Counterpoint's 1st clutch w/ Adopted Eggs

Flight - Early Spring, T7, 8th Pass
Clutching - Late Spring, T7, 8th Pass
Hatching - Early Summer, T8, 8th Pass

Dam: Green Counterpoint and Wild Green
Sire: Brown Sweeper and Wild Bronze
Bronze: 1
Brown: 2
Blue: 4
Green: 5

PC Fire-lizards:
The Harvest Moon Bronze Jeb to Vahoen (Redd)
Adult Size 18.5" wingspan of 32"
Hex Code: cbaa3a/d18410
Clutch: Early Summer P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Bronze

Physical Description:
The Harvest Moon Bronze is a big boy, nearing the top size for his color, and he holds himself as if he knows it. His barrel chest and strong wing muscles make him a serious contender in any flight and give him excellent stamina for errands or just for fun and sport. His wings are long enough to give him the lift he needs, while still being short enough to interfere as little as possible with his speed and occasional acrobatic attempts.
A stunning specimen of a bronze already, the Harvest Moon Bronze would draw attention regardless with his hide. A pale bronze reminiscent of wheat fields under the light of a full moon covers him nearly from tip to tail, broken only by flashes of a brighter, more orange color like socks on all four legs and the tip of his tail. Another splash of this orange is seen on his right hindquarter, like the waning crescent moon as summer says farewell and shades into autumn.

The Harvest Moon Bronze is a fairly levelheaded fellow. He is quiet and reserves judgment until he has a good idea of just what is going on or who someone is. In fact, he’s so laid back that oftentimes he’ll just lounge around all day rather than getting up and doing things. That’s not to say he can’t be persuaded into action, but when he is it’s never anything too flashy or cocky. He knows how good he is, and he never tries to go beyond that. Fairly adaptable, this is one firelizard who can roll with most of life’s punches; there’s not much that can really knock him off-balance. He’s very friendly, always up for meeting new people and seeing new things, but sometimes he just likes to laze around and enjoy the warm summer sun or a comfy cushion.
He has the cockiness inherent in all bronzes, but it’s somewhat tempered in him. Rather than arrogance, he radiates something more like a cool, almost cocky confidence. He doesn’t just think he’s all that, he knows it, and he feels absolutely no need to prove it to anyone. After all, he doesn’t have to. It is this quality that makes him able to befriend just about anyone.
Of course, that mild-mannered exterior has to have some flaws, and he is a bronze. He can’t help having just a little bit of arrogance to him. He’s a know-it-all and more than a bit of a smartass. Though he may not make a big deal about it, it shines through here and there. He doesn’t lose arguments; he’s always right. If he’s not right because he actually is correct, then he’s right because he says he is. That’s enough reason, after all.
In a flight, he likes to be noticed. He’ll use flashy acrobatics and show off to the best of his ability, and he’ll never perform the same way twice. What fun is that? Spontaneous and new, that’s the best way. Otherwise he’ll never stand out, and if he never stands out, how will the ladies ever notice he’s chasing them?

Libra Rooster, the zodiac signs for September (Western and Eastern)

The Compassionate Friendship Egg almost seems to bounce, if eggs can bounce, even when freshly laid. Its brilliant green shell has just enough of a yellow tint to make it stand out in a crowd, and its smooth surface somehow seems oddly faceted when the light hits it just right, as though it were merely an egg-shaped jewel. The energy that seems contained within the egg almost flows out into any that look on it, giving the idea that just looking at this egg can relieve stress or heal old emotional wounds. Such a light-hearted egg definitely holds promise for someone!

Egg Inspiration:
Peridot, one of September's birthstones.

The Creeping Fall Brown Hazard to Verily (Shouriko)
Adult Size: 16" wingspan of 27.5"
Hex Code: 72412e/dd6f00
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Bronze

Physical Description:
The Creeping Fall Brown is big and bulky, a truly imposing specimen of his color. His barrel-chested, muscle-bound figure makes his strength and stamina incredibly plain to see, and his broad wingspan speaks of the speed and power he’ll have in flight. Though perhaps not as streamlined and acrobatic as some of his brethren, he will nonetheless cut a very dashing figure in the air.
Adding to his intimidating figure is his coloring. The Creeping Fall Brown is covered in a dark chocolatey color that blends in eerily with any shadows that may be nearby. In sharp contrast to this otherwise uniform color are the splashes of brilliant orange on the tips of his wings, his toes, the tip of his tail, his headknobs, and one splash right across his eyes like a mask. The entire effect is something almost…spooky, and definitely not something you’d care to have jump out at you from around a corner.

