind of brown, nutty almost, because it is so close to red. A mix of red and orange that lends it the brown color it has. The surface of the egg is rough, as if lined from top to bottom with soft ripples, and grains of sand might be catch on it.
Egg Inspiration: Chestnut Crayon
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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