The Beholden to Beauty Green Ciseuth

Impressee: Al'ran (Alaran)

Name: Ciseuth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 83AF13
Final Size: 25’ length with a wingspan of 41’

The Beholden to Beauty Green is built along delicate lines, even for her colour, though she is not tiny in size. There's barely any muscle to her, not even the usual baby-fat from her time in the egg. Her hide, a particularily thin, delicate silken texture, is stretched taut over her gaunt figure. Her limbs and tail are all thin and look as though they might quiver to support her, though with her small chest and narrow hips she's not much of a burden to bear. She'll always look as though she needs fattening up, but there's nothing the Beholden to Beauty Green can do to add either fat or muscle to her whipcord frame. Not that she'd try; from the proud cant of her wings, which, though proportionate to her length, seem to dwarf her, and the lift of her high-boned head, it's clear that the Beholden to Beauty Green believes that she's found the true epitome of beauty - and it's her own. Others mayn't share that view of such emaciated physicality but nothing can shift it from this green's head.

In colour, the Beholden to Beauty Green is a deep peridot green which almost seems translucent when her thin hide has been oiled to a gleam. The colour darkens and grows murky on her limbs, until her feet seem almost brown - mud brown, like she's been clambering through a pond. The only other variation in her hide is a white mark between her eyes, in a green so fresh and pale it is almost white; it forms the shape of a six-petalled flower. When she moves, it is very quickly, as though she wishes to get each action over as fast as possible. She has little stamina or strength due to her build. In the air, this will matter less, as her wings will allow her to easily stay aloft with barely a beat, and the tiniest flick of her long tail will suffice to steer her.

Ciseuth is the flawless paragon of everything a green dragon should be, at least in her own eyes. She holds herself with a dazzling confidence, able to sweep everywhere with her head held high and her wings proudly vaned. On closer inspection, however, this confidence is borne of Ciseuth's ability to talk herself up, and outrageously embroider tales of her own wonderful achievements. Not many will get close enough to see Ciseuth's uncertainty, though, because she doesn't encourage friendliness, beyond having an audience willing to listen to her wisdom. Beneath her outer sparkle though, she's always certain that there's someone who will be that little bit better than her in everything she tries. The only exception is her Al'ran - she's dead certain she has the best rider that ever was.

As a Weyrling, Ciseuth will throw her heart and soul into training, and encourage Al'ran to do the same. She knows that she is the best, surely she is! Physically though, she's hampered by her build, though she will push hard against the limitations of her size and strength. She will always be on hand with an answer, even if she isn't sure, just to beat the others to it. If she's wrong, it's not her fault - she was just distracted by something, that's all. If another Weyrling answers correctly and is praised, Ciseuth will glare at them and sulk, and may caution them snippily. Oh, you got that right did you Sibbiath? Well, don't let it go to your head, you need the space. If Al'ran gets into an altercation with another Weyrling, Ciseuth will be completely and utterly devoted to Al'ran, and certain that it could NEVER have been his fault. He's completely clever and right and perfect, after all.

She will require constant verbal reassurances - out loud, for the other to hear too - that Al'ran loves her, and is trying his best. She'll want compliments, too, both from you and others, though she will never directly ask for them - Is this a new oil you're using, Mine? It looks a little…different on me, don't you think, Xikinath? Without them, Ciseuth may seem to wilt, going strangely quiet and almost looking grey. She is extremely affectionate towards Al'ran though, even when she is feeling dark; constantly giving him nudges and praising his work.

Ciseuth does want attention, but not from a crowd. She knows that with a crowd looking at her, many eyes might pick up what one pair misses. She fixates on others instead, and tries to gain their attention, whether it be physical proximity or making them watch her try something over again, even if it's perfected. It's the only time she'll deviate from being cold and unsympathetic to everyone. That one individual - dragon or human - will suddenly take up all Ciseuth's attention, and she will spin dramatic fantasies about them, perhaps even imagining that others are plotting against them, and she must protect them. But her fixations will never last longer than a few weeks at most.

