Wise Mystic Green Crysdalith

Impressee: S'rish (Serish)

Name: Crysdalith
Pronounciation: cris - dah - lith
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 326806
Hatching: Gold Femaith x Brown Neovith , Late Autumn P8 T16
Final Size: 27' length of 50' wingspan


Despite the beautiful emerald green colour of her hide, it's hard to call Crysdalith a pretty dragon. Her hide, though pretty in colour, is oddly wrinkled in a way that makes her appear aged even as a hatchling. The elegant swirl around her eyes only draws attention to her thick eye ridges and short headknobs. Her face in general is very broad for a green, and appears unfairly masculine. Her neck and tail are both quite short, but her wings are large and voluminous. She usually allows them to drape lazily to the ground, though this does show off the lovely pale speckles that are sprinkled across them to great effect. On the ground, Crysdalith moves slowly and with purpose. In the air, she is a different story; despite her odd appearance, she flies gracefully and her large wings make her surprisingly quick considering her bulk.

Crysdalith is one of the smartest greens around. Her thoughts are ponderous and she considers carefully before speaking, but when she does speak she seems to have wisdom beyond her Turns. She will often pipe up with helpful insights and advice, and will do her best to guide her occasionally wayward rider. Even her memory, for a green, is exceptional. She will find it easy to make friends amongst other dragons, though she will silently shun any dragon she perceives to be cruel or unkind to others. Crysdalith is a gentle soul, kind to everyone - children, fire lizards, she won't even squash a trundlebug. She will have a particular soft spot for little lost souls, anyone who thinks themselves alone in the world, and will encourage her rider to befriend and care for such people. She's also likely to encourage her rider to amass a collection of firelizards for her to dote upon. Crysdalith openly shares her mind with her rider and feels strongly the emotions he feels; she is devoted to him utterly.

Threadfighting, however, brings out a different side to this green. In defense of all she cares about, Crysdalith is a furious fighter. Though not particularly skilled at flaming, Crysdalith makes up for it with passion and an unwillingness to ever let Thread reach Pern's fertile surface. Her size gives her greater endurance than others of her colour, and she will stick out a fall until the very end unless her rider orders otherwise. She fits in well as part of a team, with a strong leader to guide her passions.

Crysdalith's mating flights are not a display of agility or speed. Instead, Crysdalith uses all her skill and intelligence to stay out of reach. Her choice of suitor must be one that she feels is a kindred spirit to her own; a gentle male that will care for her. Eventually, Crysdalith desires to settle with one mate to love, and once she's found a male she's happy with she will never waver from him by choice.

Inspiration: The Dark Crystal
Dragon Credit: Kitya

Hatching Message:
The rhythmic rocking of the Meaning of Life Egg was almost unnoticeable amongst the activity of hatching dragons. Thin cracks had begun to form a circle on the eggs surface, until finally a piece fell away, leaving a gaping hole. Slowly, the Wise Mystic Green emerged from the gap, leaving the rest of her eggshell intact.

Her wings drooped nearly to the ground, egg-goo dripping from the sails, as she looked around carefully. Then she started to move, slow and ponderous steps that seemed to take great effort. She made her steady way among the candidates, fixing each with her gaze. She stopped by Nimridian the longest, staring into his face for so long some of the watching weyrfolk were sure she'd Impressed to the man. But then she glanced past him, at a waifish boy nearby.

Moving with more surety now, the Wise Mystic Green headed directly for Serish. Her eyes lit up with slowly whirling rainbows as she reached his feet and the boy dropped to his knees to embrace her, tears running freely down his cheeks. "Oh, Crysdalith, you're perfect for me."

Egg Name: The Meaning of Life Egg
Egg Description: This egg – about average in size and very ovoid – has a slightly scratchy pebbled texture when touched. It isn’t rough enough to cause pain, just a slight twinge of discomfort that makes the unsuspecting jerk their hand back in surprise before reaching forward to confirm whether the feeling was real or imagined. Some people will spend quite a while putting their hand out, pulling it back, reaching it in again, and then shifting it all over the surface of the egg. This egg inspires curiosity in many – causing them to examine deeply held beliefs and to ponder the greatest mysteries of life. Some conclude nothing greater than that they really enjoy dancing with friends and loved ones. Others come to much more serious conclusions.
Egg Inspiration: Hokey Pokey Ice Cream
Egg Credit: Michelle

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Brown Neovith (S'wyn)

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