The Creeping Fall Brown is a snarky, sarcastic little bugger. He doesn’t tend to keep his opinions to himself and will share them with you and anyone else who cares to listen, and boy are his opinions strong. Though he keeps quite a few of them to himself, if he ever gets started on a rant he’s not going to stop until he’s finished. And beware disagreeing with him, because he will argue with you. Prone to snap judgments, he doesn’t have much of a grey area in anything. He either likes you or he doesn’t, and he makes that decision fairly quickly.
Beneath that acerbic surface, though, lies a heart of gold. He truly cares for his bonded and any friends they two might have. Though easily riled at the best of times, the quickest way to earn his ire is to attack those he holds dear. Though his size might lend itself to bullying physical action, he is far more prone to tear into you with cutting vocalizations and insulting images; his wits are his weapons, and he can make good use of them indeed.
He is wholly dedicated to those who make it into his inner circle, and especially to his bonded. Beware, though, for this brown has a jealous streak and he’ll get angry if you look to be taking on another partner or replacing him in some way. He’s also prone to nitpicking, expecting the best out of everyone constantly, but there’s an underlying sense of genuine good intention. His comments are never disparaging, but more longing for the greatness and potential he can see. He tears into you to try and see what he can do to help you improve, and there’s really no doubt about that.
This is a picky brown, and feisty in flights. He chooses his females with care, and will attempt to lessen the competition with cutting remarks. Do you really think you can win this green with moves like that? Honestly, with your personality why would that gold even look twice at you? The more males he can frustrate into dropping out or even falling behind, the better. Underhanded? Yes. But then again, he’s the one who deserves to win, and there is definitely no grey area about something like that.

Scorpio Dog, the zodiac signs for October (Western and Eastern)

The Serene Poet Egg is possibly the most feminine egg in the clutch, with its delicate yet deep rosy-pink shell. Towards the center of the egg, the pink darkens to something more approaching purple, adding even more depth to the coloring. It sits quite calmly where it was laid, but there is a nagging feeling that there is more beneath the surface, a hidden passion that inspires happiness and, perhaps, creativity. Something special is bound to come from an egg such as this.

Egg Inspiration:
Tourmaline, specifically pink tourmaline, one of October's birthstones.

The Thawing Heart Brown Baihu to Jordana (Atlys)
Adult Size: 14.5" wingspan of 22"
Hex Code: eaad7b/cb0442
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Wild green x wild bronze

Physical Description:
The Thawing Heart Brown is a skinny little thing, all length and legs with wiry muscle wrapped around. As a young hatchling he might even look almost malnourished, but have no fear; he’ll soon grow into that length and be quite the slender young man. His wings are equally slender, though perhaps a touch short for his length. Not that it holds him back too much in flight; he has just the right blend of speed and stamina to make him a contender in anyone’s flight.
He also has the coloring to keep him noticeable. The Thawing Heart Brown is covered tip to tail with a pale, frosty tan-brown, as though someone covered his original rich-brown hide with a layer of ice; it doesn’t quite help the malnourished appearance he’ll hold in his younger days, but with time and care he’ll come to look quite dashing. This is also due in part to his markings. On either wing he has a vivid pinkish-red heart-shaped spot, and his haunches are covered with similar, smaller markings. The tips of his tail-forks and the area around his eyes also bear the reddish coloring, making sure he’ll stand out in a crowd.

The Thawing Heart Brown is a study in contradictions. He is an incredibly quiet, self-contained little thing but, as with any still pool, you never know what might be lurking under the surface. A cheerful chirp might be hiding an angry trill at some real or imagined slight. Still, he knows when to keep such things to himself and when to unleash them, making him a very well-behaved firelizard indeed when properly trained.
Very loving, he will go out of his way to make sure his bonded is doing all right and has everything she needs. He’ll even offer to share his food if it looks like someone is hungry or sad – people get sad because they’re hungry, right? He loves to help, and especially those he or his bonded are close to. However he’s very vulnerable and prone to over-reaction. A teasing remark or sarcastic joke can and will often be taken the wrong way, to be met with an angry reply and odd sort of wet-noodle aggressiveness; he’d never actually draw blood, but he will head-butt and tail-whip you into submission if he feels he’s been sufficiently wronged. Oh, he’ll freely admit to his own mistakes and even laugh at them himself, but don’t anyone dare make fun of him or his bonded!
In that way he wears his heart on his sleeve – or, in his case, his wing. He always seems to hold himself in just the right way, the way that – were he human – would speak to a sensitive, artistic, fragile soul. Shy, he doesn’t want people thinking he’s timid. Proud, he doesn’t want people to think he’s egotistic. Open to suggestion, he doesn’t want to be seen as easily influenced; he has his own mind, thank you! Anxious and eager to please, especially his bonded, he’d hate to act silly just to get approval. A blend of opposites, he’s slightly crazy, extremely unpredictable, and yet somehow manages to have an odd kind of innate grace.
When it comes to flights, he is extremely romantic. Offering promises of love and tenderness to the girl he’s chasing, he’ll be only too happy to cuddle up with her after the fact. He may sulk a bit after a loss, but he’ll bounce back and be right back to the chase before too long. Too many losses, though, and he may lose faith in that particular girl. Fortunately, there will be others to capture his interest, and surely one of them will be The One for him!

