Impressed to Brown Avoth

Name: D'rel
Gender: Male
Birth Turn: I7 T155
Birth Place: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Wingrider
Former Rank: Journeyman BeastCrafter

Formerly Davarel, he was born in Ketrin Hold, and was a Journeyman Beastcrafter before being Searched in T176. He has four children: Delom (NPC) by his late wife Mella, born before Davarel was Searched; Avela (Inactive) and Lene by his former lover, Journeyman Weaver Dene; and Larin (NPC), the product of a greenflight. Mella died in childbirth, and Dene left Solaria Weyr to return to her Crafthall after their relationship fell apart.
D'rel is short and stocky, with a square face and brown hair turning to grey. He laughs easily and often, rarely loses his temper, and is not very good with relationships or his children.

Mini-Biography Credit: None

Wife: Mella (Deceased)
Children: Delom I7 T174
Avela I7 T185
Lene I7 T190
Larin P8 T1

Availability: Deceased

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