Green Chiyeth

Impressee: V'nir (Venir)

Name: Chiyeth
Pronunciation: CHI-ayth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 19A319
Final Size: 25.5' length of 41' wingspan

Description: Despite the insecurities she may have about her appearance, Chiyeth is a good looking green. Despite her voracious appetite, she has very little body fat and may have trouble gaining weight when she is young. However, as she matures she will gain more muscle, maturing into a her nicely compact build. The majority of her hide is a bright kelly green, which will develop a nice shine when clean. She has a broad splash of a paler, lime color that runs from her chest across the front of her wingsails. She as a matching pair of bright acid-green stripes that run from under her chin down along her neck to the tips of her fore-arm.

Personality: Chiyeth has a cheery personality to match her bright coloration. Upbeat and optimistic, she takes it upon herself to try to keep morale amongst her Wingmates. She always makes a special point to offer extra encouragement to those who aren't confident in themselves. She has a seemingly inexhaustible zest for life, and hates seeing her friends unhappy. While Chiyeth is very friendly, she has a short fuse and a bad habit of trying to physically intimidate other dragons when she's angry. Fortunately, she's usually pretty quick to forgive once she's received an apology. Chiyeth is a very athletic dragon, and will excel with most physical tasks. She has more endurance and strength than one would expect from a dragon her size, and may be able to last an entire 'Fall with enough training. Although she's not inclined to admit it to anybody other than her rider, Chiyeth is very insecure about her own femininity. She's naturally a tomboy, but sometimes feels like her male counterparts are secretly judging her because of it. As a result of this, she deeply enjoys when other greens - especially the more traditionally feminine ones - rely on her.

Inspiration: Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)

Hatching/Impression Message: The little dragon inside the Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Egg couldn't take it any longer! She was starving, and knew instinctively that the only way to fill her belly was to break free from her shell. With a well-placed kick, she tumbled out of her shell with a victorious creel. Although her mouth was already watering at the prospect of the meat that had been prepared for the hatchlings, feasting wasn't any fun if she had to do it alone. Fortunately, the brightly colored hatchling knew exactly what she wanted. She playfully trotted over to a dark-haired boy that was watching her intensely. His eyes went wide with surprise as he announced, "Her name's Chieyth … and she really wants some steak!"

Dragon Credit: noto

Egg Name: Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! Egg
Egg Description: Neon green! Neon yellow! Neon pink! All blaring in gaudy stripes and haze across a dark velvety green canvas. This little egg draws the eye and then turns it away again just as quickly. It's just too much all going on at once. The streaky orange splotch that rings the middle of this egg almost looks like a canine, or a feline perhaps, to those that are interested enough to give this egg a closer inspection. What on Pern does this egg contain?
Egg Inspiration: The Fox, Ylvis
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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