Astounding Aquamarine Green Dajath

Impressee: Jezera

Name: Dajath
Name Inspiration: Daja was a trader girl character from Tamora’s Circle of Magic series who had power over metal, fire and earth. She was a strong girl who knew how to stand up for herself and worked hard to achieve her goals.
Colour: Astounding Aquamarine Green
Hex Code: 348781
Final Size: 27.2’, wingspan 42.8’
Description: This green is a medium sized green, but with a build that does not seem very green-like at all. Instead of being lithe or graceful looking, this green is all bulk and muscle, as though she ought to have been a blue. Everything about her is toned and more of a masculine build, though there is a litheness to her that belies she is female upon second glance. Her wings are more wide than most dragons, her tail longer and her legs longer and more muscular.
The fact of the matter is that she is very tall rather than being overly long, giving her an appearance of being larger than she is. Often she will be mistaken for a blue due to this, even her face has a certain masculinity to it though her coloration makes her too lovely to be thought a male. Her coloration is what draws the eye first, a clear and beautiful aquamarine which leans more towards the green tinge than the blue. Her hide almost appears to ‘swirl’ with the bluer color, and that same color seems to add ‘shading’ to the undersides of her belly, legs, tail, neck and muzzle.

Personality: Dajath is not your typical green, neither in appearance nor personality. She seems aloof from the other dragonets and Weyrlings, as though she would rather stick to her partner, to what she knows. At first she comes across as almost snobby, but to those that know she is merely content to be with her rider, someone she trusts and knows. When spoken to she is civil and polite, but seems to think that everyone is somehow judging her in some way or another, due to the way many look at her.

This green is brave, and there is nothing that she puts her mind to that she won’t be able to do. She has a build that allows for far more stamina than is natural in greens, and therefore is not ‘all talk’ when she says that she is fully capable of holding her own against the male dragons. In fact, she can keep up with the blues with apparent ease, and is more muscular than some of her male kin, much to the displeasure of some. Like her rider, she stands out in a crowd due to her striking appearance, and she feels quite defensive of Jezera and herself both.

She doesn’t trust or make friends easily, but when she does make relationships they are the kind that are lasting bonds. She is not at all flirtatious unless she is nearing the time to rise, and males are generally treated the same as females. She is very task orientated and she will excel in Weyrling lessons and Threadfighting both. She can be a bit one track minded, focusing on tasks she wants to better herself at and very down on herself when she fails. Failure is not something she is good at accepting in herself, and she can hold a grudge like no dragon can if she feels wronged or offended by another.

Dajath is not as fast as some greens, but she has more stamina, and is braver by far than most. She will attempt to do things many will not, will push herself where many hang back, and will issue a challenge to anyone who thinks her lesser in any way than they are. She is fiery of temper, and oftentimes this gets her into trouble, as she brooks no insult or nonsense from others. She is very opinionated and will have to be taught to keep those opinions between herself and her rider or else this might cause her a lot of grief. She sticks firmly to her beliefs and stands up for whatever she believes is right for her and her rider.

Dajath is a demon when fighting Thread. She lasts longer than the other greens and strives to last as long as the blues do, usually succeeding. She knows she shines when it comes to Threadfighting, and she is a dragon who wants to do her rider proud, and prove herself and her rider worthy of any and all praise that may be given them. She can be reckless, however, and Jezera will have to make sure she keeps on top of the safety measures while fighting Thread.

Dajath will grow up to be a freespirited and strong willed dragon who will only allow herself to be controlled fully by her rider, and no one else. Her level of devotion to Jezera would be the thing of legends, the lengths she would go to know no bounds, and it is certain they will do great things together.

Inspiration: Tamora Pierce is a fantasy writer whose main focus usually rests upon female heroines. The wild mage Veralidaine, Lady Knights Alanna and Keladry. Usually these are strong willed females who prove themselves ‘just as good as the men’ through their acts and deeds. They protect animals and those smaller than themselves, and their bravery is reknowned.

