Patriotically Devious Green Coshieth

Impressee: Rylia

Name: Coshieth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 004F00
Final Size: 24' length with a wingspan of 42'

It is not that this dragon thinks she is a gold, for she knows she is not, it is that this dragon knows she is better than any man, woman, or dragon who would think they are her equal or better. Everything about her body language supports this one point. Whether she is laying, standing or even swimming, this green always appears to be looking down her nose at everyone. There is a set to her shoulders that she is the boss, a lift to the head saying she will brook no argument, and a glint in her eye that warns of imminent harm to any who do not respect her. Every edge to her, every clean line of her muscled body is clear and distinct, standing in sharp contrast to some of the other, ‘pudgier’, dragons of the Weyr. If her hide was a uniform it would literally stand on it’s own and she must always, always, always be polished to a high shine.

Which is quite difficult given that she is not your typical green with a somewhat shiney hide. She is a green, there is no doubt of that, the overall color of her hide being a dark hunter green. But it is very difficult to bring out the shine of it, in fact it tends to grow darker as more oil is applied rather than brighten up. However the dark color of her hide, stands in stark contrast, to the neat and almost perfect row of tiny bronze spots that she sports at the base of her neck down her stomach. These spots make almost two perfect rows, almost like uniform buttons, and are indeed about the size of a button. These few 'buttons' shine up to a bright metallic glint, and catch the sun with a sparkle that even the fish envy. This dark green stands in a neat, and symmetrical proportion, though she is a bit on the petite size for a green. Still that is all to the well, it merely helps increase her flight talents to the upper rank. With her relative small size, she can do things other dragons, even greens, would not attempt to do.

Coshieth definitely has the ‘little man’ syndrome, she pretty much got dunked in the whole mess of it. She is the Pernese equivalent of Napoleon and it started very early, almost as early as the moment her egg cracked. As a Weyrling this dragon has a drive to be the best she can be, no matter what her rider would rather prefer. She is willing, and usually volunteers, to do the things the other dragons are unsure of, which means this green will try to be first in all the ‘scary’ lessons. Coschieth will try to over-power her rider in anything related to politics. Separate rooms for boys and girls? Nope, this is the dragon who will move into the boys side. Her rider gets punished for being a female? Nope, this green will complain and not stand for it. Fiercely loyal to anyone she considers a ‘leader’, she pushes her rider to make a name for herself. Still even as a Weyrling she shies away from friendship with other dragons, having an almost snooty air about her. Coshieth has a cold disdain for anyone not going her way. Even those who are not against her she refuses to socialize with. If you are not with her, then you are against her and if you are against her then you must be against Solaria Weyr, which means you are worth less than a pound of dirt.

As an adult her ability to socialize does not improve. She retains her cold and aloof stature and frankly most of the dragons try to stay away from her, as if they sense something different about this dragon. Her loyalty to the ‘leaders’ becomes nearly fanatic and she will do anything to maintain their dominion and power, even make some suggestions that would startle any dragonman. Coshieth is willing to do the dirty work, no matter what. She does protect her own though, realizing that her own behavior could cause problems for her rider. No one messes with her rider or they’ll find dung in the weyr or their dragon skillfully blocked from the feeding grounds. She even protects those she thinks belong to her, especially anyone she Searches out. Coshieth will be a fierce Search dragon, she will let no one bar her way from a candidate, whether the candidate is male or female. This green believes in equality for the sexes and treats males and females with the same cold disdain and contempt. She is above them after all.

It is in Threadfall that her ‘little man’ mentality really shines, sometimes it can be quite blinding. As one of the smaller greens in the Weyr, there are some things that Coshieth should not attempt and, by rights, should not be able to do. Someone neglected to pass that memo on to Coshieth because she believes there is nothing she cannot do. She’ll even come to physical violence if someone riles her up enough, with only her rider able to stop her. She would never kill a person but a little maiming and bruises never really hurt a person did they? This relates to Threadfall in that she will try to out maneuver and out-fly any dragon. She usually succeeds as Coshieth is one hell of a flyer, perhaps the best in the Weyr once she gets enough practice and experience. It makes her a fierce Thread fighter, having flight capabilities like she does. Quick, agile and an intelligent fighter she can be everywhere all at once. Unfortunately her size and speed count against her in the stamina department and she is one of the few dragons who cannot fly an entire Fall. This will grate her to no end and she will try to fight her own body in an attempt to finish a Fall which could lead to injuries.

This green has no warm and fluffy edges to her, and this lack of fuzz is never more visible then when she is in a Flight. On instinct she knows she has to Rise and be caught by a male, but her flights are full of difficult maneuvers and will wear out any male who makes the attempt. Exhausting barely begins to cover her Flights but in the end she gives in only because she must. As for the morning after, Coshieth is one who kicks out whatever dragon is in her weyr. The human rider she does not mind so much, but she has a frosty air about her that makes most male dragons leave as soon as it creeps up on them. It will be difficult for her rider to have a rider as a weyrmate, since Coshieth does not care for any dragon whatsoever. And yet, a dragon of similar and like mind might find a friend in Coshieth.

