Brown Ciuzukith

Impressee: Oy'vun (Oylvun)

Name: Ciuzukith
Pronunciation: See-OO-zoo-kith
Colour: Brown
Hex Colour Code: 362819
Hatching: Mid Autumn T12, 8th Pass
Final Size: 40' length of 60' wingspan

Ciuzukith is a lithe, long bodied brown. Upon hatching, he looked mostly made of neck and tail. In fact for a brief moment some may have thought the largest tunnelsnake on Pern had just hatched! When fully grown, Ciuzukith will still look very long and lanky for a brown. His head overall is a nice oval shape, but above his eyes and headknobs he has two large ridge crests that peak and sweep back like bangs on either side of his head. They then combine together and the rest of his ridges are round and low sweeping. Ciuzukith's hide is a rich deep brown closing in on black. It is mostly unchanging except for a marking along the bridge of his muzzle in the shape of rounded bifocals in a paler, orange-brown (#E47833). This paler orange-brown is also found around his wrists and ankles in a scroll-work design like a fancy embroidery along the edge of sleeves. Ciuzukith's wings are proportional to his long body to provide him plenty of lift and gliding support.

Ciuzukith is quite the curious dragon. He has an especial interest in how both dragon and human bodies work. He'll spend a lot of time just studying the way muscles move, bones extend and flex. He finds himself a kind of dragon healer and will try to diagnose other dragons' conditions and maladies. Ciuzukith is very tenderhearted. He also has a strong sense of morality, and would never break a promise under nearly any circumstances. Of course this is bound by a dragon's memory and might be bent in the event of time or need. For example, if Ciuzukith promises not to tell anyone about a secret but then later he finds out that secret would cause harm to someone, he would tell.
Ciuzukith loves to make things. They might not always be useful or understandable to an outsider, though. Mostly small contraptions that when wind or water go across them they move and make noise. So, you'll often find small devices made from twigs, grass and stones along one side of his weyr ledge. Ciuzukith is very intelligent and mischievous. The intelligent part of him makes him question everything. Why are there two moons? What is the Red Star? Where does the wind come from? His bonded will have many a headache from all the questions that Ciuzukith will have. And Oh, the ideas he'll have! How to make riding straps more comfortable. Different ideas on flight maneuvers. His largest ambition will be to try to talk his rider into promoting the use of dragon armor.
Ciuzukith is peace loving in all ways. Although he'll be told again and again that Thread is a mindless thing that kills all life, he'll wonder are they really? He'll want to know if there's some way to stop Thread falling, or if they could find a way to communicate with Thread or the Red Star to ask it to stop dropping Thread on Pern. Ciuzukith will apologize for burning Thread from the sky while fighting it. He'll create and perform a ritual before or after each 'Fall he fights in to prepare himself for the pain and anguish of the dragons who'll be hurt or die. He'll want to fly in the highest Wings so he can try to communicate with the Red Star and Thread before it reaches them.
Although Ciuzukith is a peaceful dragon, he's also very dedicated to the Weyr and protection of Pern. Therefore, he takes his training very seriously. He will excel at weyrlinghood and push himself and his rider to their limits. If he's going to have to fight Thread, then he's going to be the best he can be to keep the casualties to a minimum. He'll want to practice every part of being a fighting dragon. From dodging and betweening to control of his flame. He'll want to get so good at how he flames that he can cut off his flame in a few seconds or redirect at a moment's notice.
In matters of love and Mating flights, Ciuzukith will be a loving and compassionate. He'll be more of a one dragon kind of guy, and there's a possibility that that one dragon may end up being a gold. If he falls for a golden lovely, he'll pine and be sad for as long as his memory holds each time he doesn't catch her. Hopefully though, he'll become good friends with the gold and be able to have a close relationship with her in all other ways. If he loves a green he'll be a great companion for her and her rider. He'll make gifts for them both and want to spend as much time with his green love as he can.

Inspiration: Citan Uzuki (Xenogears)
Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Hatching/Impression Message:
The Twisted History Egg had been twitching for some time. It would jiggle and shake and then stop. For those who watched it, it would almost seem as if the egg was watching and studying the Candidates wanting to learn as much as it could before it decided to break shell. Once some of it's siblings had hatched and made their ways, The Twisted History Egg finally made its move. With a final jolt, the egg split cleanly in two along it's length as if a knife had sliced it open from top to bottom. A long, very long, body tumbled forth. For a few moments some might think the dragon within was actually the largest tunnelsnake on Pern before the hatching stands up and unfurls his brown wings. All neck and tail, the dark brown hatchling takes a moment to rest and let the amniotic fluids drip off his body.
The brown hatchling looks out at the Candidates with a keen eye. Once dry and steady on his feet, the brown makes his way slowly towards the group. Every move he made seemed calculated and planned. As he walked down the line of Candidates, the brown gave a firm nudge to his bronze brother, shoving him away from the girl he was nuzzling with a grunt. The lanky brown cocked his head up and then brought one of his two large eyes squarely on Rasnia. But after a few moments he shook his head and moved on. A few more Candidates down the line and the brown found his bonded, Oylvun. "Oh, Ciuzukith! I knew I was meant to be a dragonrider!" Oy'vun collapsed to his knees and hugged the brown. "Yes, we'll protect Pern together!" Oy'vun kept a loving hand on the long neck of the brown as he stood and then the pair walked off the sands together.

Egg Name: Twisted History Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks old…maybe it's the fact that it's an aged, weathered pale tan, with spots of white and darker browns that almost look like damage caused to it over time. Images that almost look like people are dotted about on it - these also looking faded by time - seeming to be in various poses. What does look less antique about the egg are the writing-like markings on one side of it, however, these almost looking like they've been added on by some cheeky weyrbrat who's dodged Femaith and got close enough to write on the shell.
Egg Inspiration: The 'Medieval Macros' memes, made by taking images from the Bayeaux tapestries and incorporating memes.
Egg Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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