Eye of the Beholder Bronze Cygneth

Impressee: T'ai (Taitalos)

Name: Cygneth
Pronunciation: Sigh-guh-neth
Colour: Bronze
Hex Colour Code: C9BE62 (808088)
Final Size: 44' length with a wingspan of 78'

As a weyrling, Eye of the Beholder Bronze is often teased about his appearance by his clutch-mates because he simply does not look the part of a bronze dragon. His entire frame is just odd to look at like someone assembled him with only mismatching puzzle pieces. His portly body is supported by short legs that look as thin as toothpicks threatening to snap at any moment. His thin legs are perched on top of ridiculously massive feet which point inwards causing him to trip over himself all the time. His short wings seem like they'd be insufficient for flight. Most of his chub seems centered around his hinder-quarters and underbelly making him look inordinately back-heavy especially in comparison to his weak chest. His shoulders seem close-set resulting in a slender chest that looks more feminine than masculine. His neck is thin like his legs but long, far too long, for his body. It is strangely malleable like it isn’t attached firmly enough to his shoulders. His tail is the opposite of his neck being short and fairly stout. 

Eye of the Beholder Bronze's hide looks as if he has never been oiled in spite of his rider devoting many hours to thoroughly oiling every nook and cranny. His hide is patchy in places like he is growing too fast for his skin even though he is smaller than some of the browns in his class. His hide has a grey-tinged quality and the patchiness even looks more brown in places then bronze. He has dark black spots at the corners of eyes that seem to run down his snout like tears. Eye of the Beholder Bronze's sickly look will be a constant concern for his rider and the Weyrlingmaster while a constant source of self-consciousness for the bronze. 

The Eye of the Beholder Bronze lends truth to the phrase that good things come in small packages. He might always be a step behind as a hatchling, constantly playing catch up with his larger brown siblings, but by the time he reaches maturity he will have shed his awkward exterior as well as his awkward demeanor. His growth is slower than the average hatchling except for his wings that seem to grow at twice the rate of the rest of his body becoming almost as large and clumsy as his feet before the rest of him catches up. His baby fat is replaced by hardened muscle making his hinder-quarters a major power source for the bronze. He will have one of the quickest take-offs in the Weyr being able to thrust himself off the ground at astonishing speeds. His fore-legs and his chest will develop a healthy layer of lean muscle although they will always be on the thinner side. His wings will grow to be almost twice his body length. They won’t give him much maneuverability but there is a lot of power in his down-stroke and he can easily outlast some of the smaller bronzes. The Eye of the Beholder Bronze will eventually take his place as one of the largest bronzes in the Weyr.

The Eye of the Beholder Bronze becomes sleeker as he ages losing the ugly patchiness that plagued him as a hatchling. His hide lightens from a brownish-bronze into a golden bronze with barely a blemish except for the black markings running from his eyes. If his hide is closely studied, the same greyish undertone is there but rather than the greyish tinge which comes with sickness it looks as glossy as steel.

If there was ever a dragon that truly matured over time, growing wiser and stronger with age, Cygneth would be the one. He may start off as a young and almost ignorant hatchling, hardly knowing what to do with himself especially with all the expectations thrust upon him since he is a bronze dragon – and more so because his rider is renowned for such feats of heroism – however, over the Turns, time will ripen the mind and body of this dragon until he blossoms into the confident and compassionate leader that he had always been. All he needed was a little push in the right direction by his esteemed elders, and of course, the unwavering faith of his beloved T’ai.

As a weyrling, Cygneth is the complete opposite of what one would expect of a charming and confident bronze leader. Especially since he is the only one in the clutch, most of his dragons in his class will automatically look to him for guidance, but he will offer them nothing more than an uncertain look and indecisive response. He will be what can only be described as a pushover in his first Turn of life, easily overshadowed and shoved aside by the stronger personalities and more ambitious natures of some of the dragons in his class. And unfortunately he will allow them to trample all over him, quickly backing off at any sign of a confrontation and shying away from any sort of responsibility. He is particularly sensitive, becoming easily depressed by any insults or even criticisms thrown his way, and likewise he does not want to offend anyone with his actions or mere words. Part of the reason for his timidity is because of his rider’s reputation, and his own fear of failure, as he does not want to disappoint his rider by not living up to the expectations of everyone in the Weyr; after all, a hero as heralded as T’ai deserves only the best bronze.