In summation, Coshieth is the perfect left hand for Solaria Weyr, (as in the right never knows what the left is doing). For those she sees as the ‘Leader’ she will be fiercely loyal, do anything they ask of her, and even do some things on her own that might not rate their approval, well at least publically. She is prone to a bit of physical confrontation and will need her rider to calm her down, but she rarely permanently hurts anyone. She is thorough and meticulous, making sure each ‘t’ is crossed. Coshieth does not want platter or compliments or recognition for what she does, she wants her Weyr to succeed and thrive. And she will do anything, anything to see that Solaria thrives.

Inspiration: Benjamin Martin and Colonel William Tavington from The Patriot
Going for the Patriotic And Devious. As far as her name goes, Co for there being two (like co-dependent) and Shie for Shield.

Her mind voice is very crisp and very clear. There is an air of haughtiness to it, as if you should be lucky she is even speaking to you. You can almot see her talking down at anyone she addresses. For anyone but her rider Coshieth's mindvoice carries an edge of contempt and disdain. For her rider there is a softer side, a fondness, such as that of an owner for a pet.

Hatching Message:
The Clouded Leaves Egg hatched slowly, meticulously, as if whatever is inside would rather not come out because being outside the egg was a favor for those not worthy. Spidery cracks, nearly black in color, started from the base of the egg and work their way up, splintering and fracturing as the egg expanded. This dragon will hatch itself, it must afterall, there is no life in staying in an egg. Like the veins on a leaf, the cracks continued until they reach the very cap of the egg where they met and finally a tiny piece of this peridot egg finally broke off and tumbled to the sand. The egg gave a soft shudder and with a sound like wind through a forest, the tiny bits and pieces of the shell finally sloughed off, falling quickly to the sand.

The Patriotically Devious Green tumbled to the Sand, she was dark in color but clearly a green as she is one of the smaller Hatchlings. Everything is in a mess, her wings are folded hither and yon, legs going in every direction but the right one and it took her a minute to figure out which end is her head and which one is her tail. After a few moments of dancing about the Patriotically Devious Green finally has herself sorted out. Clumps of wet sand fall from her various parts as she stands on her own feet, wings spread aloft like an avenging angel so that they may dry quickly. The arch of her neck, the line of back show her contempt for those assembled.

Public Impression Message:
As she dried it is clear the Patriotically Devious Green is not as shiny as the others in her clutch. Her small size elicited murmurs from the gathered riders but a lot of them are pleased with her near perfect conformation. Despite her drab coloring, she is quite pretty, and with the remarkable rows of double buttons, a stand out, as she glided across the Sands. There was no awkward hopping for the Patriotically Devious Green, she might have been given a lesser color but she was every bit the dragon her dam is. She focused on one man in particular, handing out buckets of meat, the scars on his facing caught her interest. He barked an order to a someone, obviously he was a man of authority, and the green tilted her head to study him. He would be a ‘leader’ someone who need to be followed, he had food. She started his way, he had food and was of obvious worth, only to have a movement catch her attention.

Icy eyes, enough to match her own cold exterior, draw the Patriotically Devious Green slowly across the Sands. The height of the candidate made it easier to find her in the chaos of the Hatching. This person was as elegant as she was and with those eyes, well the Patriotically Devious Green had found her person. She swiped at someone who got in her way, the smell of fresh blood making her hungry. She would have stopped to eat, she was so hungry, but there was something she had to do first. The radiation of disapproval from some in the Stands reached her and she spread her wings and roared, well as much as a Hatchling can roar, at them. This was her choice, her Impression, and it was the right one.

Personal Impression Message:
You, child, the condescension in the green’s voice was attention getting. This green knew her worth and she cared not for anyone else’s opinion. I am called Coshieth. You will do quite nicely as my rider, the green announced, trumpeting her choice to the Stands again, mocking their disapproval. She would do what she wanted. That man with the scars, he is a ‘leader’ and he has food. Feed me, it was not a question but a command. The man with the scars was now forever marked as a ‘leader’ something her rider had best remember. There was no gentle head-butt, no loving gesture, the green swung her tail into Rylia’s leg to get her started towards the meat. This green would brook no argument.

Dragon Credit: Stolenhart

Egg Name: Clouded Leaves Egg
Egg Description: This egg has a solid, olive green base color, a handsome, leafy color that talks of summer. It gleams with a wet sheen to it even after the shell has long dried and solidified on the heat of the Sands, accenting the variations in the color. Patches of a softer, creamy green decorate the surface in random patterns, the edges fuzzy as the color fades gradually back into the olive green base, like sunlight through and around leaves.
Egg Inspiration: Olive green peridot with milky inclusions
Egg Credit: Hikari

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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