The Dirty Blue Cyraeth

Impressee: A'ren (Aubren)

Name: Cyraeth
Name Inspiration: Cyril from Princess Ida

Colour: The Dirty Blue
Hex Colour Code: 000066
Final Size: 29' with a wingspan of 48'
The Dirty Blue is one of the smallest hatchlings in this clutch even rivalling some of the greens with his tiny size. This will persist throughout his life, never reaching a large size even for a blue. His legs seem somewhat disproportionate, longer than would perhaps suit his rather stocky body, though his wings are just the right size. His colour also does little to make him stand out amongst the other hatchlings as his dark appearance lends little to the overall impression of this dragon being the runt of this clutching. Interestingly The Dirty Blue’s multi-faceted eyes appear to whirl and change faster than normal, this gives him the impression of having a quick mind sometimes barely contained from making an inappropriate or scathing comment. He walks with something of a swagger, though at this young age, it’s more of a drunken stumbling.

Cyraeth's small size and dull colouring will mean that he will rely heavily on his personality to make an impact on others and make friends, however he is hardly lacking in that respect. His quick wit and friendly demeanour towards other male dragons will help him forge lasting friendships with many different types of personality. He is loth to be without these close companions and prefers to spend much of his time in the barracks, or, later in life, in his wing with those that he has grown to know well. In times of trouble Cyraeth will frequently be forced to rely on his closest friends for assistance due to his small stature and limited strength; however he will also be careful to not 'bite off more than he can chew' in who he argues with. This is not based on cowardice but on not drawing his friends into unwanted conflict. The main focus of Cyraeth's personality however is his constant pursuit of the opposite gender, though not particularly seeing them as being friends he will spend much of his time seeking a green (or even gold,) that would not rebuff his advances. Due to his diminuitive size, though, he may find this challenging, and many a lady will probably turn him down. Any relationships that he does form with females will be short lived and would rarely go past a flight itself. Even in situations where his chances of being accepted are comically slim he will still remain flirty and suggestive around any female dragon, save his immediate kin.

As he grows older Cyraeth will hardly mature: for many years he will see himself as being the 'loveable rogue' of his youth, making strong friendships and chasing the next female to walk into his path. However as he begins to see his friends mature and settle down he may also begin to see the attraction of a more longterm mate. He may begin to look at females less as the subject of his next conquest and more as being a life partner. However it will still require a strong willed and mature female to bing this small blue into a steady relationship, and a close eye to keep him from straying. Anything less than this and the relationship is unlikely to last long. His endearin personality however will ever falter and he is likely to maintain friendships throughout his life especially with those closest to him, even after settling down with a mate.

Though manouverable in the air this dragon's abilities will not lay in fighting, and some might complain that during Threadfall he'd be better employed in other areas of work such as organising and assisting with the transport of supples with the weyrlings. However, like all mature dragons it's his duty to fly Threadfall. His small stature means that he may find that he tires sooner than some of the other dragons and he will have to be eating firestone much more frequently than some, even the smaller greens. Though he may find this somewhat demoralising he will relish the accomplishments of his friends in the destruction of Thread. He'll likely insist that they have some sort of after party, forgetting his weariness in favour of celebrating another 'fall well met. Not that this is exactly feasable for dragons, so he may have to just content himself with a good bath to be rid of the smell of firestone, and maybe a plump herdbeast to restore his flagging energy.

In flight Cyraeth will not have the speed, strength or endurance of many of the other dragons. He will therefore be forced to rely on his manouverability and on clever tactics in order to win out in any flight. He will frequently rise in flights that are well beyond his ability, with the idea that he may manage to outsmart his opponents. This thought process may even go to such an extent that he might chase in a gold's mating flight in the vain hope of victory over the much larger dragons. Doubtless he'll be laughed at for his efforts, but he'll have no shame in it. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Cyraeth will have more luck with the smaller greens however, the largest ones usually able to outfly him due to his lack of stamina. To any green he catches he'll be a pleasant companion, quite happy to spend time talking with her after the flight is done with. This peaceful time won't last for too long though, as he'll have to brush her off eventually – there are just too many greens (and golds, if he had his way) who are wanting of his attention. And, he'll tell you in private, half the fun is having lots of girls lust after you. Retith will be an interesting case. Cyraeth will be happy to have a friendship with her, and though he'll enthusiastically persue her in flight, he wouldn't be entirely happy to 'settle down' with just her. This may be something for you, him, Retith and A'nar to figure out together.

Inspiration: Cyraeth is inspired by Cyril from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Princess Ida, and his personality is based on aspects of the character.

A tenor, Cyraeth's voice is pleasant for all that it is higher pitched than most males'. His words always flow just right, and though he often speaks quite rapidly, he will always be decipherable. He also has a knack for making his voice just the right strength. A whispered word to a lady dragon will always have just the right soft and sensuous tone; responses to a Wingleader's commands will be strong and sure. That and his natural ability to pick up words, both from you, his harper partner, and from those around him, will make him quite the silver-tongued fellow. He'll be fond of using mental imagery, and, surprisingly, the scent of flowers will often be sensed in his mind voice.

Hatching Message: The Cultivate Your Garden Egg shuddered before violently rocking once flicking a small amount of the sands from the hatching ground off of its rounded sides. It then slowly rocked back to a resting position and remained still for several more minutes before the top suddenly burst violently, shattered fragments of blue-green shell littering the surrounding sands and the tiny hatchling fell over his own feet to escape from the remains of the egg.
Public Impression Message: The The Dirty Blue finally seemed to identify the right candidate and began to trot awkwardly towards the delicate, blonde-haired youth stood in his plain white robes. The hatchling slowed to a walk and finally stopped in from of the lad, looking up at him with his swirling, rainbow-coloured eyes.
Personal Impression Message: A presence is in your head, bright and amicable as it speaks to you in a light tenor voice. Aubren! A’ren! It’s all the same now! I’m Cyraeth. He sounds rather pleased with himself, as he settles happily into your mind, binding the two of you eternally. I think it’s time for lunch. There’s some nice roast meat for us, right? And now the feeling of an intense hunger is bursting forth – it needs to be subdued!

Dragon Credit: Legal

Egg Name: Cultivate Your Garden Egg
Egg Description: This egg looks like it's rolled a lot further than just around the Sands. Quite round for an egg with what looks to be a coating of travel dust upon it's surface. Upon closer inspection there's a plethora of colours smashed and cracked across its surface. The bottom part is mostly brown zigzagged with black and pools of red. The top half is more blue green, with a large white waveform cresting the top; specks of brown and beige and white are in some places and if one was able to get close enough to inspect they could play that trick that clouds do; appearing to be a person or a boat or a bit of driftwood.
Egg Inspiration: Candide (I thought this sounded suitably like Candidate and it was meant to be a comedy!)
Egg Credit: Maiden

Dam: Gold Siheth (Juleia)
Sire: Bronze Hrementh (T'corav)

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