Ciseuth has a few odd traits that Al'ran might find himself amused by. She cannot, simply cannot, walk past anything reflective without pausing to admire herself and ensure that she is immaculate head to toe. She also has a curious habit of sometimes repeating, very softly, the last few words of anything that is said to her. Initially, Al'ran might find this immensely distracting, but over time it will seem to fade into a background thing.

Ciseuth sees herself as very tough and practical. She will disdain emotional displays - not recognising her own for what they are - as attention seeking and weakness. In Threadfall, she will be very vocal, reporting everything she sees happening to every dragon in her Wing. She prefers to be a lookout, going for the clumps and patches that have escaped through the leading edge, and will throw herself determinedly into that task.

Ciseuth may come to dread flights. She will never hold other dragons in any great affection and certainly will not have anybody she desires to win; her own company, and Al'ran's company, is what she likes the best. When she is swept up by the moment, she will forget all that, and forget all her deep-held insecurities. She will know that she is the most gorgeous, desirable green ever hatched, and she will expect to be treated as such! After the flight, Ciseuth will bask in the happy glow for a few hours - and then demand to know why the male is taking up her precious space!

Ciseuth's inspiration was Narcissus, of varying fame (or infamy) from a plethora of Greek myths and more contemporary sources. We wanted a green with a very strong personality and a strong mythology behind her. Her name is taken from the "cissus", because we thought it sounded rather nice. We all took to calling her Cissy, and we think that suits too! Her appearance was taken from the Narcissus flower, which legend says Narcissus became. They have rich green foliage and white flowers, and they love to grow in the mud beside ponds.

This darling green has a surprisingly masculine voice, a pleasing low alto that conjures images of still lakes, and gently flowing rivers. For all that her voice is the way in which Ciseuth communicates with others it will always sound like she is more interested in herself than in what she is saying to you. The one exception being her Al'ran; to him the self-centered tone will be including. She is very visual, and will often place herself in the images she draws to speak to others.

Hatching Message:
The Celestial Halo Egg stirred sluggishly, pushing against the mounds of sand that were piled against its dappled sides to keep it upright. Anyone close enough might have heard a cacophony of tapping sounds as the hatchling inside struggled against the shell, expending too much effort in the attempt to break free to make any cries of protest. Finally, a network of needle-fine cracks threaded away from a point on the side of the shell, until the whole egg was covered in faint white jagged lines. Suddenly fragments flaked away, revealing the brightly coloured green hatchling inside. The Beholden to Beauty Green stayed where she was, her tongue lolling as she panted and shards of egg falling away from her trembling body. She lifted her feet shakily and began to walk. Her head hung low as sand kicked up around her dragging feet and the Beholden to Beauty Green sneezed violently, and dropped to the sands again. She was so weak, and the candidates were so far away…but she would choose. She hissed, and whipped her tail.

Public Impression Message:
Her movement across the sands had been slow, The Beholden to Beauty Green pausing frequently to peer at herself in the shells and shards of her siblings. She enchanted herself, and that combined with her weakness had made the relatively short distance a momumental undertaking. So what if she needed a lifemate? They would wait for her and wait they had.

Panting and shaking The Beholden to Beauty Green arrived at the line of males and immediately laid her head upon the feet of a short dark haired lad. This one would be Hers.

Personal Impression Message:
Al'ran! A masculine voice intrudes upon your mind, and if it wasn't for the green dragonet flopped on your feet and gazing up at you in the same fixated way she had gazed at herself all the way sands then it might be hard to match the two together. Oh mine, you are my reflection and I love you; do you love your Ciseuth? Will you feed me for I am so tired! The green head drops again onto your feet. Do you love me? The question flows through you again, floating on the river of her mindvoice.

Dragon Credit: Jey (and Maiden)
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Celestial Halo Egg
Egg Description: The Celestial Halo Egg is dappled gray all over, ranging in size of dapples. Much like a deadened gray moon would appear. This egg is average in shape, but larger in size, but only slightly so. The very top of the egg, where it gets smaller, the dappled gray changes to a stark off-white color. And in perfectly circular formation around this white blotch is needle thin hash marks; giving the appearance that this egg glows on its tip.
Egg Inspiration: Moon Halo
Egg Credit: Atlys

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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