Green Coseseth

Impressee: L'io (Olix)

Name: Coseseth
Pronunciation: KOH-see-seeth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: B2D927
Final Size: 26' length with a wingspan of 49.1'

Coseseth is a striking dragon with unusually long ridges along her neck and tail. She's slightly smaller than average and much of her length is tail. Coseseth has more stamina than her petite build might suggest, but will struggle to last the entire fall - especially in inclement conditions. Her face is extremely feminine, with large doe-like eyes and a high forehead. 

Coseseth is a grassy green-yellow coloration, which is sunny without being painfully loud. She has a stripe along her back of bright chartreuse that starts at the tip of her nose and runs all the way to the tip of her tail. The edges of this stripe are indistinct, with hair-like coils that extend blur the edges. Coseseth's hide is naturally very glossy, even when dry, so extra attention must be paid while she is young to ensure that it is properly oiled. 

Much to the chagrin of her more ambitious sisters, she in many ways embodies several of the stereotypes associated with green dragons. What Coseseth lacks in intellectual abilities, she make up in charm. She's sweet, bubbly, and unfailingly optimistic. Coseseth has the gift of gab - while she obviously prefers talking to other dragons or her rider, she is less reserved than many dragons about speaking to people other than her rider. 

She spends a large portion of her time lounging around the Weyrlake, gossiping and offering her fellow greens useful tips to attract males with. This green isn't the jealous type, and puts the happiness of others above her own. While she's generally very friendly, she does not react well to criticism or suggestions that she take a different, more serious outlook on life. She can be downright spiteful when she believes that other dragons are looking down on her. 

When it comes to looks - Coseseth is convinced that she has the secrets of beauty all figured out. These secrets include not only mundane things - frequent bathings and oilings - but more questionably exotic methods. Mud baths, ointments made out of who-knows what - she's willing to try anything once in an effort to enhance her looks, leaving her open to pranks from her classmates. Regardless of whether or not her beauty regime actually works, she enjoys sharing these secrets with other greens. 

Coseseth doesn't have soaring ambitions of leading other dragons, nor is she particularly interested in earning a position of honor in the high Wings. She rarely puts forth her full efforts when it comes to drills, and will need the encouragement of her rider to put forth an honest effort. She believes that her true calling in life is to make the world more beautiful - and while this does include fighting Thread, she only considers this part of her job. 

As she grows, Coseseth will become an accomplished flirt, and will likely rise for the first time at a relatively young age. While she's not the type of green to chase away the winners of her flights at the first opportunity, she doesn't really like the idea of "settling" for a single male. Despite this, she doesn't like to disappoint others, and will try to let her partners down easily - frequently nudging them in the direction of a more receptive green.

Inspiration: Hairdresser
Name Inspiration: From (Cos)metician + (Es)th(e)tician

Hatching/Impression Message:
When Close Shave Egg began to show signs of hatching, it created the most fantastic illusion. The dragon inside started to break free from the top of the egg, and slowly pushed the shell away in such a manor that it almost looked as if pieces of the egg were breaking away. Although the brightly colored green inside of the egg would have been more than capable of breaking free, she chose to carefully break her shell so that she would be able to easily step outside of it. She would't be caught like some of her siblings - covered with sand and egg goo! She held her tail up high as she carefully made her way towards the male candidates. She looked at each boy in turn, when something caught her eye. Olix suddenly rushed to her side and called out, "Her name is Coseseth" after a few moments, the newly minted dragonrider burst out laughing, "And she likes my hair!"

Dragon Credit: Notomys

Egg Name: Close Shave Egg
Egg Description: The Close Shave Egg is one of the smaller eggs of this clutch. It is a rather boring shade of pale tan with a few darker orange highlights that spiral around the egg. The egg looks strangely flaky like the shell might just begin peeling off at any moment.
Egg Inspiration: Pencil Shavings
Egg Credit: Neena

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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