Impressed to Green Niketh

Name: Cheva
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7 T189
Former Rank:

Cheva is the third child in a family of 5, and she was Searched recently from Ketrin Hold along with Neloran, her younger brother. Her mother is Neliva, younger sister of Lianne by two Turns, who originated from Mathon Hold; Neliva married her father Chavoran, a Journeyman Herder, and moved to Ketrin Hold when she was 18 Turns.

Mini-Biography Credit: Starr

N'lan (Nevlanor) of green Ferraineth
N'lor (Neloran) of green Ballerinth — [Adina]
Olissia — [Dragonblossom]
Rylia of green Coshieth — [Starr]

Availability: Not available. DECEASED!

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