Green Corieth

Impressee: Dagny

Name: The Wee Little Green Corieth
Pronounciation: corr - ee -eth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 4AC948
Hatching: Mid Autumn T14, 8th Pass
Final Size: 23' wingspan of 36'

The Wee Little Green is a tiny dragon - one of the smallest in the Weyr. Her slender frame makes her appear even smaller than she is - even as a hatchling, The Wee Little Green doesn't have the baby fat that is typical of young dragons. For all her diminutive size, The Wee Little Green is perfectly proportioned, with delicate limbs that make it easy to assume she is fragile. Her face is sweet and innocent, and her head knobs are longer than is typical - and unusually, come to points. Her almond shaped eyes are also slightly pointed upwards at the outside corner.

Her small stature and apparent fragility would be easy to underestimate, but The Wee Little Green is as strong as any of her sisters. She also possess the typical green dragon traits for agility, but it's speed where she really shines. The Wee Little Green is fast - very fast - and she loves pitting herself against her friends in races. She zips through the air joyfully and will give her rider heartstopping moments as she dances with danger - pulling out of dives just when it seems she will go hurtling into the ground.

At first glance, The Wee Little Green does not stand out, colourwise. She is an even shade of bright, grass green (#4AC948). That green fades into a darker shade (#009900) on her feet, tail and headknobs. But when The Wee Little Green spreads her wings, it is obvious she is not as plain as she first appears. Her wingsails are slightly lighter than her body, and look as though they have been sprinkled with shimmering grey dust. The effect is subtle during the day, but when moonlight catches her wings, The Wee Little Green glitters.

Corieth has a lot of personality packed into a tiny body. From the moment she hatches, she will be cheeky and downright impudent. This will make her challenging for Dagny as they begin their Weyrling lessons - if Corieth doesn't want to do something, she will have no problem trying to get out of lessons and making up farfetched excuses; Slorketh, my rider has broken her wrist, we can't come to our lesson! When she is bored, Corieth will entertain herself by playing pranks on the other weyrlings and will likely land herself and her rider in trouble frequently. Her pranks will never be truly malevolent - she isn't a cruel dragon - but they will cause frustration and confusion, which gives her untold glee; Did you see the look on his face when he saw what I did to his cot?!

As she gets older, her pranks will become more elaborate and she'll get better at staying out of trouble - if someone else gets the blame, all the better. She'll still be cheeky, and she'll never really learn subtlety: Don't be so pompous, Garath, you aren't impressing anyone. Corieth speaks her mind openly and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Despite her attitude, Corieth is not mean in any way; her mischief is mostly harmless, and she is kind and caring towards any injured or elderly dragons. Even as an adult, she will enjoy playing games with the youngest weyrlings, but she is likely to be accused of leading the youngsters astray - which she finds hilarious. In truth she just enjoys their company, and Corieth will take a long time to mature - both mentally and physically.

With her fellow dragons, Corieth is a social butterfly. She loves to chatter, and despite her frequent teasing, she will make friends easily. When it comes to people, though, she isn't quite so easy. She loves Dagny and is completely devoted to her, but other humans are treated with suspicion, even rudeness. Any romantic partner that Dagny may have is particularly suspect, and Corieth will become jealous if she thinks Dagny is forming emotional attachments to anyone other than her. She has a knack for picking up on the flaws of a person, and Dagny will find herself waking up after romantic nights to hear Corieth whispering in her mind his ears are far too big for his head, don't you think?

Corieth is a true free spirit, and every moment spent with her is an adventure. She is curious about everything, but won't take answers from others; Corieth believes in investigating personally and drawing her own conclusions. If she takes a particular liking to the object of her investigations, she will make off with it. Fortunately, if Dagny is so inclined it isn't too hard to talk Corieth into returning what she stole - she will have already lost interest in favour of the next exciting thing. Her short attention span will see her racing around the Weyr from one distraction to the next, and though this trait will mellow as she grows older, she will always be an easily excited dragon. Corieth lives for the moment with little concern for what the future holds.

