Green Dehuath

Impressee: R'nill (Rillian)

Name: The Exquisitely Delicate Green Dehuath
Pronounciation: deh-hue-ath
Colour: Green
Hex Colour Code: 66caa6
Hatching: Gold Parivyth x Bronze Cygneth, Early Autumn P8T15
Final Size: 25' wingspan of 46.5'

As a hatchling, The Exquisitely Delicate Green can hardly keep track of all that leg; the long, skinny things tangle with one another and constantly trip her up. She quickly learns to move with a hesitant, somewhat prancing gait to keep them in check, a habit that will remain with her far into adulthood. The rest of her is built similarly slim and delicate. While her chest might be deep, it’s narrow and sweeps upward into an impossibly skinny waist, and no matter how much she eats, her ribs will always be concerningly visible. Her head is elongated with finely-crafted bone structure and wide, perfectly round eyes. Her wings stretch long but not very wide, only her height preventing them from dragging when she walks.

Those wings are the site of her most distinguishing markings. Jade green swirls over her minty base color, the pattern trailing across the near-translucent membranes. Like a flowering vine, the pattern unfurls across the sails, tendrils ending in delicately curled leaves and tufted petal-shapes, growing smaller and smaller as they twine toward the spars. The rest of her color, from those low-set, stubby headknobs to her stick-thin tail, remains simple and unbroken.

Dehuath is a delicate soul. From the very beginning, she will need R’nill’s support and reassurance in everything she does. They told us to chew slowly. Is this slow enough? Slower? She will double-check with him that it’s okay to be sleepy before she indulges in a nap and ask his approval before she jumps into any weyrling games. This uncertainty will gradually fade as she gets older and gains more confidence, but will never completely go away; she will always consult with her R’nill to make sure she is doing the right thing.

Never will she need R’nill more than when she gets her feelings hurt, something that will happen quite often when she is young. A harsh word or misinterpreted phrase is all it really takes. Dehuath doesn’t whine or complain, she just quietly deflates and retreats, physically and mentally, to R’nill. Lagerth told me I have weak legs, she will tell him, full of sadness. Am I weak?

Easily stressed by choas and loud noises, Dehuath much prefers calm and quiet. She actively seeks out silent reflection, loving to take them in the high places of the Weyr and surrounding areas. Not only are they quiet, they come with lovely landscape views that help to clear her mind and restore her spirits. While her ruminations during these meditations can range far and wide, they often revolve around how to improve, not only herself but the things and situations around her. Nothing will please her more than to have R'nill by her side while she thinks, to have his support even if it is silent.

As much as Dehuath needs R’nill’s reassurances, she reciprocates to her full ability whenever needed. She provides a sympathetic ear and calming presence whenever he might have problems. And while she will never be very good at solving those problems, she does her best to support and encourage him to find them on his own, truly believing that he is capable of anything.

That sympathy of hers doesn't end with her rider. She acutely feels the plight of others, be they human or dragon, and will be drawn to help however she can. Of course, her way of helping is usually urging R'nill to correct whatever the issue might be. After all, R'nill is her protector, her defender, why shouldn't he do the same for others? She will fill the role of compassionate confidante among her dragon friends, especially for her clutchmates. Her deep empathy will also make her a stellar Search dragon after she graduates, and she relishes the chance to choose the next generation of dragonriders.

Dehuath will never be as robust as most of her clutchmates. Although enthusastic about playing and participating in games and lessons, she will quickly lose interest if things become too rough or heated. Delicately built, she injures easily. Rigors that the other dragonets might handle without issue, she will come away from with bruises and scrapes, if not worse. And she doesn't tolerate the pain well, fretting over the least little scratch until it has completely healed.

Dehuath meets Threadfall with excitement, at least at first. In the heat of the moment, the energy of her wing will be contagious and she will be eager to fly, to fight and protect Pern. As long as things go well, that enthusiasm will persist; when things turn sour, however, whether it be due to adverse conditions or injuries, all that idealism dissolves and she becomes prone to panic, flaming haphazardly. It will take a strong hand from R’nill to steady her, to convince her that she is capable to meet the threat. Her natural fighting style is to between frequently, dodging at the slightest chance they might be in Thread’s path.

Mating flights are perhaps the only arena where Dehuath feels truly confident and needs no input from R'nill. She takes to the skies at a moment's notice, with very little warning to her rider. She flies fast and true, preferring to draw her chasers long distances rather than put them through fancy maneuvers. She encourages their compliments and fawning, and tends to choose whoever happens to please her most in the moment. In the end, it means that she's likely to choose a different suitor at each flight. She forms a close bond with the male that wins her, but that affection will steadily wane over time. By the time of her next flight, she's unattached again, ready for yet another tryst.

