Blue Curacaoth

Impressee: U'tzel (Uretzel)

Name: Curacaoth
Pronunciation: KEWR-eh-south
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 22BBFF (1144BB)
Final Size: 34.5' length with a wingspan of 56'

Curacaoth is slender for a dragon his size, on the larger side for a blue. He is built slim and aerodynamically, with a fairly compact body that emphasizes agility. He could easily be argued to have the frame of a green but without the feminine tones; rather he does boast his masculinity in the form of lean musculature and broad wings. His strength and stamina are not exceptional, but good enough to keep him flying through a difficult Threadfall. As such, he will be one dragon that will have no trouble keeping up with and catching greens in flight.

However, his hide is also a feature that will be attractive to the greens. Curacaoth is mostly a shade of very vivid true blue, and bathing and oiling will give it a captivating gleam. The shade is unnaturally beautiful, and sometimes looks as if you are gazing into clear waters. His hide darkens only slightly, nearly unnoticeable, at the end of his extremities — muzzle, head knobs, and tail. But his wing membranes are distinct in that they are a much lighter shade, more of a sky blue that appears almost translucent.

Curacaoth is a nocturnal dragon, if such a creature ever existed. He will despise the fact that everything seems to occur during the day, and will sleep in as much as he can in the mornings. Come evening, when most dragons and humans begin to tire and prepare to sleep, Curacaoth will start to become more energetic and will insist on starting activities at this time. This mostly includes conversing with fellow dragons, flirting with any green that comes his way, and doing anything else that does not require too much thought. 

This is a dragon that is not the most intelligent, but Curacaoth makes up for it with his sociability. He might appear lazy as he only does as much as is required of his duty, and he's generally not one for intensively physical activities, but it's really because he enjoys conversations more than anything else. He is the dragon that will listen to everyone else's problems, and most dragons will know he is the go-to when one wants some advice or simply to rant and a shoulder to cry on. And oddly enough, he will actually be full of wisdom — and eventually experience when he's heard a good share of stories — that he will be more than happy to share. But whether the other party wants to take his advice is not his concern.

At night is when Curacaoth is more likely to engage in playful behavior. He is always a fairly calm and carefree dragon, but it almost seems as if his energy level is directly related to darkness. The later at night, the more one will be able to convince him to go on exploratory adventures or even persuade him to join in on some mischief. Fortunately he does not care to bother any sleeping individuals — except maybe his rider, who he believes should learn to enjoy the nocturnal life as well — and will only bother those that are already awake to keep him company.

But the real oddity to this dragon will be his interest in alcohol, especially wine, and his eventual knowledge of the subject. He is always disheartened by the fact that his rider seems to have no passion for the wine craft despite having been a vintner, and Curacaoth will often be asking questions about wineries and winemaking. After awhile he will become somewhat of an expert on the subject, and he might forget everything else in his life, but never facts he's learned about alcohol. And although he will not particularly like the taste of alcohol himself, he will not hesitate to encourage his rider and other humans — and sometimes fellow dragons — to drink their problems away. 

Flights will be one of this dragon's favorite activities, and the few instances where he will exert more effort than usual. Curacaoth is a tail-chaser, and will fly after any and all greens. He is a natural flirt that always knows how to appeal to a female's better nature, and he will always be full of advice for his rider when it comes to women. For his own romances, he prefers not to stay with the same green for longer than a few days — maybe a few sevendays if she is particularly pretty and interesting to talk to — but otherwise he will quickly lose interest when a new green comes by. 

Inspiration: Bartender
Name Inspiration: Blue Curacao Liqueur

Hatching/Impression Message:
For awhile, it almost seemed as if The Sticky Fingers Egg would not be hatching. But just as most of the dragons were done with their impressions, it was then this egg began its movement. The egg didn't seem so much in trouble as it was only being lazy, as if it was still much too early for it to be hatching. Eventually, after shuddering and shaking, it toppled to the ground and the shell fragmented into multiple pieces. In the colorful pile of wreckage lay a beautiful blue, who glanced around tiredly as if he had just woken from slumber. Then slowly, almost lazily, he stretched — wings spanning to show off the bright blue of the membranes — and gave a yawn. There it sat for a short moment, looking about him and realizing that he was the only one left in the sands. That seemed to perk the blue up, and he did not hesitate as he bounded somewhat awkwardly towards the remaining candidates. He managed to come to a skidding stop in front of Uretzel, but tumbled onto his stomach at the last moment, and he let out what sounded like an amused rumble. "Curacaoth! You are so silly!" U'tzel laughed as well as he stepped forward to help his dragon up from the sands. "You must be very hungry after all that waiting, let's go get you some food."

Dragon Credit: Starr

Egg Name: The Sticky Fingers Egg
Egg Description: Compared to all the other eggs, this one might stand apart for sheer oddity. The myriad of colors that cover the shell of this very round-shaped egg are in nearly every hue. More than the color variety themselves is how there are splotches of iridescence and metallic glimmers all across the surface of the egg. In fact, this egg is like a mixed bowl of hard candies. You might even be afraid to touch this egg or to move it about for fear that your hand or the black sands of the Hatching Grounds may stick to it. In fact, the egg's shell is very smooth with a few rough patches here and there.
Egg Inspiration: The Candy Bowl (technically not supplies, but still delicious addition)
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Iridith (Niru)
Sire: Bronze Tauchisath (I'mane)

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