Blue Delphinith

Impressee: H'kar (Hlarzekar)

Name: Delphinith
Pronunciation: dell-fin-ith
Colour: Blue
Hex Colour Code: 749db6
Final Size: 36.5' long with wingspan of 60'

Description: Delphinith is an athlete. He is sleek and agile, especially in the water and likewise in the skies. His movements are smooth and strong, even the unnecessary movements that he makes are beautiful to behold. He is a big boy, too, easily sitting comfortably along the larger blues of Solaria and the smaller browns. He is built to be fast and move with precision, which he most certainly does. His coloring is a pale blue, bordering on grey, that is in a steady gradation in the strength across his body. It is boldest and darkest along his topline, particularly from mid-neck to mid-tail. It fades steadily to a very washed out pale blue-grey on his belly and the insides of legs, but not on his tail. Delphinith has a several starlike markings on his head just above and between his eyes in a brighter blue hue. He rarely gets to see them, but he always seems to know that they are there.

Personality: There is something about Delphinith that just exudes fun. He is almost never serious, but he isn't a joker either, it is simply that he loves making life a game. He is social, almost tribal, and loves to work and play in a group. "The more the merrier" might even be his most often used phrase. Delphinith is nothing if not friendly, easily befriending the more shy dragons and some of the gruff ones as well. He has a fascination with water and even from a young age will stop at nothing to splash about in it. The moment he learns to swim, there will be no stopping him, he may even prefer swimming to flying if it weren't for the fact that wings were meant for the sky and not water. One of Delphinith's favorite games will be to contest who can hold their breath the longest, a game he will almost always win unless he decides that winning all the time isn't fun. Another fascination for him will eventually be Shipfish or Dolphins. When they are first mentioned, he will pester anyone and everyone for questions, and if he ever gets to see one he will look forward to the day that he sees others. His biggest dream is to swim with them as if he were one of them and may try to find them himself just for this. He is almost too playful for his own good, however, as even in Threadfall he treats it like a game. His Rider certainly has his hands full with this enthusiastic and energetic blue.

Inspiration: Ecco (Ecco the Dolphin)

Hatching/Impression Message: The line of Candidates is a whole different experience than the scattered eggs. The young blue stares at them all and then sees them as a new kind of game. He darts up to Malik, but stops incredibly close to the boy, in a test to see if he would move away or not. He then repeats this with several other boys before noticing the girls. There is no hesitation as it charges at Isbura and almost doesn't stop until he is almost on top of her. He gives a warble of delight at this new game, but the girls are not as much fun as he had thought. There is someone back at the boy's line that when he had darted at him that had left an impression, a big one. He warbles again as he runs back to him. Before he gets there, Hlarzekar shouts out happily, "Delphinith, you silly thing, I'll be your H'kar for sure!" Delphinith trots alongside him as they leave the Hatching Grounds together.

Dragon Credit: Shouriko

Egg Name: Egg Rolled
Egg Description: What an unassuming egg this is! It’s a lovely cream color with some splashes of baby blue and as… you… walk… up… to… it… BAM! A shock of bright red and the egg is eerily smiling at you and no matter what you try to do, you… just… can’t… stop… looking… It’s pulled you in with its smooth shell surface and perfectly ordinary medium size only to surprise you. You have no choice but to endure it and admit that the egg got you. You’ve just been egg rolled.
Egg Inspiration: Rick rolling
Egg Credit: Shouriko

Dam: Gold Femaith (Phyrra)
Sire: Bronze Shakeruth (J'than)

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