Pisces Tiger, the zodiac signs for February (Western and Eastern)

The Stable Sober Egg is a pretty little thing, if slightly unevenly shaped even for an egg. It looks almost as though someone rolled it along a rocky shore, with its various dimples and divots, but for all that it still manages to look lovely with its deep purple tone. Around the divots in its surface, streaking out from some of them like little rays, are traces of cloudy white that just brings out the purple color all the more. This egg has an air of calmness about it, as if just looking at it can bring peace to one’s heart.

Egg Inspiration:
Amethyst, February's birthstone.

The Touch of Spring Blue Scooby to Brina (Anahira)
Adult Size: 12.5" wingspan of 23"
Hex Code: 24ceff
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x Brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Touch of Spring Blue is on the large side as blues go, but fairly slender rather than musclebound. More streamlined than many of his siblings, he seems built for speed rather than stamina, but don’t let that fool you: his size gives him enough stamina to hold his own in most flights, and his slightly over-large wings give him just that touch of added speed to give him an edge, though they might interfere with his acrobatic ability.
He’ll definitely be an eyecatcher, size aside, though…the Touch of Spring Blue is a brilliant shade of cyan-turquoise that threatens to be almost blinding when he’s properly oiled. The only variation on his hide is the similarly brilliant green that touches his toes and the very tip of his snout, for all the world as if he’d just been delicately dipped into bright spring-green paint…or like the first buds of spring breaking through winter’s ice.

The Touch of Spring Blue missed his true calling by an unfortunate accident of birth. Had he been a human, he’d be a born Harper. This boy is a carer, and what he cares about is peace, beauty, and his bonded. He has a love for comfort, and will insist on having just the perfect cushion for his bed; he may not ask for anything else, but by Faranth he will have a comfy place to sleep and share with his friends. Indeed, it’s very likely he’ll not ask for anything else. A quiet, almost refined firelizard, he seems to somehow innately understand the concept of moderation even from a very young age.
Aside from his bonded, this blue’s passion is music. He will spend hours listening to birdsong, or a young Harper Apprentice practicing their scales, or even the babbling of a river or brook. He thrives on such things, and will go off on his own to enjoy them. Very independent, he has to have his alone-time, which makes him incredibly easy to deal with when going into a situation where a firelizard might be a distraction. He’ll never raise a fuss about you having plans that don’t include him, as that just means he has more time to himself.
When it comes to flights, this blue is constantly falling head over heels. Every girl is his ladyfriend, and he loves them all as equally as possible. But he’ll never stick with just one, that independent nature of his won’t let him. He’ll cuddle if she wants to, but when that next green or gold takes flight he’ll be right there chasing her. In that respect only he’s as flighty as any other flit.

Aries Rabbit, the zodiac signs for March (Western and Eastern)

The Calmly Courageous Egg is eye-catching just by its odd coloring. A deep forest green over its entire surface, it’s speckled with flecks of dark, rusty red as though some enterprising young artist had shaken a wet paintbrush over it…or, for those of a more macabre frame of mind, perhaps a brush covered with some other red liquid. Odd and possibly eerie speckles aside, the egg sits quite calmly where it was laid, as if ready for anything life cares to throw at it. Definitely an egg of possibility.

Egg Inspiration:
Bloodstone, a birthstone for March

The Sweet Frost Blue Kid to Donatien (Tina)
Adult Size: 11.5" wingspan of 19"
Hex Code: a5b5cb
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Bronze

Physical Description:
The Sweet Frost Blue is a slender boy, on the small side for his color. He’s not quite skinny, but he’ll never be much for muscle, either, leaving him on the weaker end of the stamina scale. Still, his small size and slender build, together with his smaller wingspan, make him one speedy little devil in the air. It’ll take a seriously fast green to outfly him.
As speedy as he is, it probably comes as no surprise that his hide is smooth and unmarked. A uniform grey-blue color, it takes on an almost icy sheen when oiled. When he’s still, it almost gives the impression that he could have been carved out of the frozen stuff; fortunately one touch will assure anyone that he is indeed alive and not an ice sculpture.

