Impressed to blue Aposoumeth

Name: D'ar (Daraugh)
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: P8 T5
Birth Place: Solaria Weyr
Rank: Weyrling
Former Rank: Weyrbrat

Big decisions were never Daraugh's forte. Let’s face it, even small decisions challenged him. Whenever it came to deciding what he wanted to do with his life, he put it off as long as possible. But with pressure from his Master Woodcrafter father and his fifteenth Turnday having come and gone, Daraugh had to do something. Rather than join a craft (any craft) like his family would have hoped, he jumped into candidacy, hoping he could buy some time to decide what he really wanted to be when he grew up. He never anticipated Impressing when he asked to stand for Ceocayath's P8T21 clutch. With his spindly build, indecisive nature, and general lack of ambition for fighting, he never thought the dragons would seek him out.

Mini-Biography Credit: Corgi

Father: Unnamed Master Woodsmith

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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