Inspiration: Dehuath was inspired by the delicate, fragile Ming vase. That fragility influences both her physical appearance and her mental outlook.

Finding a name for this girl was a bit difficult; as you might expect the Chinese language can be cumbersome, fraught with those terrible X's and Z's. Ultimately, we settled on Dehuath, which comes from Dehua, a town in China that was a major center of porcelain crafting during the Ming Dynasty.
Dragon Credit: Corgi

Voice: Dehuath is soft-spoken, her voice light and airy. When excited or in the throes of a flight, her voice gains a certain luster, a bright gleam shining like sun through fluffy clouds. When saddened or fearful, her words take on a brittle edge, each one dropping suddenly like the heart-breaking shatter of precious pottery.


Hatching Message: A single solid rap rang out, emanating from the inside of The Singing Egg. A resonant hum followed as the egg continued to shiver and cracks cascaded down the gold sides. A couple of sharp green talons poked through the shell, a mere promise of a hatchling, but then disappeared, the egg falling into silent stillness once again.

The damage done could not be denied, however. Cracks continued to spread in a thin lattice, marring the mirrored surface, until tiny shards began to fall free. Suddenly, the bottom curve of the egg collapsed and out spilled a mint green hatchling. With the swipe of one dainty paw, The Exquisitely Delicate Green pushed a fragment off her nose then gradually stretched herself free of the golden remains of her shell.

Head raised, she stared out at the candidates, faced with a daunting uncertainty. She started to go left, then thought better of it and turned right. Her lanky legs tangled somewhere along the way and she stumbled, but managed to catch herself, remaining upright. Once her legs were rearranged into their appropriate positions, she set off, beginning to peruse a group of girls. The Exquisitely Delicate Green paused briefly in front of Shibari. But it wasn't meant to be; she continued forward carefully.

Public Impression Message: The Exquisitely Delicate Green stepped over to the candidates closer to the stands, not wanting to discount any one of them. Not long after being exposed to the loud clamor and chatter from the stands, however, she shied away again, overwhelmed by the chaos. She slunk back to the center of the cavern near where her shell shards dried on the sands and she first began this journey. It was quieter here and she had some distance between her and all those peering eyes. She needed to think.

She scanned as she thought, letting the situation percolate through her young mind. Maybe she was going about this all wrong. The candidates she’d approached, they’d all been of a certain type after all, that was clear to her now. Suddenly, The Exquisitely Delicate Green turned back to the way she'd come, afraid there was something she had missed. In fact, she was sure of it. Wasn't she?

She paced back, worry clear in the rush behind every movement. Each candidate she'd passed, she looked over again, indecisively glancing from face to face. Then she saw the one she'd been looking for all along. She didn't know how she could have missed them. There was no uncertainty there any more. She hustled to close the space between them, the well-known rainbow sign of Impression already beginning to whirl. But then she tripped over a small rise in the sand and fell. Hard. The Exquisitely Delicate Green looked up from where she'd splayed, right at the younger candidate's feet, and made a small squeak.

Personal Impression Message: A gentle, calming presence touches your mind. While ginger at first, hesitant, a short breath later it's engulfing your entire being, wrapping you up in a calm, cozy cocoon. There's a comforting sense of certainty, that this is how it was always meant to be. That this was right. That rapturous feeling continues uninterrupted for only a short time, sadly, a hiccup of pain springing into the midst of it all.

Ow. The voice bursts, like a tiny teacup shattering on stone, into the middle of your own thoughts. When the frail green looks up into your eyes from where she's splayed in the sand, rainbow colors sparking across their faceted surfaces, she speaks again. And this time, it's soft as cotton padding. R'nill - do you like that name? - I am Dehuath. I am yours now and you are mine. The little girl lifts her head, a nasty scrape, oozing ichor, evident along her bottom jaw. She probes it with a thin talon, which only sends another stinging wave of pain rippling through your mind. My chin hurts, she fretted briefly. Can you make it better? A sweet request that can hardly be denied.

Egg Name: The Singing Egg
Egg Description: This egg is small. It might not be the smallest but it's not going to win any size awards. Still, it's not just size that matters. The Singing Egg gleems with a rich honey gold like a finely polished golden bowl. When viewed up close this egg's shell reflects the viewer's own image. Much like when one looks at their reflection on the back of a metal spoon, the image is distorted and blurry. However, a sense of contemplation and peace surrounds the viewer when they examine The Singing Egg up close. Cool and smooth to the touch, this egg also seems to exude the scent of calming inscence.
Egg Inspiration: Buddhist Singing Bowl
Egg Credit: Dragonblossom

Dam: Gold Parivyth (Alista)
Sire: Bronze Cygneth (T'ai)

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