Move From Here to There Green Cytegeth

Impressee: H'za (Hoaz)

Name: Broliath
Pronounciation: BRO - lee - ath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 49E20E
Hatching: Gold Euliath x Bronze Aquarith, Late Autumn P8 T17
Final Size: 25' length with wingspan of 41.5


Mini Bio:
A surprisingly vivid light green, Cytegeth almost seems to have a glow about her all Turn around. Though she falls in the lower size range of the greens, being so small, Cytegeth is a perfectly well-formed little dragon. All nicely proportioned, she's a good one to study as an example of dragon anatomy: no inch of spare flesh, no overly long limbs or disproportionate eyes. She'll be a willing one to be examined, too, though certainly not to be admired. Cytegeth is the epitome of modesty, hating nothing more than blowing her own trumpet about herself or her achievements.

And achievements she will have. Cytegeth will very much be one to apply herself to a task given to her, or to something that she finds particularly interesting. She'll study it extensively, then start to put the theory into practise. If she fails, she'll pick herself up and get back to work without a word of complaint. She has an innate determination, and while she will succeed at things through her sheer determination, she'll never let herself develop an ego. If there's one thing Cytegeth hates more than anything, it's arrogance.

She'll be an independent dragon even at a young age, and will enjoy her alone time - some may mistake this for aloofness, but Cytegeth just enjoys quiet, and time to put her thoughts together and consider things. She'll never be very close to Euliath, but she'll have a lot of quiet respect for Aquarith. Cytegeth will show a love of plants from a young age, and will love flying out over Holds and seeing their crops. She may even ask the Holders questions about what they're growing! She will never be very interested in male dragons, nor in babies. Flights will happen and be forgotten about, and even if her rider has children, Cytegeth will never take anything more than a passing interest in them.

Inspiration: Cytegeth is inspired by Barbara McClintock, an early pioneer of cytogenetics and discoverer of genetic transposition through her extensive work on maize genetics. She won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and is the only woman to have an unshared Nobel Prize in that category.
Dragon Credit: Emma

Dam: Gold Euliath (Kimber)
Sire: Bronze Aquarith (Xer'zyn)

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