Green Chitter x Brown Felix

Flight - 12th October 2009/Early autumn, T3, 8th Pass
Clutching - 17th November 2009/Early winter, T3, 8th Pass
Hatching - 12th December 2009/Mid winter, T3, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Chitter
Sire: Brown Felix (NPC)
Gold: 0
Bronze: 0
Brown: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 3

PC Fire-lizards:
Christmas Pudding Brown Streak to Jeregar (Hikaru)
Just as his name would make you think, this brown is large and roly poly. He’s chubby and pudgy and more than a handful to carry. His wings, while also large, aren’t long, leaving him looking vaguely as wide as he is long. He’s a rich deep brown for the most part, an almost chocolate brown. This deep brown is flecked with small specks of red brown, golden brown, and darker brown. This even colouring is broken on the wings, head and spine of this brown, which are rather paler, creamy coloured even, and look almost like someone has spilled rich cream all over him. Somehow, perched on top of his head, is a splodge of green and a couple of tiny dots of red brown, right between his headknobs. When he curls up to sleep, he looks like nothing more than a tempting pudding, complete with topping. Yum!
15” long with an 18” wingspan at full growth.

Snowfall Blue Speck to Mayin (Siana)
Small and delicate, this little blue could almost be mistaken for a green if it wasn’t for his colour. He has long delicate wings and an equally long tail and neck, all in a package smaller than some greens. His small size will be an asset in some situations, and he knows this. He is pale, so pale blue that you’d nearly think he was white, and is almost glaringly painful to look at in bright lights. He is blue though, the blue of dawn light on snow. His ‘shadowed’ areas are a slightly deeper blue, leading you to think he almost looks like a small snowdrift. His head, tail and feet in particular are this darker blue. Speckled across his base colour is an even paler blue, which shows up most in his vaguely darker areas. Across his head is an odd cobwebby pale marking that on closer inspection could indeed resemble a single, large snowflake.
10” long with a wingspan of 20” at full growth.

Icicle Blue Id to Cenara (Rhee)
This blue is, like his sister, long and slim, but small looking with it. He has a very pointed nose and rather sharper than average claws, all of which give him a look of great speed and flexibility. He has slender wings, and a long slim tail, very much in keeping with the rest of him. A deep, glacier like blue is the main colour of this firelizard, overlaid with a paler blue in places, and from his nose to his tail, paler blue markings of varying lengths drape from his spine down his sides. These are almost like tiger stripes, or, more likely with his colouring, icicles. His whole hide is slicked with a strange sheen, almost seeming to reflect light and making him nearly painful to the eyes in bright lights. Because of this sheen, he looks like he’s melting at times and this can trick the eye into thinking that he’s rather deeper than he looks, an illusion that can leave you feeling like you’re falling into him. His extremities are all a lot paler than his body and his wings are so pale that they look nearly translucent.
11” long with a 20” wingspan at full growth.

Holly Wreath Green Holly to Aubren (Rainewolf)
This green is about average. She’s not too big, not too small and is a nice slim looking green. Her wings are rather shorter than would be conformationally perfect, but she can get away with it as she looks balanced. She’s a mid green in colour, flecked with deeper and lighter greens. She looks like a small bush in colour, and the flecks of reddish brown that scatter across her bring to mind berries. Something about the patterns of green brings to mind prickles, or spike edged leaves, and the ‘berries’ don’t look all that appetising. Scattered across her are brown knobbly looking markings that resemble the brown cones of northern trees and around her neck is a strange marking. One would be excused for thinking she was wearing a pale yellow ribbon, tied in a pretty bow at her chest. All in all, a very interesting green to look at.
11” long with a 19” wingspan at full growth.

Tinsel Green Fidget to Ph'in (Stolenhart)
Slender but curved would be the best description. She’s midsized and size wise, pretty easy to miss until she opens her wings, which are massive compared to her body. She’s neither fat nor slim and has a medium to long tail with which she can grab very well. Her colour is a mid green, and is all over even, no darkening or lightening, and she’d be boring if it wasn’t for the striking network of lines of green, gold green, blue and white that fleck across her entire hide. When she’s at rest, which is fairly often she almost looks like a pile of tinsel someone had left dumped on the floor. She seems to almost sparkle when the light hits her as she moves, but that surely had to be a trick of the eyes, as she’s not metallic in the slightest. Either way she’ll not be easy missed by anyone unless she wants to be, her wings are dull and drab compared to the rest of her and if she wraps herself in them she becomes a rather unremarkable green lump.
10” long with a 22” wingspan at full growth.

Christmas Tree Green Cembra to Elvander (Emma)
A larger then average green, this flitter is rather pointed looking. There aren’t many curves to her however, so this extra size is just down to length. Rather slimmer than slender, she’ll likely not gain much weight her whole life, not being as greedy as the norm. Her wings are long and wide and she makes good use of them. Her base hide colour is a deep green and this base is lined with other varying shades of green, lending her a look of some of the needle leaved trees sometimes seen in colder climes. Running down her neck and back are parallel wavy lines which look almost like strings of beads, flecks of an almost golden green and white add shine and glimmer to these. Her sides and flanks are blotched with odd looking circular markings, shaded with blue, pale green and a reddish brown and on her forehead is a pale white, nearly star shaped splodge. Her feet, in contrast to this medley of body colour, are a deep brown, almost like tree bark.
12” long with a 14” Wingspan at full growth.


Credits: Mayhem

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