The Sweet Frost Blue at first doesn’t appear to live up to that title. He is moody, somehow permanently grumpy, and apparently apathetic about just about everything that is not his bonded or food. You are his, and you’re going to like it whether you want to or not. And so is everyone else. In fact, if they don’t like it, they can leave, who needs them anyway? Belligerent and feisty, he seems at first glance to be anything but ‘sweet’.
Deeper under the surface though, there is an incredibly loving and devoted spirit. This little boy will support you in any endeavor and be a great companion through dark times. He doesn’t care what others think of him or his ways, and neither should you. He has an excellent sense of humor and will often attempt to make you laugh with some odd firelizard joke or a picture-story about something funny he saw just the other day, you should have been there! Incredibly for a firelizard, especially for a blue, he has an exceedingly good memory for stories, be they ones he’s seen or merely heard and made up images for himself.
He also loves having fun. Playing chase with any friends he may make, or made-up games with you will keep him occupied for hours at a time. He’d make an excellent babysitter, for example, as he loves fun and games and silliness, and also loves children. It’s almost a shame he’s a he, as this flit would never abandon a clutch. In fact, you might want to be careful he doesn’t end up adopting an abandoned one he happens across in his wanderings.
In flights, he doesn’t waste time with syrupy sweet nothings or sugary attempts at wooing the female. He’s not a romantic and can’t be having with all that sappy stuff. Instead, he relies on his great turn of speed and what rapport he’s built with the female prior to the event to help him win. He probably won’t stick around for cuddles afterward, either; but he’ll be right there if he finds out that clutch is being laid! Those are his future kids, after all!

Aquarius Ox, the zodiac signs for January (Western and Eastern)

The Loyal Heart Egg is a beautiful thing, its color a deep, rich burgundy-red that seems to lighten towards the center to something more purplish-pink. It is well-formed, almost a perfect specimen of an egg. The shell is entirely smooth, but somehow oddly faceted, so that light gleams off it as though it were a cut stone. One cannot look at this egg without feeling a definite sense of solidity and trust. Here, it seems to say, is an egg you can depend on.

Egg Inspiration:
Garnet, one of January's birthstones.

The Caress of Lilac Blue Cato to Daniset (Kelly)
Adult Size: 13.5" wingspan of 24"
Hex Code: 7553fb/9e0bd7
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Caress of Lilac Blue is a big boy, nearing the top of his color range, and with the muscle-mass of a small brown to go with it. Strong and sure, he’ll turn heads with his size alone, and that muscle will see to it that he has the stamina to last even in a gold flight. His wings, long enough to give him the added lift he needs, won’t win him many speed contests but they will definitely keep him in the air.
As if his size weren’t enough, the Caress of Lilac Blue will get a lot of attention for his unusual color. It looks almost as though someone tried to dye his plain blue hide red but weren’t entirely successful; the result is an almost uniform lilac color, similar to some of the wildflowers that grow in the forest and fields. At the tips of his wings and along the primary bone, the red is more noticeable in splashes of an almost burgundy color; this is one firelizard who’ll never blend into the background.

The Caress of Lilac Blue has a spirit as big as he is. Incredibly loving, he will dedicate himself body and soul to his bonded and run himself ragged attending to her every whim. He’s a born hoverer, wanting to be nearby just on the off-chance that his presence will be needed in any way, and he will never once make a complaint. His total devotion will make him incredibly easy to train; anything you want, he will do to the best of his ability even if it means making sacrifices on his part. You are, in short, his everything.
As devoted as he is to you, he is equally steady in other aspects. This is one firelizard that is extremely difficult to ruffle. Part of the roof could collapse or a jet of flame could skim right past his nose and he would barely bat an eye – and then only to make sure his bonded is all right. Jibes and insults as to his incredibly unusual color won’t faze him either, and he is not a firelizard easily drawn into craziness or silly behavior. He has all the steadiness of a bronze in that little blue head, and it shows in his bearing.
That steadiness and intelligence also makes him excellent for looking after the interests of himself and his bonded. Need a watchflit? This is your boy. He is only too happy to look after your material possessions, or secret them away to a hidden location known only to you and him. Don’t let this fool you into thinking he’s all business, though; he can take jests and zaniness as well as anyone. Just because he prefers not to take part doesn’t mean he can’t withstand the silliness from others. Nature’s straight man, he has a quiet, flexible kind of strength that seldom needs to be overtly shown.
In flights and out of them, he takes pains to shower the females he’s interested in with praise and adoration. They’re beautiful, graceful, wonderful, perfect…he’s liable to take this to extremes, especially during a flight when he is obviously competing with other males. He’s the one who will treat the girl the way she deserves, and he’s the only one who will; he’ll sulk for a good week when he loses, but never fear. He’ll be right back in there in time for his next girlfriend’s flight.

Cancer Horse, the zodiac signs for June (Western and Eastern)

The Calm Guardian Egg looks incredibly delicate next to its clutchmates. Its shell is such a pale shade of white that it almost seems as though you could look right through it to see the growing hatchling inside. Smooth as a river stone, the light reflects beautifully off its surface and brings out other colors hidden within the translucent material; equally delicate blues and pastel pinks and oranges dance across its surface in a truly lovely silent ballet. There is something intrinsically soothing about this egg, and perhaps if you let your imagination wander you might almost think that, even as delicate as it looks, it stands as a protector for its clutchmates.

Egg Inspiration:
Moonstone, one of June's birthstones.

