Gailes Marsh Green Dellayth

Impressee: Shori

Name: Dellayth
Name Inspiration: All credit goes to you, that bit!

Colour: Gailes Marsh Green
Hex Code: 4a4f39
Final Size: 26 feet in length, 45 foot wingspan
There are petite greens who are delicate and fragile, and then there is this dragon, who is definitely not an example of this type. Far from it, she is masculine from the tip of her blunt, blocky snout to the end of her stocky tail. Her colouration is a drab moor-green, though her face is tinged with a muddy hue that darkens under her bright eyes, these beneath prominent, arching eye ridges. Even her headknobs seem square rather than swept back and elegant. Her thick neck meets a broad chest with big shoulders that shift down into powerful forelimbs. The feet of all four of her stocky, strong limbs are tinged with the same khaki as her face, and bear talons as dull as her hide. Her back is short and wide, but strong muscles are visible on her even from an early age. Her wings are much the only touch of femininity in her, with their diaphanous, dappled sage 'sails and small, curved thumbs.

Personality: Even as a hatchling this dragon will be steadfast and sensible. It's almost as if there isn't really an ounce of fun in her. Dellayth knows what she wants, knows how to wait for it, and knows how to put up with life if she doesn't get it. She's one of the more sensible dragons, even from her first hatching day she's almost slow and methodic in the way she works through her thoughts. Though for the first few nights she may struggle to be calm when Shori is out of her sight; the green will not want to be parted from her bonded for long in those first few weeks after hatching. Though there is always her eating habits that are something short of serious. Unlike her rather methodic nature about everything else, she rips at her meat, with little regard to the blood that covers her maw. Lessons will be nothing more then a chance to socialise. She will see very little point in them, as though there are merely there to annoy them. Even during her first few months she will like to spend time around her classmates, though she doesn't always get along with them. She's so intensely serious, it's hard to tell if she's joking or having fun at all. Most of the time she's merely correcting them.

As she grows older her need to socialise will grow, and as an adult she tries to keep a small group of both people and dragons near her; though her efforts at that friendship can often turn controlling. Her humour will become dryer, her serious nature making it even harder to tell if she's joking or not. It doesn't mean she isn't open to fun, merely that she wont seem the type. Dellayth shows a steadfast, serious nature that means she's unlikely to throw away one idea, or change jobs suddenly. She'll see things through to the end and won't leave anything unfinished. Unlike other greens she will not be flirty, seeing males more as friends or things to talk to rather then mate with, since she enjoy their quieter, more mature company then other greens. Her eating habits will continue to be almost disgusting, only growing more so as she ages, something that can put off other dragons. Amazingly, despite having a green's memory, she will be surprisingly good with names as she ages, remembering the rider as well as the dragon, something dragons are not known for. The closer the person is to her bonded then the more likely she will be to remember them.

During Threadfall she's almost vicious. Despite her small size, she's not the most flexible green on Pern, so her method of attack is more along the lines of 'flame everything nearby'. She'll charge headfirst into clumps of thread to flame them, which might cause some serious damage later, but she is always ready to either go between or drop out of the sky. Though her arsenal of defensive manouvers is lacking, that doesn't mean that she doens't at least try. Her lack of regard to earlier lessons to means she has very few moves to use, giving her a harder time to avoid clumps; that's where her drops will come in. Dellayth will show a serious, and possibly deadly, disregard to the dragons around her when she flames. Her flames may cause damage to the riders nearby, which means her rider has to always be on edge to remind her not to. Despite her dangerous tactics, she will be good fighter, maybe not welcome in all wings, but welcome enough to get by. Afterwards she will tend to muse over things, her thoughts often gloomy and rather poetic after. She will go over things, almost making it seem like she is going over how the Thread died. It did nothing, Shori. Merely tumbled from the sky.

