Green Chexoth

Impressee: Denah

Name: Chexoth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 516617
Final Size: 24.3' length with a wingspan of 40'

Chexoth looks, for lack of a better description, strangely sharp for a dragon. Her head is more triangular than most, and her jaw narrows to a sharp point. She has a very distinctive face, with high cheek bones and narrow eyes. Her wings have a rather knobbly appearance, and seem bonier than most other dragons. She's a petite creature with a thin build and a long tail. She's a bit leggy, even for a green, and seems to have unusually long and sharp claws. 

This dragon's hide is an even dark olive color, which becomes very shiny after being oiled. She has lighter, silver-green markings tracing along the tips of her toes and in a blaze along her breast. 

If there ever was a dragon with an agenda it would be Chexoth. Throughout her life, she will have very strong opinions pretty much everything. She likes things done in very particular ways, and isn't shy about pointing out any mistakes that others might make. As a young dragon, Denah is likely to be the focus of her attention, You look sloppy, change into your red workpants.. She will insist that her rider fully devote herself to the early stages of Weyrling training, and will become very upset if her rider does not score at the top of her class. 

Chexoth is a very ambitious dragon, and will do everything within her limits to ensure that her visions are executed as perfectly as possible. As a young dragon, she will have a tendency to try to micromanage her siblings, but will learn to lead with a looser hand as she gets older. While she is very good when it comes to barking orders, Chexoth has difficulty empathizing with others. When she feels that somebody isn't pull their weight, regardless of any excuses they might provide her, she will call them out on it and ensure that proper punishment is given. 

This dragon is very much aware of her own limitations, but doesn't like to view them as weaknesses. For example, while she knows that she cannot, and should not attempt to fly an entire Fall - she prefers to focus on the fact that she is capable of maneuvering easily between Wingmates. Threadfighting is in her blood, and one of her primary motivations is to destroy as much Thread as possible in the most efficient way possible. Chexoth is very good at what she does, but she likes recognition for what she does. She will undoubtedly do everything she can during Weyrlinghood to earn a place in the Weyr's highest Wings. 

As Chexoth matures, she will adopt the belief that males are interested in only one thing - Flights. As a result, she will generally chose to associate herself with other greens. She is dismissive of those who try to flirt with, and will coldly spurn their advances. The only exception to this will be in the days before she rises, when she will become almost predatory in her pursuits of the opposite gender. Chexoth prefers impressive physical displays to declarations of love, and uses flights as an opportunity to showcase her agility. The victor is advised to be a gentleman in the morning after, else risk invoking Chexoth's ire. 

Inspiration: CEO
Name Inspiration: From (Ch)ief (ex)ecutive (o)fficer

Hatching/Impression Message:
The The Maheggany Monolith seemed to tower over the hatching sands. As cracks began to emerge along it's smooth surface, many of the male candidates began eyeing the egg hungrily. Undoubtedly hoping that the The Magnifico Bronze would be joined with another bronze brother. With crack that echoed around the hatching sands, the egg burst open and hopes were dashed as a tiny little green was revealed. The dark green cast a single dismissive glance at the boys before decisively setting off towards her girls. She wasted no time finding her lifemate from among the candidates - this little green had a full schedule, and had already wasted enough time. Denah barely had time to call out, "Chexoth … wait up!" before the little green began making her way to the feeding tables.

Dragon Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: The Maheggany Monolith
Egg Description: A huge, richly-colored egg, the Maheggany Monolith is both imposing and beautiful. It has a lovely deep reddish brown hue, swirled with the appearance of wood grain. In the center, a dark brown rectangle gives the impression of smooth leather.
Egg Inspiration: The boss' desk
Egg Credit: Rachel

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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