Green Crystath

Impressee: R'lon (Roccalon)

Name: Crystath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 7CCDAD (616D7E)
Final Size: 24' length with a wingspan of 40'

A very pretty green, she is a pale shade of pastel green but has a remarkable smattering of blue and yellow mottles that help her to stand out amongst her fellows. She is lightly built, with long lean limbs and wings; her head knobs are slender and pointed. The only place Crystath is not so lightly built is around her hips. Crystath moves around very lightly as if she is always gliding and flying about the place, once she is coordinated of course.

Crystath is a very kind and caring little green dragon. She loves plants and other animals and adores watching them grow. It is no wonder she feels so hurt when one dies or when Thread reaches the ground. She even is a little regretful about her meals. It is as if she is very sorry that she needs to kill other animals in order to survive and protect others, thus she’s developed this habit of apologizing and taking her meals for being what they are. Not one to listen to gossip Crystath will always go looking for her own answers. Often wandering off when she's meant to be focusing. She can be somewhat naive and trusting.

Inspiration: Crysta from Ferngully

Hatching/Impression Message:
There is hardly a moment that goes by from the very start of the clutch than the Iron of the Sea Egg burst apart so easily. For such a large egg, it is surprising to see such a small green sitting in the hallow with the remnants of shattered shell about her. She appears dazed from the sudden loss of her previous abode and begins to creel at her loss of it. Her lovely pastel green hide with its highlights of mottled blues and yellows begin to show as the egg goo dries from her hide. Still creeling sadly, she begins slowly and wobbly, almost falling before reaching Roccalon and leaning up next to him. “Oh, er, don’t cry so Crystath. You’ve a new home now with me, R’lon, don’t you?” He cooes to her and urges her to go with him.

Dragon Credit: Maiden

Egg Name: The Iron of the Sea Egg
Egg Description: A relatively large egg, the Iron of the Sea Egg is a beautiful translucent light pastel blue-green, just opaque enough to be maddening as if it's asking you to try and see right through it. A white rod seems to pierce it's centre from top to bottom, no matter what angle you look at this egg from. It gives the outside of the egg the occasional bright white ray banding it. These seem to change and shimmer at the different times of day. As Hatching day approaches do you think this egg has got lighter in colour since it was clutched?
Egg Inspiration: Cats Eye Aquamarine (Beryl with Iron 2+ ions and inclusion)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Midath (C'rian)

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