Voice: Dajath has a voice which seems to be mid-range, yet can reach higher and lower tenors when desired. As a younger dragon it will be more flexible, but as she grows older it will settle into a tone which is a little deeper. Hers is a voice which can be commanding or harsh and yet is rather down to earth in its sound the majority of the time. The mental pictures she sends are clear and concise but focus less on detail as a whole, and more on detail with a certain object of interest, usually the one she is speaking about. That object will be far more vivid than the rest of the picture. She tends to speak very ‘to the point’ and doesn’t waste her words getting into overtly long descriptions or anything of the like. When she has something to say, she says it in a way that deems she expects to be respected and listened to. When angry or upset her voice becomes the epitome of said feeling, and often when she is angry her voice becomes deadly frightening!

Hatching Message: No one had noted the Reflective Daylight Egg beginning to rock behind its larger counterparts, and so when the shell suddenly seemed to explode in a bright array of shards, many were surprised and looked to see a hatchling roll out onto the sands. There were many fingers pointed as the hatchling stood up, sneezing consecutively three times in a row before looking about it.

The hatchling might have been a blue, for all its build, size and coloration. But it was in actuality the Astounding Aquamarine Green, such an astonishing color that most had to stare at it momentarily, forgetting the other dragonets who came before it. Aquamarine was its color, with a slightly more greenish tint amongst the bluish swirls and coloration that was its underside. It shook the shell shards from its head, and surveyed the people in front of it before backing off a few steps, lowering its head and almost seeming to glare at them coldly.

Public Impression Message: The Astounding Aquamarine Green, who had been eying the candidates uncertainly, had headed towards the male candidates, but then at a sudden movement from one of them eyed them in obvious disdain, giving a rather comical snort of derision in their direction before completely turning tail and heading straight for the females. She seemed to be sizing them up, and finding not a one of them worthy, appeared as though she might skirt around them entirely. However, it was a rather deceptive move, for in the next moment the aquamarine green hatchling was racing across the sands, and skidded to a halt in front of a girl with striking features, looking into her honey-brown eyes as impression occurred.

Personal Impression Message: You had noticed this striking looking green hatching out just as everyone else had, her aquamarine hide unable to not draw eyes too it. Amongst the whispers and pointed fingers you see that this particular dragonet seems almost masculine, and that it is her strange features which these onlookers are pointing at. At least in this you can feel a certain kinship with her, but her attitude of indecision and disdain for everyone in front of her is worrisome, and as she goes for the boys all the females figure she will choose one of them. However, she suddenly turns and heads for the girls—for the group you stand in, and again she has their, and your, attentions.

You think she will also turn them down, until you notice that she is racing through the female candidates, and in your direction! She suddenly skids to a stop and looks you straight in the eyes, and you feel overwhelmed by the feelings that suddenly overtake you. Jezeramine, they are all pointing and staring at me! Make them stop, it’s not at all pleasant, she finishes, staring back over her shoulder with a glare at the others who are not you. She then asks in a commanding sort of way, feed me, Jezeramine. I’m hungry! Amidst the feelings of impression, of completion and love, you realize you’re going to have a handful of a dragon!

Dragon Credit: Kat
Egg Name: Reflective Daylight Egg
Egg Description: This small egg doesn't seem to stand out upon first survey of the entire clutch. However, when one gets closer, and sees the warm, bright yellows and oranges that cover this eggshell, one will truly appreciate the warm feelings that seem to emanate from this egg. Yes, for some reason, this egg just seems to radiate feelings of hope, of inspiration, of seizing the day! They don't call it reflective for no reason (even though it's not shiny like a queen egg): it makes a person reflect on themselves, and makes them shine like Rukbat!
Egg Inspiration: The inspiration for this egg came from the lyrics to the song "The Answer Lies Within" by Dream Theater.
Egg Credit: Caerbannog

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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