Riding the Grid Bronze Cluvinth

Impressee: R'den (Randen)

Name: Cluvinth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: B8860B
Final Size: 42’ length with a wingspan of 70’

Cluvinth is a well built bronze and always has been. Despite being young and going through growing pains, not once ever has this bronze appeared out of sorts with himself. His proportions are near perfect and his posture is impeccable, almost carrying himself with an air of regality, while appearing fully comfortable with himself. No matter how good his carriage appears or how perfect his posture, he is always casual about it. Cluvinth has a warm, dark bronze hide with consistent coloring across his entire body. There is a hint of green in his wingsails and at all of his joints lending him a little more variation in his general hide coloration. It is not the bit of green that causes him to stand out, but rather the gold venations that streak symmetrically on both sides of his body. One follows his topline and wings while another follows his bottomline and breaks off down and around his appendages. It gives him a little extra shine and flare to his sometimes imposing figure.

This bronze has a personality that appears to be as equally composed as his build is. He is a very smart dragon, quick to learn, and otherwise always calm and patient with those around him. He speaks in slow and very complete sentences, often well thought out in advance to him even uttering one word. Cluvinth does a lot of deep thinking and reflects greatly on his actions and the actions of others. He is almost meditating when he isn’t doing something such as practicing or exercising. He will simply sit and think and muddle through a great many things, resolving upon plans and developing new ideas and theories to later discuss or experiment with later.

Since Hatching, Cluvinth has one great aspiration that he fully intends to achieve. He wishes to create a perfect world. He wants a world that is free of the silver rain, Thread. It is why his tenacity and ferocity in Threadfall is almost unrivaled. If he could chew and gnaw on the stuff simply to draw blood, he would. He is so certain that he can chase Threadfall forever from the skies of Pern that he is intensely aggressive in his maneuvers and only cedes to the words of his rider or Wingleader. This same aggressiveness reappears in flights. He lashes out without pause or hesitation at his competitors if they draw too near or attempt to cut him off. Cluvinth becomes immensely possessive of the rising females and will not yield to others easily or without due cause, such as when the risen dragon chooses her mate. He will be loud and boisterous and will fall into a fury if he fails in his flights, sometimes continuing to lash out at the others who have failed.

He is not one to misunderstand after having calmed down and reflected. He will apologize for the wrongs he has done. Cluvinth will spend his entire life battling this inner demon of his that is so full of possessiveness and bloodthirsty violence. He will do what he can to compensate for his faults by being a good leader, like he is certain he was born to be, and give his life willingly to protect the lands and beings from Thread. You can be sure that his desire to create his perfect Pern will be taken very seriously by him and he would hope by everyone else around him who knows of it.

Inspiration: Kevin Flynn and Clu from Tron: Legacy

Hatching/Impression Message:
Almost twisting and spinning in place the Northing Short of Original Egg is certainly living up to its name. After a while, it tilts to the side and begins to roll a full revolution before the large linear crack that runs across the clear middle of the shell can be seen. Flecks of shell fall off from along the line and as it falls apart more and more, the dragon within can finally start coming into view. Not until a huge gaping hole is made does it become clear that this egg was once home to a fine looking young bronze. He sniffs the edges of the shell and chips more of it away purposefully before emerging. He stumbles a little, but regains his composure. The bronze steps towards the line of candidates, but stops short of them. With a bugle he calls out to them and of them it is Randen who answers. “I am here Cluvinth, I’ll see to you’ll be fed.” R’den says as the bronze strides up to his side.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Nothing Short of Original Egg
Egg Description: It is hard to describe this egg without admitting that it is indeed very original. Medium in size and uneven in shape, or so it seems to be, this egg certainly stands out. The high variation in colors makes it an egg that few can take their eyes off of. There are blues, violets, indigoes, and even a few splotches of yellow and green. The colors look as if they are placed in various sizes of squares in every angle. Across these squares of color are lines, thin and scattered, of the same variety of colors. As if the colors were not enough, placed so abstractly without any sort of design, where two colors meet there is a beautiful iridescence. This egg shines in these various places and gives its mottled color an added remarkable and almost indescribable beauty.
Egg Inspiration: Spectrolite (Labradorite variant)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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