The Bag of Tricks Blue Coteyanth

Impressee: R'sin (Ressin)

Name: Coteyanth
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 1E3BB33
Final Size: 29' length with a wingspan of 44'

The Bag of Tricks Blue is on the small side for his color. He is not the absolute smallest blue dragon in the Weyr, but he will be close to it. He is lean and rangy with a deep chest. His rib cage is somewhat flatter than usual and his hip bones protrude slightly. This gives him the illusion of always being a little bit underfed no matter how much his rider feeds him. He has a very mobile tail that is quite strong, and a short, strong neck. His wings appear slightly too short to be proportionate to his body length, which will make him unable to last an entire 'Fall. His skull is long and narrow with average-sized head knobs. His mouth curves upward, making him appear to always be smiling. Despite all of these quirks, he works out to be a fairly unremarkably-conformed dragon.

Coloring is where this dragon really stands out. He is a rich medium blue, like cornflowers in the shade. This covers him evenly from muzzle to tail-tip. On his back haunches he has a pattern of thick darker blue lines that look like rounded rectangles and triangles, seeming to delineate the major muscle groups. In the center of each of these shapes is a smaller, solidly-colored version. The pattern goes up from his thighs and tapers along his spine to just between the wings. There are a few of the shapes on his shoulders as well. Above each of his eyes is a small, filled-in elongated triangle marking.

If ever there was a blue destined for great things, it is Coteyanth. At least, that's what he believes. He is highly intelligent and uses this in the sneaky plans he lays for the "betterment" of the Weyr. His idea of what would be fun or good for the Weyr, however, are not always those of the majority. This blue marches to the beat of his own drum, and while his pranks may grow tiresome and seem incredibly juvenile at times, he truly does believe he is acting for the good of everyone around him. He has a selfless desire to improve the way the world works in some way. The problem lies in the fact that his questionable morals may lead him to take a more devious path that many would frown upon. He's a jokester, a gambler, a trickster, and a true friend.

Coteyanth is every Weyrlingmaster's nightmare. He has a constant need to be praised for his work, even when it isn't done quite as well as it should be. He feels that those in charge should appreciate the intent behind his actions even when they are unsuccessful. He likes to ask questions- a lot of questions. It can be hard to get him to pay attention to the lesson if he hears something that he would like to focus on more than the current topic. He also likes to joke around with his classmates rather than put forth a strong effort. As he matures, he will be able to focus for longer amounts of time, and he does take pride in doing things well. His rider should be able to encourage, praise, and supply the drive to succeed at classes that would otherwise bore the blue.

Once he has learned that his tricks often backfire (as a good percentage of them almost certainly will), Coteyanth will settle into the routine of being a member of a wing. He will not be able to last an entire 'Fall due to his size and the size of his wings, but he will become something like a cheerleader, urging his wingmates on to greater aerial feats while fighting Thread. Part of the reason why he will fail to stay in the air will be his own desire to show those around him that he can char more Thread, faster, than anyone else. This will be exhausting, but he will leave every Threadfall feeling as though he has made a big difference. If injured, he will make a huge production out of it and demand attention from his rider, the healers, and anyone in his general vicinity. This fuss will be drawn out as long as his rider tolerates it, or until he is healed.

As a lover, Coteyanth will be about average. He will not chase every green, believing himself to be destined to chase only "best" female dragons. His definition of who is the "best" will change constantly and he may chase dragons at one point that he used to disdain, or will not like in the future. He will most likely rely on flattery and acrobatics to win a lady to his side, and may lose if there are many of the larger dragons around. Strangely, a large presence of bronzes in a Flight will cause Coteyanth to genuinely try his hardest in an effort to "flout authority" and he may actually beat them.

When asked if he has an opinion on fighting greens with female riders, Coteyanth will be largely indifferent. He likes people because they are an audience, and he likes women because they tend to find him sort of funny and charming. Anyone with that good of taste in dragons is surely a wonderful addition to any group!

Mythological tricksters Coyote and Anansi
Ressin is very calm and good-natured, so I thought it would be interesting for him to have a dragon that likes to test the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Coteyanth thinks that everyone deserves the same chance to get ahead. Coteyanth will likely exasperate Ressin at times with his constant need to test others and try new things. He may help his rider to be more adventurous. He will also be likely to try and provoke reactions from Ressin that he doesn't realize he could show- especially regarding the ladies.

Coteyanth has a voice filled with laughter. It is a medium tenor full of sibilant "s" sounds and occasional higher peaks. Nearly every sentence ends on an upward inflection, making it sound like he is always asking questions. When he is being serious, his voice deepens slightly and loses that sense of questioning everything. The blue's voice always conveys his devotion to R'sin in some degree, even when he is making jokes.

Hatching Message:
The Don't Touch Me Egg couldn't wait to attract attention. Despite its smaller size and unremarkable coloring, there was something exciting about the egg. With a sizzling sort of pop the shell cracked slightly. It rested a moment, and then shattered abruptly and spilled a hissing, squalling blue onto the Sands. He didn't like to be trapped! He twisted madly as he tried to take in everything that was happening around him all at once, and tripped himself on his own tail. Sitting up, the Bag of Tricks Blue immediately acted as though nothing unusual had happened.

Once he was certain that no one could possibly have noticed him making a fool of himself, the Bag of Tricks Blue began strutting toward the Candidates. For now he ignored his clutchmates, although he was already thinking of ways that he could play with them. He flirted saucily with some of the female Candidates before moving over to where the boys were, and began to inspect each of them closely. This was a decision that he would give some serious thought.

Public Impression Message:
It didn't take much time at all for the Bag of Tricks Blue to make up his mind about which Candidate he preferred. He had a wicked streak, though, and was not above making some of the other boys think that he was going to choose them. He approached Carlan first, and skittered away before getting into touching range. After that it was Levan's turn to be teased, and the blue curled his tail flirtatiously around the young man's leg before finally reaching his true target, who was a bit older than some of the other young men standing. He felt very calm, which the blue liked. His eyes were whirling with amusement and his tail lashed happily at his pranks. He butted his head against the leg of his chosen and let out a sort of imperious barking growl. It was time to get down to business!

Personal Impression Message:
R'sin! a voice burbles into your mind like a joyful shout. I hope you're ready to feed me, for we have things to take care of! The blue butts against your leg and is too excited to control his noises, resulting in a curious sort of barking growl with a definite edge of command. It's all fun and games- until it is time to eat, and then it's time to be serious. With a sudden, babyish need to be reassured, the blue tips his head back and regards you worriedly. You like me, right? You will always be there for your Coteyanth?

Dragon Credit: Rachel
Dragon Picture Credit: Jey

Egg Name: Don't Touch Me Egg
Egg Description: This is an ordinary egg. Average size, oval shape. It is an ordinary off-white color and is flecked with light brown. It looks so innocent…. But should a hand reach out to touch it, there will be a snap! and a tiny blue arc, and the hand will get a sharp shock for its trouble. Beware!
Egg Inspiration: Static discharge/Static electricity
Egg Credit: Ivy

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Fienth (F'gon)

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