The Winter’s Breath Blue Baron to Ronisa (Atlys)
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 20"
Hex Code: d6e0eb/416385
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x Brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Winter’s Breath Blue is a wonderful specimen of his color, neither too large nor too small. Indeed, he seems almost perfectly sized to take advantage of his color’s speed advantage in flights over his larger bronze and brown brethren. Though musclebound, it is evident that his is more athletic than bulky; indeed, even his headknobs are slanted back as if to make him all that much more aerodynamic.
Though average in size, there is nothing average about the Winter’s Breath Blue’s coloring. So pale as to be almost white, his hide is a pale, almost delicate shade of icy blue darkening to something approaching navy at the tips of his headknobs. Covering his back, hindquarters, and underside are spots similar to the speckled felines in the jungle in that same navy color; it almost looks like specks of dark snow are covering his hide.

The Winter’s Breath Blue is a selfish little brat. His primary concern is himself and how he can best profit from any given situation, and he has the stubbornness and determination to not only figure it out but put it into action. This is a firelizard who will become expert at finding the kitchen worker who can always been persuaded to give him tidbits, and that one girl who always has a treat for a cute little blue.
It will take a lot of work to break him of his grabby, ‘gimme gimme’ habits, and he will never fully lose that side of his personality, but if he ever does mature beyond that his profiteering, power-mongering skills will skyrocket. He has to be the best and successful in whatever he does, and he will extend that expectation – and his skills in that area – to his bonded. After all, his bonded is just as deserving of the best as he is. His bonded is the best, else he never would have picked her.
This is the blue who will manage to exude a sense of dependability, even while he finds just the right people to get the most useful gossip from. Unafraid of challenges and insanely competitive, he absolutely will not back down from anyone or anything, and somehow always manages to come out of any situation smelling like a flowering orchard. He is unafraid to fight dirty and steal ideas, but neither is he bothered by others stealing ideas from him. He’s crafty enough to come up with plenty more, especially when working with his bonded.
As sneaky as he is, one might think he doesn’t have the persistence to see any of his plans through. Such is not the case, and that is especially seen in flights. This blue is unafraid to push himself forward in crazy plans, thinking outside the box and applying those ideas to catching that female, and he definitely has the will and desire to carry that plan out to the end. This is one blue who will never, ever let up.

Capricorn Rat, the zodiac signs for December (Western and Eastern)

The Workaholic Magic Egg is a beauty among beauties, standing proudly with its clutchmates. Its shell is a clear, pristine blue…or is it purple? No, it’s both, the blue and the purple blending together to create an altogether lovely color so deep you could almost look right into the egg. Not in a hurry to go anywhere, this egg is more than content to sit and be admired, and somehow encourages others to do the same. There’s no rush, it won’t hurt to stop and see the beauty of life around you every now and again.

Egg Inspiration:
Tanzanite, one of December's birthstones.

The Bountiful Autumn Green Patches to Melligan (Rachel)
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of " 20
Hex Code: 006a00/977e28
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x Brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Bountiful Autumn Green is a big girl. If a green could be built for stamina, this one is, with the muscle of a small blue on her smaller green frame, and she uses it to her advantage in the air. Her wings are just a tad longer than they perhaps need to be, but for her it works; she needs all the help she can get in getting her bulk off the ground. She might never be the most acrobatic green, but she’ll outlast a good few of her suitors when the time comes.
In addition to her size, the Bountiful Autumn Green will turn heads because of her coloring. While her base color is a rich, deep green, it only covers her shoulders and head and the tops of her wings, as well as part of her underbelly and tail. The rest of her is split between a lovely coppery brown that covers her hindquarters and face, a more bronze wheat color on her forelimbs and chest, and a paler maize that covers part of her wingsails and back. She’s definitely one of a kind.

Big in body, big in spirit, the Bountiful Autumn Green is just about the perfect model of firelizard behavior. Quiet by nature, she loves simply sitting and watching life unfold around them, and she has an incredible eye for detail. Perhaps she doesn’t have the memory to remember all of it, but the more interesting bits will last long enough for her to share her observations with her bonded at the very least. People-watching is her absolute favorite hobby, and she can sit for hours in the dining hall just watching those zany humans – or firelizards – go about their business.
Her interest in others is completely sincere, as well. She has an incredible attention span for a green, willing to simply sit and listen for as long as someone wants to talk and apparently hanging on every word. She is accepting of just about all foibles and faux pas, and will reassure you as best she can. Everyone makes mistakes, after all, it’s all right. Of course, she might also let out a trilling laugh now and again; this green has quite the sense of humor, especially where people are concerned. Flaws and frailties make life interesting, and watching the comedy unfold is prime entertainment.
Still, she is a green and as such does have a tendency towards ditzy behavior. Though she means well, her attempts at helping can sometimes make a situation worse, or more awkward than it was to begin with, and it’s unlikely she’ll ever fully understand that she’s just tilting at windmills. When her failure is pointed out to her, she’ll attempt to lighten the mood with some humor of her own, but it generally ends up with her falling into someone’s bubbly pie or a jug of klah or juice. She may be amused by social humor, but in trying to execute it herself it just turns into pratfalls.
In flights she is quite the little vixen. Any male that wants to catch her will have to outthink her as well as outfly her; she enjoys a good challenge, and a male who can keep pace with her hijinks will definitely catch her attention. If she doesn’t respect him, though, if he’s alienated himself somehow, he doesn’t stand a chance.