Fortunately as he matures and learns more over the Turns, Cygneth will begin to slowly shed his shyness and reluctance to take up responsibilities. The gradual change will be due to his looking up to strong bronze dragons – such as those of the Weyrlingmaster and some of the Wingleaders – as role models, and encouragement and reassurance from his rider. After being forced into the role of leadership quite often, seeing as how he is the only bronze dragon in his class, he will learn to be more assertive and not always second guessing his decisions. Initially he will turn to his rider for support and even comfort should someone disagree with his judgment, but eventually he will start to become more confident and certain of himself. By the time he has graduated from weyrlinghood, he will no longer be the timid and tentative young dragon he once was. Instead he will be eager to prove himself in a real Wing, to show the Weyr that he is indeed worthy for his beloved T’ai. Although he will never be as ambitious or aggressive as some of his bronze brethren, Cygneth will be more willing to take on responsibilities and assume the role of leadership should the opportunity ever arise.

After a few Turns into adulthood, Cygneth will slowly start to show his true colors. He will be confident but compassionate, firm but forgiving, and he will be the first to know that one can never judge a book by its cover. As such he might even have a soft spot for the weaker or uglier dragons, wanting to help them grow into themselves in a way that no one had done for him in his youth. He will never be like many of the bronze dragons that are arrogant and flashy, instead preferring to stay quiet and observe unless engaged directly. Once he grows out of his shyness, he will also become more friendly and sociable over the Turns, and he likes to try and make friends with everyone. He also has a forgiving nature, because if he has been lied to or wronged, he strongly believes in second and sometimes even third chances. Often times it will take his rider to convince him that some individuals are simply "bad" and cannot be changed no matter how hard he tries. These realizations will disappoint him, but Cygneth will have grown a tougher hide by then that he is not so easily hurt or offended as when he was a weyrling.

In Threadfall is where he shows his true nature, even from an early age. In his youth, before and at the beginning of a 'Fall, Cygneth might be uncertain and even slightly frightened, and it will take the steady mind and strong will of his rider to keep him calm and focused. But once the 'Fall starts, Cygneth will actually forget about his fear as he will no longer have the time to dwell on his own uncertainty. Instead instinct will take over, and he will surprise many with his strength and quick-thinking, and it will only be when someone points it out to him will he start to falter. If he manages not to be distracted the rest of the 'Fall, however, he will do exceptionally well and rarely be injured. Fortunately as he matures and grows older, his confidence and strength will become more evident during Threadfall and even drills, and after some time he will prove that he has the potential to be Wingsecond and even Wingleader. It might take some encouraging and convincing from his rider at first, but the idea will start to appeal to him so that he starts to worker harder than before. Cygneth will be a powerful Threadfighter regardless, and this is when many will truly realize his worth.

When it comes to flights, Cygneth will initially be uncertain and tentative. He will unlikely chase greens in his youth, believing that they are far too quick and agile for the likes of him to catch. Only after a few Turns, and if his rider strongly encourages him — and especially if T'ai is particularly fond of a greenrider — will Cygneth brave the fear of failure and chase after a green. And once he has chased a few of them, he will become more confident, finding the flights to be an exhilarating challenge and slowly learning not to care if he does not succeed in catch a green; instead, he knows to learn from his mistakes and that he can try again next time. If he manages to catch a green, he will be fond of and faithful to her until her next flight. As for golds, however, Cygneth will always rise to chase them once he hits maturity, though he will do so out of a sense of duty to the Weyr and to his rider more than anything. His first few gold flights, he will shy away from the gold and even be intimidated by the other bronzes, and it won't be a surprise if he drops out of them early. But once he gains more confident and courage over the Turns, and realizes that he can outlast many of his bronze brethren, Cygneth will fly with more strength and certainty, and he will turn into a fierce competitor that will strive to match the golds for their every move.

