The Flit and Flutter Green Dayceanth

Impressee: Ru'sayn (Rirrusayn)

Name: Dayceanth
Pronounciation: DAYcee-anth
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 99CC32
Hatching: Gold Ceocayath x Bronze Escamilloth, Early Winter P8 T18
Final Size: 23' length of 40' wingspan


Mini bio:
This green is petite. Some might even call her a runt. The Flit and Flutter Green will be finely boned and proportioned when she hatches. Dainty legs, slim head and neck and a tail that ends in a short fork. This green will never be described as large. The Flit and Flutter Green has a sandy green hide, that looks more yellow on sunny days and more green in the shade. As a hatchling and weyrling, this green will mantle her wings cupping them out to her sides to help her balance and to make her feel larger than she is. When her wings are fully stretched, a brilliant blue-green tips their edges. Her wingsails end a finger length before the finger bones, making her wings look like they have blue painted finger tips.

The Flit and Flutter Green is sprightly and full of energy. She'll want to become friends with all her siblings and will be sad if some of them don't. This green will be shy around authority figures as a weyrling, hiding behind her rider. It will take a lot of encouragement and support from her lifemate to help her to be assertive and confidant. When The Flit and Flutter Green reaches adulthood she will be a stalwart friend. Although her shyness will still pop up now and again, for the most part she will make a loyal and trustworthy friend. The Flit and Flutter Green will be a fine Threadfighter but will need lots of practice and will be slow to master the skills needed. This green will have short Mating Flights, she will push for distance and height but won't be picky in who catches her.

Inspiration: Flying gurnard
Dragon Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Ceocayath (Reva)
Sire: Bronze Escamilloth (L'vin)

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