the Sagittarius Pig (Zodiac signs for the month of November, Western and Eastern)

The Successful Clarity Egg is certainly eye-catching, and not only for its being one of the larger eggs in the clutch. Its shell is a brilliant shade of orange, going from something almost goldenrod-yellow at the outer edges and darkening to something approaching a pale brown in the center. The color is shot through in places with streaks of pure white that emphasize the warm tones. This egg seems full of energy, and it’s hard not to look at it without feeling even the least bit happier inside. It is definitely an egg full of promise.

Egg Inspiration:
Citrine, one of November's birthstones.

The Riot of Birth Green Sollya to Fardian (Symmetry)
Adult Size: 10" wingspan of 16.5"
Hex Code: 2eaf1b
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x Brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Thawing Heart Brown is a skinny little thing, all length The Riot of Birth Green seems like a perfect specimen of her color. Average length and average wingspan make her fairly ordinary, with just enough muscle to be obvious against her green hide. Her rather streamlined build adds to her speed capabilities in the air, while her average-green build speaks to the acrobatic ability that is the greens’ forte.
Even her hide is just about as stereotypical-green as you can get, being a fairly uniform grassy green color. The one that that makes her stand out among all her color is the circle of dandelion-yellow dots around her neck. So uniform in appearance and spacing are they that it’s almost as if someone made a flower-chain and hung it about her neck.

The Riot of Birth Green is anything but average in her attitude. She would rather lounge about the place until midafternoon than get up and attend to the business of the day. It is laziness, yes, but it’s also almost a sense that she knows that whatever is coming is probably not worth any of the fuss that will be made over it. Perhaps she feels if she tries too hard she’ll affect things too much, and so she just decides not to try at all, or maybe she just has a severe case of apathy; whatever the reason, it will take quite a bit of discipline to turn her into a working firelizard.
She is intelligent, picking up on training and tasks and retaining them well, but it will take a firm hand to get her to practice until she does have them down. Keep her interested, make it a challenge, and she will pay more attention. She seems to have a sixth sense about things that affect her. She knows when she’ll be in trouble or when she’ll be praised, and she will act accordingly. Nervous or excited before, contrite or pleased during, but afterwards will always be the same reaction. There really wasn’t any call for all that fuss; she might have been better off just going out somewhere instead.
For all that apparent apathy, though, she is interested in all manner of things and will poke her nose into anything and everything you do. Going swimming? Ooh, there’s fish! Taking a walk? Look at the plants! And she will dart from flower to flower, or fish to fish, marveling at each one in turn in an odd kind of ADD. She’ll remember interesting things about each one, but there always seems to be something new she sees each time.
In flights, she thrives on adoration. Any male willing to woo her in flight stands an excellent chance of winning; if there are more than one and none of them stand out, however, someone will have to snatch her out of the sky, because she cannot make up her mind. She’ll never be much of a mother, though if her bonded shows interest in her clutches she’ll lay them someplace easily found. She won’t dote on her eggs, though; she’s just not the mothering type.

Gemini Snake, the zodiac signs for May (Western and Eastern)

The Color of Change Egg is of fairly average size and shape, and indeed could almost fade into the background if an observer isn’t careful. Its coloring is plain, not really meant to catch the eye, yet lovely in its own way. Bands of dusky pink, eggshell white, and various shades of grey that blend into either of the two cover its shell in varying thicknesses, creating an interesting, intricate, simple yet elegant pattern. The longer one looks at this egg, the lighter one’s spirits become; perhaps if you looked at this egg long enough, solutions to many of your problems might present themselves.

Egg Inspiration:
Agate (specifically Botswana Agate), one of May's Birthstones.

The Fertile Fields Green Terra to Sephy (Kelly)
Adult Size: 11" wingspan of 19"
Hex Code: 648945/9ccb3a
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Wild Green x Wild Bronze

Physical Description:
The Fertile Fields Green is a long, lithe little thing. On the large side of average, she has less bulk and more length than one might expect of a firelizard her size, but it doesn’t slow her down much. Indeed, with wings also on the large side, she is somehow incredibly graceful in flight as her wings catch the wind and guide her for all the world like a leaf.
A leaf is what she resembles most of all, too, with her coloring. The Fertile Fields Green is dual-toned, the primary color being a rich, verdant green like rainforest leaves. Accenting this on her neck and underbelly is the lighter spring-green of healthy, growing crops. This lighter green is also seen along her forelimbs and the underside of her tail, as well as in large splashes on the underside of her wings. She is definitely eye-catching, particularly when in full flight with the sun through her wings.

