Name: Danna
Gender: Female
Birth Turn: I7T125
Location: Ketrin Hold
Rank: Old Auntie

Mini-Biography: Though now very aged, Danna has had a long and loving life. She has three children and a loving relationship with her now deceased husband, Master Avrik. After her husband's death Danna lived with her son, Andavarik and his wife and helped raise her granddaughter, Loryell. After Andavarik's wife died and he returned to sea, Danna moved in with her daughter Varna's family, where she remains now.
Mini-Biography Credit: Kitya

Husband: MasterFisher Avrik
Children: Varna
Masterseacrafter Andavarik (Kitya)
Granddaughter: Loryell
Plus numerous unnamed grandchildren

Availability: AVAILABLE for adoption!

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