Her flights will definitely be something to remember. Unlike most greens who show dramatic signs of beinning to rise, this dragon will simply grow a little more reclusive, a little more proddy. It is mainly her hide that will give her away, though her rider may be able to notice the subtle differences. The day she is due to rise she will not talk much to anyone, simply keeping her thoughts turned inwards. Any comment she does offer will most certainly be poetic. She may suddenly take off, or go down to blood, and when she does she is ever more vicious then usual. She will not bother to select the finest one, simply drop out of the sky on one and suck him dry, not offering any resistance to the call to blood rather then gorge. When she is finally in the sky she will be more about speed and brute power then tricks. Her speech will be poetic, riddles and rhymes being the main sort of speaches she'll make. And boy will she tease her suitors. Rather then a straight out race as many would think for a dragon who is focused on speed, she'll try to stay among her suitors, dropping below them before coming around behind them, or should she go head on, like during Threadfall? When it is over she's very unlikely to push the male away, though not because of attatchment, but rather because she will not mind their company if they were a friend. She will not encourage her rider to stay with the male who caught her's rider either. It is after all the girl's choice.

Inspiration: Overall, Dellayth is based on the Scottish poet, currently poet laureate of Great Britain, Carol Ann Duffy.
Her description draws on the Scottish moors and marshes for colour, with some inspiration taken from this photo. There was also some influence from the marshes in the Lord of the Rings books: as her egg was based on an aspect of the books, we thought this was fitting.
Dellayth's personality is drawn from Carol Ann Duffy's personality and her poetry, as is her voice - we tried to mimic that most closely, based on videos and sound clips of Duffy, due to her interesting manner of speaking.

Voice: Dellayth's voice is hardly surprising considering her rather drab appearance. Its deeper tone sounds like it could come from a brown or a blue, maybe bronze at a push, but it is still distinctly female, just a little deep. It's deep, almost murky in its tone with barely a change of pace or note, the words clipped short, sounding like they're being squashed up, made shorter. It's not that syllables have been missed out, or that letters are missing, only that they sound like they're being pushed together. Despite this it could almost send you to sleep with how boring it sounds, how slow and methodical her speech is. Every now and then she ends up slurring words together, almost as if her mind is thinking ahead of her mouth, and she's never really aware that she's doing it. Altogether, she almost sounds like she's not quite there with how bored and asleep her voice is. Her imagery is dark and gloomy, often seeming to rise from misty vaults in her mind as she summons up all manner of pictures. Colours will often be faded, with one or two picked out vibrantly to emphasise an aspect of her images.

Hatching Message:
There was no hurry in the slow, methodic beating coming from the Half of an Egg Egg as one section of its shell slowly dented and cracked, bits of shell breaking away only to leave the membrane intact behind. Still, the dragonet inside refused to slow, or speed up, its pace like it was waiting for something, or someone, to catch its attention. Finally though the shell could hold out no longer, the traditional cream form breaking outwards as a wedge shaped head lurched ahead. There. There was nothing grand as the dragonet tilted forwards, squat shell rolling forwards as the fore feet followed the head. No one had expected a brown to fall from an egg that size. But no, no it wasn't brown, just the dull shaded Gailes Marsh Green who seemed to have little going for her as she crawled from her shell, delicate wings fanning slightly. There was nothing hurried about her as she stepped forwards, with a balance that wasn't hard to achieve with her bulk.

Public Impression Message:
The Gailes Marsh Green was looking increasingly bored of her quiet search, her slow movements growing increasingly weary. She heaved a sigh, turning her eyes towards another group of candidates. And that was when it happened: a black-haired girl caught her attention, and the green made a straight line for her. Settling her wings to her broad back, she made a quiet sound of satisfaction and made to touch her chosen one's hand with her blunt snout.

Personal Impression Message:
The world around you seems to fade into insignificance, grey and dull. The focus is on her, the green that has just touched your hand with her snout. She's looking up at you now, her eyes vivid in the drabness of her face. Shori, you're injured. I am Dellayth. Despite the slow, sleepy tone of her voice, love wells up in you as the mental link between the two of you becomes fully forged, an almost overpowering feeling of devotion predominant - and concern for your pain. There is a pause before she speaks again, and in that time hunger begins to flood in through the link between you, human and dragon one and the same in the incredible moment of Impression. I'm thinking some food would be good, and help for you. Let's go and find them now.

Dragon Credit: Emma and Lark

Egg Name: Half of an Egg Egg
Egg Description: This egg is about half the height of a normal egg, but what it lacks in height, it makes up for in roundness. It sports a creamy human skin colored shell, and for all its oddness, attracts a good bit of attention.
Egg Inspiration: JR Tolkien's The Hobbit
Egg Credit: Velcro

Dam: Gold Bacapth (Almerion)
Sire: Bronze Cioruath (S'tyn)

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