The Fertile Fields Green is the definition of starlet. She strives to shine and stand out, demanding the spotlight and the center of attention. She has the talent for it, too, with her graceful movements, lean build, and beautiful coloring. Determined and sharp-witted enough to hold attention once she has it, she will perform some quite amazing acrobatics for her adoring audience, strutting her stuff for the world to see. Any criticism may be met with a glare or scathing response, but it’s far more likely to just go in one ear and out the other, completely ignored as she goes right on with what she was doing.
She will not hesitate to use others as a springboard for her own aggrandizement, using someone’s head as a pedestal, or borrowing just the right blue or bronze to compliment her own coloring. Everything she does is calculated to get attention. She’ll never be one to fade into the background like some common firelizard. Oh no, she’s got style, she’s got pizzazz, and the world is going to know it! She is certain she was meant to be a gold and simply just got painted the wrong color, but that’s not going to hold this little girl back! She’s often so busy puffing her own ego she loses sight of the world around her and will end up all alone before she notices.
This is one green who lives purely for the moment. Most greens don’t plan very far ahead in any case, but this one never does. She’ll track a tunnelsnake for fifteen minutes, only to catch it and look puzzled with no idea what to do with it now. In the meantime, the snake will slither off along its merry way none the worse for wear; she’ll never be much of a threat to the pest population. Not unless it poses a direct threat to her or her bonded, anyway. Then she’s a spitfire and will stop at nothing to defend what she sees as hers. When she bothers to use that head of hers – which is seldom – she’s amazingly sharp.
Incredibly dependent, she will constantly beg for attention from her bonded. Call her pretty, assure her she’s beautiful and talented, praise her daredevil aerial stunts, but above all do not ignore her. This will go double when she rises to mate. She’ll demand the attention of every male within earshot, and any who can’t keep up with her stunts or fail to shower her with praise will be immediately disqualified.

Leo Sheep, the zodiac signs for July (Western and Eastern)

The Strengthening Stabilizer Egg is perhaps the odd one out in the clutch, seeming the heaviest of the eggs. That may be due mostly to its coloring however; the egg is almost entirely black, with bands of other colors visible in certain places when the light hits just right. Reds, blues, browns, greys, even yellow and white can be seen in some way or form on its surface. The rest of its weight comes from its apparent attitude. There is something about this egg that just seems strong, sturdy, more stable than perhaps an egg should be. There might be trouble when this one tries to hatch, if it proves as strong as it looks.

Egg Inspiration:
Onyx, one of July's birthstones.

The Summer Queen Green Inara to Nadin (Tina)
Adult Size: 12" wingspan of 21"
Hex Code: a2dc18
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, green Counterpoint x brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The Summer Queen Green carries herself with a regal air as befits her name. Large for a green – indeed, larger than some blues, she seems to think she’s simply just a small gold with odd coloring. Though she’s among the largest of her green sisters, that doesn’t mean she’s not still speedy and agile in the air; this is one streamlined green, with a wingspan that allows for a good melding of speed and acrobatics when she so desires.
Along with her regal bearing comes an almost gold-like vanity; the Summer Queen Green hates to have anything marring the color of her hide, and will flaunt it at the merest opportunity. A pure, lovely summer-green color, the only markings upon it – which she calls attention to whenever she has the chance – are bands of wheat-gold on her legs, tail, and headknobs. She seems to think that these are her proper color, and the green covering the rest of her is just there by accident.

The Summer Queen Green thrives on company, so long as it’s the right company. This is a green who eschews the company of blues in favor of browns, and browns in favor of bronzes. Golds she sees as peers and occasional rivals. She is also oddly aware of the ranks among human society, and will see to it that her bonded only travels in the right circles. Now, that is not to say she is completely snobbish; it’s simply that she likes the ability to namedrop, as it were, when necessary. She has absolutely no problem in surrounding herself with friends of all colors, shapes, and sizes, but there will simply be some times where rank wins out.
Rank alone is not enough to win her approval, however. There is more to nobility than birth, after all; this green is oddly practical for a social climber and will favor those bronzes who are not completely full of themselves, or encourage her bonded to mingle with those Master Crafters who are more down-to-earth than their peers. In part this is born of common sense, but mostly it is a way for her to control her life and that of her bonded.
This green is definitely a control freak. She likes having the last say in what happens when, especially when it comes to her. Oiling happens on her schedule, not yours, and if that doesn’t happen she will make her unhappiness known; generally this happens in the form of her going to sulk somewhere with friends who will truly love and appreciate her, since you obviously don’t. She is an incessant meddler and will be constantly poking her nose into your business. Send her on errands all you like – and she will gladly go – but she’ll always be checking up on you.
Incredibly materialistic, this green is a collector of shinies. A pretty pebble, a bit of discarded metal or glass, all goes into her collection. And the shinies aren’t limited to objects; people and firelizards also fall into her ‘collection’. She loves to help and perform favors for her special friends, but in return she wants praise, adulation, compliments, and all other such forms of attention. But beware you don’t show that kind of attention to anyone else; she does not share. You are hers, and she will drive off anyone she sees as competition.
In flights, she will use every bit of cunning and trickery she has to lead her menfolk on a merry chase. Only the best will do, only the one who is so devoted to her that he follows her every move and stays with her when no one else can or will. He alone will she choose, and if he doesn’t keep that attitude up after the flight she’ll find another male in a heartbeat. If he’s not willing to be totally hers, she’ll find someone who is.