It is no surprise that Corieth requires a firm leader to keep her in line during Threadfall. She isn't a bad fighter - she's quite good, in fact, - but she does tend to end up out of formation in her eagerness to chase down errant Threads. She also has a bad habit of not truly listening to instructions; as in everything she does, Corieth wants to do it her own way. Her speed and agility make her a valuable wingmate, but her small size does mean that Corieth struggles to endure an entire 'Fall, particularly if the weather isn't perfect. She, however, will not admit to that weakness and it will be up to Dagny to tell her when enough is enough.

Corieth will be one of the last in her class to rise for her first mating flight, and she'll never be a frequent riser, but each and every flight will be an exuberant display of speed and agility. It will take a skilled and intelligent dragon to catch this green; words won't impress her at all. She may end up with a few favourite males, but she won't be particularly attached to any one of them, and she enjoys pitting them against one another with taunting comments; Hah! Is that the best you can do, boys?! She typically leads her chasers as far away from the Weyr as possible; even in the heat of a mating flight she delights in the mischief she can cause.

Inspiration: Pixies - mostly the folklore surrounding Cornish Pixies. Her wings are inspired by pixie dust, and part of her personality was inspired by Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan (who is totally a pixie in that version). Her name is taken from the words Cornish Pixie.

Dragon Credit: Kitya

Corieth has a sweet, clear voice, like the chiming of bells. When she is excited (often) her words spill out in a tinkling flurry, as though she can't speak fast enough. It is easy to hear an edge of mischief and amusement in her voice, and her private exclamations of glee to Dagny when she has pulled off a successful prank will be wildly high pitched. On the few occasions Corieth gets angry or upset, she resorts to making rude noises instead of conversation - although how she learned to blow raspberries is a bit of a mystery.

Hatching Message:
The Straight on til Morning Egg had been trembling regularly since the Hatching began, and the candidates standing closest would be able to hear a faint ringing from inside as the hatchling within tapped on the shell. With a sound that is more like the tinkling of breaking glass than a crack, the shell of Straight on til Morning Egg shattered into tiny fragments. Sitting delicately within the glittering dust that was her eggshell, The Wee Little Green lifted her face to look up at the crowd bearing witness to her birth.

She rose to her feet and took a step forward before turning back around to curiously inspect the remains of her egg. Satisfied, she started forward, her confidence growing with each step. Though many of her siblings have already hatched and Impressed, The Wee Little Green doesn't appear to be in any rush - her wandering took her away from the candidates and closer to the Stands.

Public Impression Message:
Having thoroughly explored the Hatching Ground, The Wee Little Green finally turned her attention to the candidates. These too would need to be thoroughly inspected. She sauntered first towards Talora, and peered at her for several moments before shaking her head dismissively. Next, Ardossan caught her attention and she raced towards him. Just when it seemed The Wee Little Green had made her choice, she pulled up short and instead, dashed behind him and headbutted his knees to make him fall.

Prancing away from Ardossan, The Wee Little Green gave the distinct Impression that she was laughing. She twined her way through the ankles of several candidates, tripping some, stepping on the toes of others. Then she arrived at the feet of one wavy-haired candidate and looked up. At last, she found someone who was perfect for her, and her adoring eyes lit up with the coruscating rainbows of Impression.

Personal Impression Message:
The sound of tinkling draconic laughter fills your mind as the green hatchling arrives at your feet. She looks up at you with a twinkle of mischief in her eye, her tiny body shivering with excitement. Dagny! Did you see how surprised they all looked? Wasn't it funny?! That clear piping voice is accompanied by the strongest feeling of love you have ever known, and you realise that you will never be alone again. You have waited a long time for me, but now you are mine! I am Corieth and together we will have so much fun! At your feet, your Corieth's eyes fill with rainbows and the greatest adventure of your life begins.

Egg Name: Straight on til Morning
Egg Description: This mostly indigo egg is squat and sits deep into the dark sands almost like a ship struggling between large waves. Speckles over this egg giving it the appearance of the late evening sky with a large mauve formation. Within this mauve blotch are larger yellowish spots which seem to form a pattern. Or is just a part of larger pattern, perhaps if you walk around the egg it'll be more clear. There is something about this egg that speaks of adventure, the sea and long voyages.
Egg Inspiration: Puppis
Egg Credit: LdyPayne

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Brown Ultioth (Su'o)

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