Should he catch a gold and become a father, Cygneth will immediately think of himself as attached to that gold. He will still chase other golds, but not with nearly as much effort, and he will stop chasing greens altogether. Such dedication and devotion to the gold will only waver and wane should she purposely and adamantly reject him, in which case he might go into a depression for a few days. But should she accept him, Cygneth will be a very loyal and steadfast mate, and he will be just as protective and caring of a father, doing whatever is needed to shelter the eggs. His interest in his children will continue into weyrlinghood, and he will always watch over his clutch during their early Turns and offer a comforting wing should any of them need the support. Even once they have graduated and his memory of them fades, he will still hold an absolute understanding that these dragons are somehow closer to him than the rest, and he will be forever see them as his to protect.

Inspiration: The Ugly Duckling

Hatching Message:
Nothing much had happened with The Timbenana Egg since an errant tail from one the hatchlings knocked it onto its side. It continued to remain still as more of the eggs erupted around it. A small crack appeared at the top of the egg but this slight progress was barely noticeably through all the excitement on the Sands. An unseen push from within caused the top of the shell to crack. A head emerged shortly after. The rest of the hatchling then slipped discreetly onto the Sands. The hatchling lay in an exhausted heap not even summoning enough energy to stand up and shake off the egg still clinging to its side. There might be some confusion when the hatchling is finally spotted. Was it a brown or a bronze? Either way, the hatchling looked sickly like he was suffering from some invisible injury as he wheezed on the Sands. He finally seemed to summon enough energy to stand although his thin legs trembled dangerously as he stood. He took a step forward almost falling when his big foot caught on his other leg. The Eye of the Beholder Bronze had to steel himself before taking more, small, determined steps towards the candidates.

Impression Message:
Taitalos was having quite a day. The Hatching had started off quietly for him, no fuss no muss, and he had managed to stay far away from the commotion that had occurred at the beginning. It had been quite a depressing start, but things seemed to be going smoothly afterwards up until those two greens hatched. He had to quickly move out of that green's way as she latched onto Todrin standing beside him, except he'd accidentally tripped over her tail — he could've sworn she'd swiped that out towards him on purpose — and it had taken several stumbling steps to regain his balance. Then he'd bumped into the second green that looked like she was trying to climb into the stands, which had moved her off of the poor Healer who'd gotten in her way. And because this was how his life went, everyone had applauded him for saving the young man — Arseni, was it? — and now he was a hero again. It seemed he couldn't escape the attention even at the Weyr.

And Taitalos was ready to call it a day by then. There were only a few dragons left on the sands, and if they weren't looking his way now, they weren't for him. But it was as he was starting to walk away did he hear the pleading voice in his mind, My T'ai, you are not leaving me like everyone else, are you? and that caused him to freeze. Slowly he turned around and his eyes met that of the bronze hatchling, the poor dragon that had been pushed about by his clutchmates. Then suddenly he was rushing towards the dragon, his dragon, and before long he'd dropped to his knees — ignoring the scalding heat — and wrapped a reassuring arm around the bronze. "I'm here, Cygneth. Nobody is leaving you behind, I promise."

Dragon Credit: Neena and Starr

Egg Name: The Timbenana Egg
Egg Description: A rather pale egg, is the Timbenana Egg, though it's unlikely anyone will ever admire it for its subdued simplicity. Fact is, this egg looks like something took two completely different eggs and mashed them together. The well-shaped bottom half is very plain, an almost sickly silver colour that doesn't seem to shine much, even in the bright light of the hatching. If you look at it too long, your eyes go…fuzzy. And is it watching you back? But that's ridiculous, right, because a whole egg couldn't be watching you, let alone half of one. The top half is much more inviting to the eyes, though even then…it's still odd. It's a silky yellow colour that glistens wetly. The surface of this half of the egg almost seems striated, and it comes to a rather narrow point, for an egg. At the midline, where the two colours meet, it looks as though the yellow has started to leak mushily over the silver, giving the egg a lump around its middle.
Egg Inspiration: Banana Mania and Timber Wolf, because clearly they're related.
Egg Credit: Jey

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Poerath (H'den)

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