Virgo Monkey, the zodiac signs for August (Western and Eastern)

The Actor’s Courage Egg stands tall and proud among its clutchmates, wearing its shell for all to see. A deep, vivid red-orange color, the shell is incredibly smooth and gives the idea that you are indeed looking right into the egg itself. The only variations in color are faint bands of lighter shades that wave across the shell in various places, but these only emphasize the depth of the color. This egg seems to promise good fortune, especially to those of a creative bent; ideas just seem to come straight to mind when they gaze upon it.

Egg Inspiration:
Carnelian, one of August's birthstones.

The First Bloom Green Flower-Blossom-Petal to Jocie
Adult Size: 9" wingspan of 15"
Hex Code: 00ce67
Clutch: Early Summer, P8 T8, Green Counterpoint x Brown Sweeper

Physical Description:
The First Bloom Green is a delicate little thing, lithe and slender and looking as fragile as a budding flower. She will never match many of her sisters in size, being as petite as her mother, but somehow that seems to fit her. Even her wingspan speaks to delicate strength, being just enough to give her a good advantage in speed while her small size makes it easy to perform some amazing acrobatics while airborne.
Though her size may never stand out, there is nothing plain about her coloring. The First Bloom Green’s hide is a beautifully uniform shade of pale green, reminiscent of new spring leaves and the first rains that help them grow. Only on her right haunch is her coloring marred in any way; there sits a darker green mark that, if one looks at it with the right frame of mind, looks for all the world like a little flower growing right on her hide.

The First Bloom Green may look small, but she has more than enough attitude to make up for it. Feisty and fiery, she will be into anything and everything right from the beginning and woe unto the person who challenges her in any way. Though she generally keeps that stubborn, forceful attitude down to silent forceful actions, she has extremely strong opinions and beliefs and anyone even hinting at challenging those is going to get an earful. Her hide’s not pretty? Oh yes it sharding well is! Her bonded is lacking in some way? She is not, you wherrybrained moron! It can almost seem as though this green loves nothing more than a good row.
That hardheaded nature can also make her a devil to train. She knows what should be done, and she doesn’t need anyone else thinking they know better. She’d rather try everything once before settling down and working on one thing for hours at a time. Still, once you manage to get her focused, she is an incredibly hard worker and will master that trick in half the time other greens would just through sheer perseverance.
She will constantly want to try new things, new tricks, new places, new experiences. This is the flit that gets herself stuck in a drawer because she wanted to see what was in there, who ends up going to Tillek because she heard someone talking about it and wanted to go see it for herself. Extremely adventurous, she seldom bothers to think about the repercussions of her actions, and will forget any of them with the speed of all greens. In one thing only is she steady: her devotion to her bonded. Beneath that hard, fiery exterior is a cuddly little puppy. She loves to cuddle with her bonded, and will defend her and her beliefs just as fiercely as she defends her own.
In flights, she is incredibly tricky and devious. Only the best will do, and if she has to end up getting everyone else tangled up in jungle vines through her acrobatics and weaving flight pattern then so be it. Inconveniencing the boys doesn’t matter; what matters is that she gets the best one out of the chase, and she will never be satisfied unless she has a wide selection to choose from. When she’s proddy she thrives on attention and is not above chasing other females – even golds – out of the area to have the boys all to herself.

Taurus Dragon, the zodiac signs for April (Western and Eastern)

The Energy of Luck Egg is small and unassuming, or would be were it not for its coloring. A riot of brilliant blues and greens cover its smooth surface, blending with each other in a positively lovely effect. What really catches the eye with this egg, however, is how the light affects that blue-green shell and gives it an almost iridescent look, bringing out previously hidden flashes of vivid reds and oranges as though a fire is burning within the shell itself. There is an odd energy with this egg, and a strange sense of foreboding; anyone not meant for this egg would probably do well to leave it alone.

Egg Inspiration:
Opal, specifically Australian Fire Opal, one of April's birthstones.

Notes: The clutch was a special event for the opening of Mathon Hold, with an PC green adopting five NPC-laid eggs. The firelizards were designed based on the mnths of the year, their personalities based on the Western and Eastern Zodiac signs, and the eggs based on birthstones for an entirely calendar-themed clutch

Credits: Firelizard design by Rachel, everything else by Rainewolf

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